Chapter 1087

Longchen is in the void. Looking at the distance, his divine consciousness slowly extends to the distance. Where his eyes can't reach, longchen sees a huge black hole.

A black hole with a radius of tens of thousands of miles. On the periphery of the black hole, the sky is like a spider web crack. It's like a frozen lake, which has been hit by a meteorite.

Around the hole, endless cracks in the void are surging, radiating to the sky. Endless order divine lines are surging, repairing those cracks.

But in that huge hole, there is some mysterious force in the resistance, the void is constantly repaired, torn, and then repaired, over and over again, two forces beyond human understanding are fighting.

In the huge hole, countless demons are rushing out. Longchen found that the smaller the demons, the easier they are to pass through the space channel.

On the contrary, the more powerful demons, the more difficult it is to get out, especially the nine level demons. When they pass through the channel, the world will have an invisible force to suppress them.

In the process of passing, their bodies will emit white smoke and howl in pain.

"I see. These nine level monsters are alien creatures. When they come to tianwu, they will be suppressed by the laws of the world, and their power will be weakened a lot. No wonder they don't feel as powerful as the nine level monsters in tianwu."

Long Chen suddenly realized that this is also the reason why long Chen is a little puzzled. He is called the Ninth level monster, but it does not match the strength of the Ninth level monster.

Long Chen shakes his head slightly and takes back his divine consciousness. Such a long-distance exploration makes his soul tired.

Because that channel is millions of miles away from here, which is the limit that the divine sense of dragon dust can detect. A few breathing time consumes a lot of soul power of dragon dust.

"Lord xuanzhu said that monsters come from hell, and hell is the gap between the underworld and the mainland.

Ah, the higher your accomplishments are, the less you understand the world, and the more you feel small. " Long Chen can't help feeling.

Long Chen took a deep breath and continued to observe the distant battlefield. Soon, a sneer appeared on long Chen's face.

In front of the line of sight can not reach the place, there is a hundred miles long, several miles wide, dozens of feet high wall.

The wall is slanting across the front of the battlefield. The monsters coming out of the space channel will naturally follow the wall when they meet the wall. The direction of the wall is just the defense line of the city.

The other side of the wall is also a city defense line. When long Chen sees Hu Guishan and others, he is angry.

Gao Xianyang is so mean that he not only chooses a place where there are many demons for long Chen, but also allocates more than half of the demons from Hu Guishan.

Fortunately, longchen's photo jade starts up in the chaotic space, and it can record what longchen's eyes see. Otherwise, it will be blacked, and can only be recognized, because after the war, the other party will erase the evidence.

"Want to play with Laozi, play dead you" long Chen heart secretly ruthless.


With the passage of time, there are more and more monsters, vast as the sea. The dragon blood army has fully adapted to the rhythm of killing the nine level monsters. One after another, the nine level monsters are killed, which makes them more confident and more tacit understanding.

The most important thing is that with the protection of medical disciples, they are not afraid of injury and can fight hard.

And the medical disciples soon adapted to the battle. Where the dragon blood soldiers were injured, they waved the wooden staff in one hand directly. Through the wooden staff, the power of the wood spirit could be used for remote treatment. The speed and effect were so strong that the dragon blood who had never received such treatment was overjoyed. It was so happy to have the strong medical guard.

You know, these medical disciples were made by long Chen with a lot of money. Now on the battlefield, money is really a good thing.

In other teams, the medical disciples have to run close to them to heal their wounds, and the effect is incomparable with that of the super equipped ones.

Nowadays, nine dragon blood soldiers form a small formation to kill low-level demons. At the same time, once there are nine level demons coming in, they can easily kill them with a few breaths. As long as there is no accident, no one will be injured.

Because of the protection of medical disciples, people are more relaxed. The more relaxed they are, the more accurate their moves will be, the more appropriate their strength will be, and the higher their killing efficiency will be.

The disciples of tiannu League and Wanchong society also learn from each other, and occasionally put in a nine level demon to let them try to kill.

Compared with the dragon blood legion, they were in a bit of a hurry when they killed them. Even two of their disciples were killed in a panic.

However, after several times of cooperation, they finally succeeded in killing a nine level monster, and their confidence increased a lot. However, there are not so many people who can kill nine level monsters.

Later, the two forces temporarily switched formations. The strong ones were responsible for keeping an eye on the Ninth level demons, while the weak ones were responsible for dealing with the seventh and eighth level demons.

Auxiliary personnel, give priority to support the disciples of level 9 demons. In this way, they are soldiers to soldiers and generals. It's simple and effective.Because not all teams can have the same fighting power as the dragon blood Corps. The battle type of the dragon blood Corps is not suitable for them.


the earth shakes slightly, and long Chen looks into the distance. The sky in the distance suddenly darkens, and the gray sky suddenly seems to enter the night.

On the void, the huge hole suddenly expanded to more than 100000 Li. In this place, the space passage can be seen with the naked eye.

"Everyone ready, a large number of points, is coming," long Chen cried.

Because he saw that in the suddenly expanded passage, countless monsters, like floods, poured out. The number of monsters was several times more than before, and there were more and more nine level monsters.

After half a fragrant time, those turbulent monsters finally rushed to the dragon blood army. Huashiyu and Wang Zhen's face changed a little. There were too many monsters, especially the nine level monsters, some of which could not be killed.

"Li Qi, Ming Yuan, you company to support the friendly forces, Zifeng, you go ahead to call the roll," long Chen called.

With the order of long Chen, Li Qi and song Mingyuan, who were already hungry and thirsty, ran to the front of tiannu League and Wanchong Club respectively. They made a seal with their hands, clapped their big hands on the ground and drank at the same time:

"rock burst stab"

with the two people's drinking, the earth suddenly trembled, and countless sharp rock spikes appeared in the whole ground When they pierce into the demons, there is a yellow Rune burst on the tip of the rock spike, and the demons burst into pieces one after another.

After a blow, the ground is empty, even the Ninth level monster, also don't second kill.

"The earth thorn array"

the two of them once again burst out to drink, and countless thorns grew up on the earth, which was almost the same as the real thorns. They protected around the two forces, forming a dense protection with a range of hundreds of miles.

The demons came running, bumped into the thorns and were stabbed to the flesh, but they seemed to have no pain. They ignored the thorns and killed the people.

But the brambles on the ground are tough and tough, which slows down their speed. When they run to the front, all their flesh will stay on the brambles. Even ordinary disciples can kill them with a knife, and even many demons will die on the brambles.

Even if it's a nine level monster, it's bloody when it rushes through thorns. Several disciples can easily kill it.

When the bramble forest was filled with corpses, the earth power of the two men turned the corpses into powder, summoning a bramble forest again. The two great powers were much easier.

Just when Li Qi and song Mingyuan attacked, Yue Zifeng also made a move. His move made everyone see the horror of Jianxiu and witnessed why Jianxiu was the first attack among all monks.

A sword cuts down, and the sword Qi flies out. On a line, even the nine level monsters are also cut in half by the sword Qi.

This is not a skill, nor a supernatural power, or a common sword Qi. But the power contained in the sword Qi can tear the sky, and where the long sword goes, it can break the flesh.

Every sword Qi of Yue Zifeng was aimed at a nine level demon. But the sword Qi was too fierce. When he killed the nine level demon, all the demons were killed on a hundred mile long line.

Sometimes, at four o'clock and one line, after Yue Zifeng's sword, all the four monsters were killed.

From a distance, it's like a man holding a long sword, waving in the rice field, breaking meat all over the sky, acting very frightening.

"Yuezifeng is stronger and stronger," longchen sighed.

Jian Xiu is Jian Xiu. Nowadays, Yue Zifeng goes further and further on kendo. Now he is just an ordinary attack.

Huashiyu and Wang Zhen are shocked, but at the same time, they are full of admiration and gratitude for longchen, no matter Gu Yang, Li Qi or song Mingyuan.

They all try not to kill the nine level monsters, but send those half dead nine level monsters to the disciples to kill them. This is to make them earn more points. This kind of magnanimity is really impressive.

This is not what long Chen ordered them to do. This is the consistent style of the dragon blood army. They never take advantage of others. Since they help, they help thoroughly.

There are more and more monsters, but all the disciples are more and more excited, because the numbers on their bracelets keep running up, which are all points.

Especially those lucky ones who killed the Ninth level monsters, the points burst out one million at a time. Although the points had to be allocated in the end, it still made people ecstatic.

Time in tension and excitement in the past bit by bit, an hour, two hours, three hours.

After killing for a whole day and a whole night, there were more and more demons. On the contrary, there were more and more demons. Until one time, Yue Zifeng cut a nine level demons with one sword.

The monster was cut out of a wound, but he was not killed, which surprised Yue Zifeng.

The monster suddenly opened his mouth, and a black light went straight to the dragon blood Legion. Yue Zifeng's face changed , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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