Chapter 1091

At this time, long Chen felt that there was a seed sprouting in his body.

Although it is only sprouting, it has not yet sprouted, but there is endless power transmitted to him, 18000 orifices and 18000 seeds, and they are beginning to transform his body.

The orifices and acupoints are densely distributed all over the body, forming a super vast cycle. Guided by the force of the four seas, they connect with 18000 orifices and acupoints. The endless force in longchen's body surges, the void begins to roar, and all the nine clouds tremble.

"Is this the power of the casting platform? It's so terrible that I ran into a dead mouse and bet right once. That's how I practiced the nine star Bati Jue"

long Chen was so moved that he almost cried. In his life, he was so unlucky that he had twists and turns in everything he did. He even won one-time gambling. In long Chen's words, God is so special I'm blind.

Dragon dust at this time is like the God of war possessed, that terrible thunder beast, dragon dust a punch, but after smashing them, they will even reorganize.

However, longchen is not so stupid. Let the fire dragon not spend that silly effort to devour those thunder beasts, and let it follow behind him to pick up the leak. If the Thunder Dragon devours those thunder runes, they can't be reorganized.

Dragon dust has been fighting against thunder monsters for more than an hour, but it has become braver and braver. Those thunder monsters are fewer and fewer, while the breath of Thunder Dragon is stronger and stronger. It's just that the body of Thunder Dragon is no longer bigger, but like the fire dragon, it has always maintained its great body.


the last thunder beast was killed by longchen, and the void exploded. Countless huge figures came down from the sky, which was an ancient spirit.

It is said that Tianjiao, who fell in the process of natural calamity, was unyielding and turned into a hero. He was controlled by the way of heaven and killed other marauders.


an ancient spirit kills longchen. Longchen punches out, the sky and the earth explode, and the runes are all over the sky. The ancient spirit is broken half of his body by longchen's fist, but longchen is also knocked back by his opponent's fist.

Half of the ancient spirit's body quickly recovered, and then he killed longchen. At this moment, a huge gun behind longchen stabbed longchen, and longchen hit the thunder gun hard.

With the help of the power of the thunder gun, he flew backward and avoided the blow of the ancient spirit.


there was a sharp pain behind longchen. A thunder arrow shot through longchen's body. In the distance, an ancient spirit held a thunder bow and stood in the void. It was obvious that the arrow was sent by it.

This arrow is silent. It's obviously a skill. It's too late for longchen to escape.

You know, these heroes are the peerless heavenly pride of ancient times. Although they turned into thunder monsters and their fighting power was reduced, they were all peerless heavenly pride before they died. They were destroyed in the casting platform because they didn't want to obey the way of heaven when they went through the robbery, so they were killed.

Those who dare to fight against the way of heaven will know that they were all amazing and gorgeous, but now hundreds of them surround longchen, which is the end of their life.


with a cold hum, longchen directly put away the Thunder Dragon. The Thunder Dragon can't swallow the terrible ancient spirit. In longchen's hand, a huge thunder blade appears.

Thunder Dragon's single combat power is not good now, but it becomes the blade of thunder to share with dragon dust spirit yuan and form a weapon. That's different.


long Chen, holding a thunder blade, attacks fiercely. An ancient spirit, his weapon is broken, and the man is cut into two pieces.

The ancient spirit had just been killed when a huge fire dragon appeared and swallowed it directly.

Although the fire dragon is powerful, there is no conflict between thunder and fire, so it cannot form an effective battle.

However, because of this, when the fire dragon swallowed the body of the ancient spirit, its energy was isolated from the outside world and could not be recycled. After the fire dragon swallowed their bodies, it directly returned to the body of longchen and injected the energy into the body of the Thunder Dragon, which was equivalent to the Thunder Dragon absorbing the talisman of the ancient spirit in disguise.

When the fire dragon absorbed the talisman of the ancient spirit, the Dragon dust could clearly feel that the thunder blade was more solid, which showed that every ancient spirit brought great benefits to the Thunder Dragon.


Long Chen, holding a Lailei blade, kills those ancient heroes. These ancient heroes are not only powerful in fighting, but also have rich experience in fighting. It's hard to fight with them skillfully. What's more, when they are besieged, long Chen can only fight with all his strength.

Almost every time he killed an ancient spirit, longchen was attacked by other ancient spirits. Once, longchen almost got an arrow in the head.

Although the ancient arrow can't kill the Dragon directly, it can't stop the fire.


the ancient spirit couldn't get rid of the fire dragon, so it was killed by longchen.With the help of fire dragon, the Dragon dust is a lot easier. It is no longer a situation of running away in confusion. It begins to attack and defend. After every ancient spirit is killed, there will be a fire dragon to swallow it and give it to Thunder Dragon.

Longchen can even feel the excitement from the thunder blade in his hand. The Thunder Dragon is becoming more and more powerful. The weapons in the hands of those ancient heroes collided with the thunder blade and burst into pieces one after another.


an hour later, the last ancient spirit was also killed. Long Chen was covered with blood, but he didn't operate chaos space to heal.

Because long Chen estimated that after he was promoted to the casting platform, the spruce iron oak in the chaos bead could only provide him with an instant recovery, and he did not dare to use it when he had to.

Fortunately, after he was promoted to the casting platform, the 18000 orifices and acupoints in his body would nourish his wound. Although it would not make his wound recover quickly, he could still sustain it.


the thunder blade in longchen's hand gives out a roar, which makes longchen surprised and happy. Leilong even sends out a divine idea to longchen. Although this divine idea is extremely vague and can't distinguish the exact meaning, longchen generally knows that leilong is about to reach the degree of transformation.


At this time, countless thunder chains from heaven and earth came straight to longchen.

"And tie me? Idiot, think the same when, I will be on twice, open day second style

Long Chen snorts coldly and cuts it out with a knife. Long Chen knows the most about the chain. He almost trapped him to death on the eternal road at the beginning. Once he was tied up, he would be in great trouble.

"Kaka kaka..."

The thunder blade cuts through the void, and the thundering chains are cut off like leeks. Countless chains are cut off, and they are transformed into runes, which will disappear.

"Want to run? Dream about it "

the thunder blade in longchen's hand is waving wildly, and the chain of thunder extending to him is cut off by the thunder blade.

Every time long Chen attacks, he uses the second move of opening the sky. This is a move that long Chen can send instantly and is powerful.

A long knife thousands of Zhang of the knife light cut, all over the sky of the chain was cut off, eight fire dragon crazy phagocytosis, take turns to transport to Thunder Dragon.

"Others only know that longchen is powerful, but they don't know that longchen has to be powerful." xuanzhu sighed.

Long Chen has been calm and easy to deal with such a terrible disaster. He seems to have prepared for it. It is obvious that long Chen has experienced this kind of disaster more than once.

It is a miracle to be alive after such a terrible disaster, and only the person concerned knows how hard it is to create such a miracle.

If the Dragon dust is not strong, there will be no dragon dust or dragon blood Legion in this world.

"It's very similar to the means of those who capture heaven and earth for their own use, but most of those who capture heaven and earth are fickle and unjust. They are the lonely stars of Tiansha, and they are alone all their lives.

It's strange that long Chen attaches great importance to love and righteousness, and has many brothers and beauties around him, which is not consistent with the legend. "

Lord Xuan, looking at the Dragon dust harvesting the thunder chain and refining his weapons, can't help but be confused.


long Chen cuts down a large chain in the void three times in a row. Suddenly, the long sword points straight at the sky, and a huge shadow of the sword rushes directly into the sky. Under the terrible pressure, he wants to shatter the universe.

"The third move of opening the sky"

with a roar of dragon dust, the thunder blade in his hand sounds like a river of stars.

"Boom boom..."

Xuanzhu's pupil can't help shrinking. Longchen's knife has split the whole sky in two. The cloud, which is hundreds of thousands of miles around, has been cut a big hole.

As if the Milky way had been cut open by thunder, like a dragon's sword.

Originally, long Chen just wanted to express his depression. He was oppressed by the disaster for so many years. He finally had a chance to fight back. Unexpectedly, it caused this effect.

"give me crazy to eat"

eight dragon, open mouth, like a loudspeaker, and then those Rune runes, that is now the most outstanding part of the cloud.

As a result, there are too many thunder runes. The fire dragon's stomach swallows like a ball. He quickly runs to the body of dragon dust, spits out to Thunder Dragon, and then comes out to catch it.


The void exploded, the huge cracks closed, the whole world trembled, as if the whole world were angry.

but after the sword of dragon dust, the clouds of the sky are obviously dim, and countless essence has flowed into the body of the dragon.


suddenly, the sky clouds disperse, and a figure with a halberd appears in front of longchen. It's a person, a real person.

A person who looks like flesh and blood, the only difference is that he has two lightning symbols in his pupils.As soon as that person appeared, long Chen felt awe inspiring, because on this guy, long Chen felt endless pressure, and even his hair stood up. This is an extremely dangerous guy.

"If you go against the heaven, you will be covered by the way of heaven. If you are destroyed, you will not die for the fate of heaven." The strange man with long halberd opened his mouth. The pupil of xuanzhu in the distance suddenly shrank! , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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