Chapter 1094

Long Chen was the master yesterday, so he couldn't cheat. He was so happy that he didn't know how to get back to his room.

Anyway, I felt that two soft bodies were held by him, and I slept soundly, soundly as never before.

The next morning, a scream sounded, wake up longchen from his sleep, just to see Tang Wan'er and Mengqi run out in confusion.

Long Chen a Leng, suddenly found a part has been high uplift, the top of a mountain, quite indomitable momentum.

"Haha, natural phenomenon, natural phenomenon"

long Chen took a deep breath, calmed down his heart completely, and the natural phenomenon disappeared slowly.

Jump off the soft bed, which still has the body fragrance of Mengqi and Tang Waner. The sunlight is directly on the bed from the window. It's almost noon.

Long stretch, the whole body bone issued a burst of crackle, feel the whole body is power, like a volcano, desperately want to explode.

Long Chen knew that it was because he had just entered the casting platform and couldn't suppress the breath. When he looked inside, long Chen was startled.

"Eighteen thousand primitive runes?"

Long Chen found that in every hole, there was a small seed. Those seeds were beginning to evolve. They tried their best to absorb the energy of heaven and earth, but they didn't grow.

Long Chen felt it carefully, and was surprised to find that only one in ten thousand of the energy absorbed by the little seed was absorbed, and most of the rest was rejected.

"So it is. The most pure power of Yuan spirit is absorbed by the casting platform. No wonder it is said that Yuan spirit stone is their lifeblood." at this time, long Chen suddenly realized why in the East wilderness, long Chen had yuan spirit stone. Why should the ancient families, ancient families and dangu be so shameless.

"Haha, thanks to not selling yuan Lingshi, otherwise it would be a big loss." long Chen now knows how important yuan Lingshi is.

Take a look at the Thunder Dragon in the chaotic space. At this time, it has shrunk into a ball, forming a huge ball of light, just like an egg.

The last self explosion did great harm to Thunder Dragon. Now Thunder Dragon uses all the power of thunder to make a nirvana.

Dragon dust can't help but be shocked by the wisdom of Thunder Dragon and fire dragon. It seems that after they are powerful, they are naturally undergoing some transformation, and can even awaken their own magic power.

Fire dragon's original magic power is eight parts. I don't know what magic power Thunder Dragon will wake up after its Nirvana and rebirth, which makes longchen full of expectation.

All the spruce and iron oak in chaos space are dead, but they play a decisive role in the Dragon dust's killing of the thunder monster.

One of the reasons why longchen survived this time is that he lost a lot of energy in the cloud when he attacked the cloud. In this way, the thunder monster will be weaker.

Another key role is spruce and iron oak. If it wasn't for the support of their massive vitality in a moment, longchen would not be able to bear the power of thunderbolt.

But now, longchen doesn't have so many Warcraft corpses to offer to the black earth, and longchen has tried. The corpses of monsters can also be swallowed, but they can't transform into vitality. Otherwise, longchen's spruce iron oaks would have grown up a long time ago.

When they get out of the room, Mengqi and Tang Wan'er have finished combing and washing. They specially prepare hot towel for longchen. Longchen sits down comfortably. Tang Wan'er wipes longchen's face with a wet towel, while Mengqi gently combs longchen's hair.

Long Chen feels that he is dying of happiness. Two peerless beauties wash his face and comb his hair for him. I don't know how many people he will envy.

"Long Chen, why don't you talk? Usually Balabala is not very good at speaking?" Seeing that long Chen was intoxicated, Tang Wan'er couldn't help laughing.

"It's a rare enjoyment. I'm afraid that when I open my mouth, you'll put the towel in my mouth. Isn't that burning the harp and boiling the crane, which will ruin the scenery?" long Chen closed his eyes.

"Cluck, cluck..."

When long Chen said that, Meng Qi and Tang Wan'er would smile like a silver bell. After Tang Wan'er laughed, she said with some shame: "who can make you so speechless that you can choke people to death in a word? It's just not worth beating

Longchen immediately shut up, quietly enjoy the good time of gentle and happy, after combing, dressed neatly, longchen feel that the whole person has a lot of spirit.

Looking in the mirror, long Chen can't help sighing. It seems that he hasn't looked in the mirror for many years. These eyes can see through everything, but without a mirror, he can't see himself clearly.

Today's face, still young, still vigorous, but deep in the eyes, but hide the sharp edge.

For the first time, long Chen carefully looked at himself, or looked at himself from a bystander's point of view, but found that from the depth of his eyes, he saw something that made him feel scared.

"Why are you so handsome and stupid?" Seeing long Chen staring at himself in a daze in the mirror, Tang Wan'er can't help laughing.

Dragon dust this just returned to God son, oneself fear oneself? The older you are, the less daring you are.

"Dragon dust"Suddenly a woman came in, and the only one who could get in and out of longchen's house was jade.

"Sister Qingyu, you're here. Please sit down." seeing that Qingyu is coming, Tang Wan'er pulls Qingyu to sit down.

Although Qingyu is Tang Wan'er's attendant, their relationship is better than that of their sisters. Although Qingyu is a bit nagging, she is very considerate of Tang Wan'er. Tang Wan'er is both loving and afraid of her.

"When are you? I don't know if you'll come out early. Many things are waiting for you to discuss. How old are you..."

Long Chen, Meng Qi and Tang Wan'er can't help laughing bitterly. It's coming again. Green jade teaches them when she comes. They're all grown-ups, and there's no business. She's been here since morning.

After all, it's a woman. It's not convenient to come here. But seeing that it's noon, the three of them still can't get out of the room. Finally, Qingyu can't help coming in.

"Sister Qingyu, is there anything important?" Long Chen hurried in, otherwise if you let sapphire open the box, she will teach you three days and three nights, and the lines will not have a repeat, that is the most painful suffering.

"Of course, I have something to do. Otherwise, how could I have waited for three hours? I didn't say you..."

"That jade elder sister, business, business, business is important." long Chen saw that she wanted to deviate and quickly pulled the topic back.

"Now in the dragon blood army, everyone has entered the peak of Bihai. Many people have touched the barrier of the casting platform, but without your order, they dare not break through.

In addition, in addition to the dragon blood legion, the disciples of other forces have begun to attack the casting platform, and there is another bad news, that is, the nine gorgeous building base pills of Xuantian Taoist sect have been sold out.

"How is it possible to sell out such an important pill?" Tang Wan'er can't help but be surprised to know that jiuxuan building foundation pill is a necessary pill for those who are strong in creating sea and casting platform.

Because jiuxuan building foundation pill can make practitioners more easily condense their original runes and make the impact more effective with less side effects. It is a very important pill.

Long Chen is also a Leng, but very quickly, the corner of the mouth appears a touch of sarcasm: "is it all bought up?"

Green jade nodded and said: "yes, both the beast God's palace and Bawang hall bought double jiuxuan building base pills for their disciples on the pretext of safety. As a result, jiuxuan building base pills were sold out. If we want to buy them, we need to wait for a while, and I'm afraid it will take a long time for such a large quantity.

Ten thousand insects Association and tiannu League didn't expect that Hu Guishan and fan song were so mean that they used such an excuse to swallow all the places belonging to the dragon blood army. Even if they saved the pills, they would not be able to support us.

Moreover, this morning, I went to wandantang to inquire about the refining situation of jiuxuan Zhuji pill. The other party was very indifferent. He just said that it would take a long time, and did not give a specific date.

When I asked again and again, the man began to be impatient, and said directly, "either wait, or refine yourself. If you have a way to go, you don't want to die!"

Speaking of later, even with Qingyu's gentle character, she could not help but get angry, but was driven out by the people of Wandan hall.

"I'm really looking for death." Tang Wan'er is very angry. I can't imagine that Wan Dan Tang's people are so excessive. They are more sad than they are to bully Qingyu.

"Long Chen, go and beat him, and let Qingyu out of her anger," said Tang Wan'er.

"Good, just idle is also idle." long Chen smiles and pretends to go out.

But she was pulled by the jade: "how old are you? You are still such a child. What's the point of being angry? The key is how to solve the problem now?"

Long Chen said with a smile: "in fact, it's very simple. The idiots in the beast god house and the overlord hall collude with the alchemy hall and deliberately pit us.

If we are in a hurry to get pills, we have to bow down to them and be slaughtered by them. We spend several times or even dozens of times to buy jiuxuan Zhuji pill. By the way, it seems that jiuxuan Zhuji pill is an eighth order pill, and there are several precious medicines in it. They are extremely rare, and the price is not cheap, right? "

"Well, it's very expensive. It's 8000 points. I don't know if it's because people earn a lot of points and deliberately recycle them. The price is frightening." Green jade nods a way.

"I don't rule out this possibility, but if it's the nine gorgeous patterns of Zhuji pill, the price is a little high, but it's not unreasonable.

According to my estimation, in the past, the price was not so high. They were all sold to the disciples at a loss. After all, the growth of the disciples is the root of Daoism. There is no way to lose money. We can't let the disciples hold on and not upgrade.

Eight thousand points. Hehe, now the beast God's mansion and the overlord's hall, originally a hundred thousand troops, seem to have more than 50000 people left after the last bloody battle.

Even if he has 50000 people, everyone usually needs to be equipped with two jiuxuan foundation building pills, double that is four. Let me calculate, eight thousand times four is thirty-two, and then multiplied by fifty thousand. Good guy, it's 1.6 billion points. They won't smash all their belongings, will they? " Long Chen can't help but be surprised.

"It's said that they have 2.7 billion points, and they have taken out more than half of their savings," says Qingyu."Hey, hey, that's good. Does mad want to blackmail me? I'll let you lose all your money. "Long Chen sneers. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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