Chapter 1097

Gu Yang was reminded by long Chen, and he broke out again. His runes were all over him, and he began to attack the disaster.

This is a kind of provocation, a kind of disobedience, and a kind of contempt for the way of heaven. In the eyes of outsiders, this is the rhythm of seeking death.

But the Dragon dust must let every soldier of the dragon blood Legion have the courage to fight with the sky, otherwise they will not be able to cultivate an unswerving heart.

Dragon blood warriors have been used to it for a long time. They don't take it seriously at all. Compared with heaven, they are more awed by dragon dust. In their eyes, dragon dust is more powerful than heaven.

God only gave them an ordinary body, ordinary talent, and ordinary destiny, but the appearance of longchen changed everything for them. For longchen, they were full of awe and gratitude.

Moreover, after many years of fighting, they have long been used to this kind of fighting style. Under the leadership of the dragon blood soldiers, the Dragon tattooed soldiers began to subvert all the cultivation concepts and fight against the way of heaven.

The soldiers of dragon pattern have wandered from the death line several times. Their will is firm enough, but they have a natural awe of the way of heaven and dare not resist. Longchen is to temper their will.


The sky and the earth roar, and endless calamities come down. Everyone can feel a kind of anger. God is angry and wants to kill them.

All the disciples of dragon pattern are pale and frightened. It's not because they are timid, it's fear from the bottom of their soul.

Those wood practitioners, even more, were too scared to move by the terrible power of heaven. They all relied on other soldiers to help them resist the thunder.

The thunder disaster became stronger and stronger. At first, the thunder sword, then the thunder gun, and finally the thunder hammer became bigger and bigger. After an hour, the thunder hammer was several feet in size, hitting the Dragon soldiers and spitting blood.

Looking back at the dragon blood soldiers, there is nothing different. This is the gap. As the fourth grade Skywalker, the flesh of the dragon blood soldiers is several times stronger than that of the Dragon grain soldiers. This is the gap after several painful thunderstorms.

"It's a bit promising. That's where it is? It's going to be tough? " Long Chen looked at the pale dragon soldiers, and could not help frowning.

"Boss, we can stand it," a dragon warrior said with shame.

They also finally found that, on the surface, their fighting power with the dragon blood soldiers is rapidly drawing close, and even they think that they can be almost the same as the dragon blood soldiers.

But now after the robbery, they found that there was still a long way to go with the dragon blood soldiers.

"That's bullshit. Who made you do it? Chop me and kill me. Are you afraid of hair? Didn't you say that when the sky falls down, can I stand for you? Give me all the strength to attack, don't defend, "long Chen yelled.

Although these dragon soldiers dare to resist, they are still in a defensive state and dare not take the initiative to attack.

Listen to the words of long Chen, the soldiers of long Wen, bite their teeth hard, die, fight.

The soldiers of dragon pattern thought that they would die today. They broke out with all their strength and took the initiative to meet the thunder. Only after this initiative attack did they find that life was much better and it was easier to bear the thunder.

"Gu Yang continues," long Chen exclaimed.

Among all the people, Gu Yang is on the road of physical training. His breath is the most grand. Tianjie likes to catch this kind of person's breath. Therefore, Gu Yang's provocation is the most effective.

Tianjie uses Gu Yang's cultivation to bring down the power of thunder. As a result, those fourth grade Skywalker are also unlucky, and they all bear the thunder of fifth grade Skywalker.

Fortunately, when the thunder fell, they were shattered one after another and turned into thunder runes all over the sky. The endless thunder runes on the earth were surging like an ocean. People were bathed in them. The power of thunder was constantly washing their bodies and removing impurities from their bodies.

Those wood practitioners, bathed in the thunder sea, although they didn't have to bear the attack, they gradually couldn't support themselves. They felt that they were going to die.


suddenly, a chain of thunder flew by and dragged them out of the team, and the carpenters flew to longchen's side.

After arriving at longchen's side, they suddenly find that the terrible thunder force around them has been isolated. They can't help but feel relaxed and fall to the ground.

A huge Thunder Dragon hovers in the air. All the thunder attacks that fall on the Dragon dust are swallowed by it, just like a huge umbrella, protecting them.

"Thank you, elder martial brother longchen"

several wood repair girls were about to cry. They just felt that they were really dying.

"There is still a part of thunder in your body. Don't eliminate it blindly. All things are interdependent.

Thunder's power restrains your wood attributes, but it is also a kind of beneficial energy. Using them to stimulate the original Rune of your wood attributes, make it have a sense of crisis, and instinctively extract your spirit elements to strengthen yourself and carry out secondary growth.

This is the chance given to you by God. Don't waste it. Go and have a try. " Long Chen says to them.

Those wood repair, can't help but is grateful, is ashamed, originally dragon dust ruthless let them through such a terrible disaster, is for their good.These wood practitioners are highly valued by longchen. They are prepared to keep them all the time. Naturally, they will collect relevant information about them. Everything is under longchen's control.

It's just that the carpenter system is too bad. Now it's the limit. If it goes on, they will be in danger, so they will be pulled out of the rescue team.

"Boss, people's system is weak, people also need protection." Guo ran saw that the girls of wood repair, were rescued, also want to join in the fun.

"Go away! Gu Yang, what's the matter with you? You're the weakest guy. You still have time to talk nonsense. Can you do it? " Long Chen yelled.

"Look, boss

Suddenly, the light in the sky trembled.


The void exploded, and the huge thunder monster appeared. They went straight to the people below to kill them. The Dragon soldiers were so scared that their faces turned green. They had never seen or heard of the thunder monster in Tianjie.

"Hey hey, Guo ran, don't blame your brother for not being righteous, next time you remember to be forced, it depends on the time"

Gu Yang laughed, suddenly his whole body Rune broke out, heaven and earth resonated, and he had rushed into the void. With a long gun in his hand, he smashed a terrible thunder monster, and the hundreds of feet of thunder monster burst, and endless thunder runes scattered.

Gu Yang smashed a terrible thunder monster, but he was still able to talk and laugh, which shocked the Dragon soldiers, but also aroused their blood.

They found that the gap between themselves and the dragon blood soldiers was too big. They didn't accept it. If they went on like this, they would be too cowardly.


all the soldiers are crazy and rush to thunder monster to kill with all their strength. They find the feeling of jointly killing the Ninth level monster in the abyss of hell, and there is no fear any more.

Continuous fear, let them lose face, they feel ashamed, and even they feel that they are not worthy to be a soldier of the dragon blood legion, lost face for the dragon blood legion, they want to find their face now.

"Mengqi, Wan'er, come here"

long Chen called Mengqi and Tang Wan'er over and said with a bitter smile: "you two just need to let rob Lei recognize the rune. Originally, your body has no time and no scale. You don't need to use the power of thunder to refine it. Why do you join in the fun"

"hee hee, forget" Mengqi's face is slightly red, a little embarrassed However, Tang Wan'er couldn't help laughing mischievously.

Mengqi and Tang Waner are both special groups. For them, thunder robbery is a kind of certification process, which has no practical benefits.

"Eh, Guo ran seems to be injured," Mengqi said.

"Don't pay any attention to him. He's playing tricks again. Don't show any sympathy, just don't see it.

Otherwise, the boy will cry and say he can't do it. He will die and come to seek refuge. " Long Chen doesn't look at him at all. He takes Mengqi and Tang Waner by the hand and pretends to be joking.

Mengqi and Tang Wan'er can't help laughing. It seems that long Chen knows Guo ran best. This guy is a slippery person in his practice and refuses to suffer at all.

"Now he doesn't follow the normal practice route, and he doesn't have to go through the robbery so hard," Mengqi asked.

"It's different. His body is very important to him. Although his strength is the worst in the whole team, once I put on his own armor, I will have a headache if I go against him.

After he put on the armor, his strength will increase dozens or even hundreds of times, which is extremely abnormal.

However, the proportion of the increase of his armor strength is based on his own strength. The stronger his own strength is, the more terrifying his combat power will be after wearing armor.

In fact, he knows this truth, but he just can't bear it. He always wants to cheat and play tricks. If he can get along, he wants to supplement his weakness in armor. " Longchen road.

To tell you the truth, Guo Ran's temperament is really not a material for cultivation. If he has the power of Gu Yang, he can create a set of exclusive armor and the endless killing weapons, so long Chen will have to run when he sees him.

But he just can't make a tool. Except for casting tools, people are too lazy. They are so lazy that they can't help it. It's all due to the accumulation of pills by longchen. They don't even practice. Therefore, their basic combat power is the worst in the whole team.

"Boss..." Sure enough, not long after, long Chen deliberately did not look at him, Guo ran himself began to attract long Chen's attention.

"What's the matter?" Long Chen responded.

"Boss, I've broken the limit seven times and passed death nine times. I'm going to die. I'm going to die. I'm going to ask boss for help..." Guo ran cried aloud, and he vomited blood, very embarrassed.

"What did you say? The thunder is too loud for me to hear. "Long Chen pretends not to hear.

Guo ran yelled again, and long Chen's face changed slightly. Guo ran thought that long Chen was shocked, but long Chen cried: "Oh, my ears seem to be deafened. I can't hear anything. Mengqi, please help me to have a look..."

Mengqi and Tang Wan'er are amused by longchen's expression and bend over. Longchen is really bad."Poof"

this time, Guo Ran's old blood spurted out. He could see clearly that the road of pretending to be pathetic would not work. If he ran there, he would be kicked back, and he would have to bite his teeth. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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