Chapter 1162

"Boom boom..."

Suddenly, the earth burst into pieces one after another, and the whole Xuantian city was blasted into the sky. Endless pieces of debris flew, engulfing Han Zhenyu and others.

"Puff, puff, puff..."

The disciples of Zhentian fazong who came with Han Zhenyu, as well as some strong ancient people, burst into pieces one after another.


Han Zhenyu, the strong man with horns on his head, and the half human and half bird monster roared at the same time. All of a sudden, there was no sign. Although they opened the protection for the first time, they only protected half of the disciples.

There were more than 100000 people, but in the end there were less than 50000. This was because Han Zhenyu spread his power of gold and his disciples were covered with a layer of gold armor.

However, they were still blown up all over the sky. Some of them didn't even know where they had gone. There were golden figures all over the place, flashing like gorgeous fireworks.

However, the power of the fireworks was so terrible that more than 80000 strong people in the casting platform disappeared and were blown up to be dead.

Han Zhenyu, the strongman with long horns on his head, and the half human and half bird monster, who was about to crack his canthus, had blue veins on his forehead, and was ready to kill.

They never thought that such a terrible organ had been set up under the Xuantian city.

In fact, these organs are not left to them. In order to be safe, long Chen sets up the last terror trap. In case he can't defeat the monster army, he still has a buffer.

Han Zhenyu and others are also lucky. They just stay on this geomantic treasure land, which makes longchen feel that they are deliberately bombed. If you don't blow them up, you'll be sorry for their natural posture.

"You're all going to die"

Han Zhenyu, the strong one with horns on his head, and the half human and half bird monster roared at the same time, their whole body glowed with light, and runes burst up, calling out the vision of heaven. All three of them are seven grade Skywalker, and their momentum broke out at the same time, which made the situation change.

"It's you who are going to die, Guo ran. Don't keep it. Detonate it all."

Long Chen a sneer, the person already rushed to three people.

Guo ran gets the order of long Chen. The rune on the jade plate in his hand lights up. In front of him, the earth is broken one after another, and a terrible energy explodes.

That's the minefield set by Guo ran. At the beginning, Guo ran made a lot of burst balls. Because they were too huge, they were more powerful than burst arrows.

After Xuantian city was laid out, there was still a lot left. As a result, Guo ran laid it out in the ground of the battlefield. Each burst ball had to use Guo Ran's unique soul wave to detonate. Otherwise, even if it was broken, it would not explode. Otherwise, long Chen would never dare let him lay it out here.

Each burst ball was detonated one by one by Guo ran, and all the monsters within a radius of 500 Li were blasted into pieces.

Hundreds of popping balls detonate. People feel that the monsters in front of them have been emptied. Guo ran suddenly takes song Mingyuan. He directs the place and asks song Mingyuan to use the power of the earth to take out the underground popping balls. Ah man throws them into the monsters in the distance. Guo Ran is responsible for detonating them.

At this time, people's faces were green, and one burst ball after another was dug out from under their feet. It was numb to think about it.

I've never seen the power of the burst ball. Now I've seen it, and I feel that it's sour in my bones. If I accidentally burst one, they'll be finished.

With the help of Guo Ran's crackball, the number of monsters decreased sharply. At this time, the "golden men" who were blown up came back and killed them.

Mengqi, Tang Wan'er, aman, Gu Yang, Yue Zifeng, Hua Shiyu and others handed over the army of monsters to other disciples. They killed the disciples of Zhentian fazong and the strong people of the ancient clan.

At this time, it shows the importance of the medical regiment, such a high intensity of fierce fighting, lasted for so long, but the dragon blood regiment's strong, maintain the peak combat power.


suddenly, the heaven and the earth are shaking and the universe is roaring. Long Chen has a hand with Han Zhenyu, the strong man with long horns on his head, and the half human and half bird monster.

The Dragon dust God ring is astonishing and has broken through the universe. The four stars in the eyes are flowing, and the body is covered with fine blue scales. The long hair is flying, just like the God of war's coming into the world, and the bloody sword shadow has broken through the sky.

After a bang, all the disciples looked at the distance, and a large area of void collapsed. Under the knife of longchen, the three were shocked.

The soldiers of the dragon blood legion, seeing this scene, burst out a loud cheering one after another. As soon as they got in touch with it, the Dragon dust broke out all its strength. This is a quick decision.

Dragon dust's one knife shocked three peerless strongmen, which brought endless inspiration to Xuantian daozong. Because of dragon dust's one knife, the previous fear disappeared, and they all tried their best to kill monsters.

When there are fewer and fewer monsters, more and more powerful people in Xuantian Taoist sect are willing to kill the disciples of Zhentian Dharma sect and the strong people of the ancient clan.

This time, those who attacked and killed people were all the elites of Zhentian fazong and the ancient clan. They were extremely powerful. There were hundreds of liupin Skywalker alone, and the rest were basically Wupin Skywalker.

At the beginning, people fought fiercely, showing a balance of power. But soon, the disciples of Xuantian daozong gained the upper hand, and more and more strong people joined in and began to press them to fight.After being ordered by Mengqi to kill a large number of monsters, Wangtun Skylark began to join the battlefield, which made the enemy panic.

The speed of chasing wantun skylark is too fast. You can only see a huge colorful streamer coming and going. You can't see the essence clearly, so some disciples are killed, and they kill a lot.

The battle is fierce on this side, and the Dragon dust on the other side is one against three, which is more like a comet striking and shaking the sky.

Three seven star Skywalker and two dragon dust have all fought, but the half human and half bird monster from the ancient clan is extremely powerful.

He was covered with iron feathers and held a black iron spear, which was a very powerful weapon. He didn't know what secret method he used, so he could activate it.

With each blow, the void crumbles and the stars shudder. Han Zhenyu and the powerful man with long horns have suffered great losses under longchen's hands. They dare not be careless and try their best to break out.

Four people fight fiercely, heaven and earth tremble, heaven and earth change color, every move goes all out, strive to kill each other.


suddenly, there was a fierce collision. Han Zhenyu, the strong man with long horns on his head, and the monster with half man and half bird made a joint effort. The Dragon dust was shaken away like a meteor.


just when long Chen flies upside down, suddenly behind him, the void is torn. A long sword cuts the space and cuts it down quietly. Even Han Zhenyu and others are surprised. They don't know that there is a person hidden in the battlefield.

"I've been waiting for you for a long time"

long Chen sneers, and his bloody drink suddenly bursts into the sky. The power that has been accumulated for a long time bursts out, and a quarter of the power in Sendai rushes into the thirty-six runes.

"The fourth opening ceremony"


At the moment of dragon dust's cutting, heaven and earth burst into pieces. A huge shadow of the sword, like a giant giant, covered the universe. It made the stars tremble and cut down, as if the whole world could not bear it and roared.

At this time, the owner of the sword showed a look of horror. The man was no other than xuesha No.19, the killer of xuesha palace who had been killed by longchen.

At this time, he was shocked to find that space and time were still, unstoppable and unavoidable. He watched the Dragon dust cut off.


it's like the sky knife cutting down the river of stars, but killing a fly, the void explodes, the killer of the blood killing hall suddenly explodes into powder, and the shadow of the knife cuts on the earth.

A bang, the earth was cut, a deep ditch, has been extended to the sea.

"Boom boom..."

The earth is roaring and trembling, and the fog is all over the sky. In the deep ditch, there are countless magma gushing out, which collides with the torrent of sea water, and the smoke is all over the sky.

The voice of the whole world is cut off by this knife. It seems that all people can only hear their own heartbeat. This terrible knife does not seem to come from this world. It is a knife that makes the gods and Demons tremble.

"Not good"

Han Zhenyu, the strong man with horns on his head, and the half human and half bird monster suddenly changed their faces. At this time, the endless chanting of scriptures between heaven and earth sounded like the whispers of gods and the shudders of nine days. They were locked by a terrible opportunity.

It's like being looked down by a demon from hell, and a strong threat of death fills my heart, such as ice and water, cold from head to foot.


a break of drinking, as if from the nine days, a ball with a diameter of about ten meters from the sky, straight to the three people roaring.

This sphere, with endless runes flashing on it, looks like a beautiful star. When it comes to the end of its life, it is about to bloom with the most brilliant brilliance.

"Both of you come to help me, the power of the golden earth, the power of heaven and earth."

Han Zhenyu roared and clapped his hands on the earth. With him as the core, the earth with a radius of thousands of miles was instantly dyed golden yellow, but it was not enough.

With Han Yu's blood, Han Yu shouts at the same time.

Han Zhenyu's strength is not the strongest, but the defense is absolutely the most terrible. They know the details of Han Zhenyu and input their own energy to Han Zhenyu without reservation.


The earth explodes, and the earth has evolved into a huge golden lotus.

Three people stand in the stamen, petals one by one will be heavily wrapped them, and finally formed a huge flower.

After the formation of huaguduo, the vitality of the earth, which is hundreds of thousands of miles around, seems to be drained all at once, and all the vegetation dies in an instant.

When the vitality of the earth is extracted, countless runes appear around the golden flower, forming a huge light shield, which is an absolute defense.


just at this time, the meteorite of longchen came and hit the huge golden , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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