Chapter 1164

at this time, Hu Xianyang and Gao Xianrong disappeared before they went back to the battlefield.

"Gao Xianyang and Hu Guishan, you two run away in the face of battle, and have the face to come back?" Fan song roared.

The people who followed Gao Xianyang at the beginning were also extremely angry at this time. This kind of behavior deeply hurt their hearts. They can allow any flaw of Gao Xianyang, but they can't tolerate this kind of betrayal.

The other disciples also looked at them with anger and contempt, but they didn't seem to care at all.

Mengqi, Tang Waner and others rush to longchen. At this time, longchen is very weak. They are afraid that they will attack longchen suddenly.

The disciple of the medical group, with all his strength, one after another recovers and lands on longchen. Longchen's tired body is slightly relieved, and his spirit is much better.

However, Lingyuan's deficit is so severe that even 18000 Sendai has entered a semi stagnant state, and its combat effectiveness is less than 10% of its normal level.

Seeing them appear, long Chen's eyes narrowed. Especially when he saw their fearless appearance, he felt a burst of anger. Traitors are the most hateful, because they would bring fatal damage to a team.

"Did you two come back for trial?" At this time, long Chen is receiving the treatment and recovery of the medical disciples, facing the two coldly.

At this time, more than 200000 Xuantian daozong disciples surrounded them in an instant. After this terrible war, the number of the original 300000 disciples decreased by one-third.

Gao Xianyang and Hu Guishan did not look at those people, their eyes were full of disdain, Gao Xianyang disdained the way:

"what an idiot, judge? What qualifications do you have to judge me? Now we are no longer disciples of Xuantian daozong. We are.... "

"Stab La"

they started at the same time, tearing up the clothes of the Xuantian Taoist sect disciples, revealing the blood red robe inside, and drawing a ferocious devil face on their chest.


everyone's eyes shrink. Isn't that the dress only worn by the disciples of heresy? How can they wear this dress? Are they not going to die?

"Hahaha, that's right. We are no longer the disciples of Xuantian daozong, and we are no longer your righteous disciples. We have joined the evil way." Gao Xianyang laughed.

"Bastard, you have betrayed Daoism and the right way." Some disciples roared. This kind of betrayal is most unacceptable.

There has always been a conflict between good and evil. The ancestors of many disciples did not know how many people died miserably in the hands of evil.

Almost all people hate the evil way. They want to eat its meat and sleep its skin. Now, the two people have rebelled against the right way and joined the evil way. Countless people's eyes are red and their killing intention is awe inspiring.

"Angry? Hahaha, then continue to be angry. Take your anger and go to another world.

Today, we have made great achievements, and we will be fully cultivated by the evil way. We will no longer have to eat bran food in Xuantian Taoist school.

I'm sorry to tell you that when you die, we will become the most powerful of evil ways, and your relatives will continue to die in our hands.

But it doesn't matter. In this way, you won't be lonely in another world. It will be a lot of fun. " Gao Xianyang laughed with excitement.

"Kill them"

GAO Xianyang's arrogance and arrogance suddenly aroused everyone's anger. Countless disciples roared and wanted to kill them.


all of a sudden, the sky explodes, and people look up in a hurry. They don't know when the whole world has been covered with black air.

Because at night, no one noticed the change of the sky. At this time, people were shocked to find that the black fog was actually a symbol of evil that enveloped the whole world.

"Do you know what we did before? That's right. It's going to trigger the great array. Now it covers hundreds of thousands of miles around here.

You've all become caged birds. Next, you right idiots, repent in endless space. " Gao Xianyang laughed wildly.


the void trembles, and one after another terrifying figures fall from the sky. They are all dressed in evil clothes, and the devil pattern on their chest is more prominent, just like a living devil.

At the same time, their breath was so terrible that they couldn't see through, and their faces changed greatly.

"This is the leader level strong man"

long Chen looked at those people, and his pupils shrank slightly.

There were eight strong masters in the courtyard. As soon as they appeared, their hands were wide open, black runes appeared, and the black fog above their heads became more solid.

"No, they are isolated from the outside world, so that the outside world can not find the existence here." Mengqi's face changed.

There is a special array blessing in the protection area here. It is not allowed for the presence above the king level. If there is a strong person above this level to enter, it will trigger an alarm and be detected.But now, Gao Xianyang and Hu Guishan don't know what array they set up. They summon these people in. As soon as they come in, they begin to reinforce the array.


suddenly, more than 100 figures came in. They were all dressed in evil clothes, but long Chen saw two familiar faces.

in the hall of Xuanzong, the Deputy master of the temple of Xuanzong shouts that it's not the other master, the Deputy master of the temple of Xuanzong.


among the people who came in this time, except for Luo fan, they were all powerful people of evil ways, and they quickly dispersed.

A total of 108 King level strongmen and 16 courtyard leader level strongmen surrounded the crowd. Looking at their positions, they seemed to have arranged a strange formation.

"Long Chen, you know, I want to tear you to pieces." Luo fan stood outside the crowd, looking at the Dragon dust, gnashing his teeth.

"I don't need to say too much heresy to you now.

The more you hate me, the more reluctant you are to give up years of business arrangement, which will arouse the resentment of your new master and even kill you quietly. " Long Chen nodded.

As soon as Luo fan's face changed, long Chen's words hit him like a sledgehammer.

Because, as long Chen said, he really took refuge in the evil way, because in Xuantian daozong, he could not see any hope.

The former deputy leader of the law enforcement hall has lost his authority, and his former allies have been put to death.

He was once dissuaded by the Deputy Temple master to take refuge in Zhentian sect. After all, Zhentian sect has a better future than Xuantian sect because of the support of danta.

But Luo fan is not reconciled, but finally see the truth, after the Deputy Temple Lord's persuasion, agreed to plan together, pit kill long Chen and others.

In Xuantian daozong, he left a separate body and charming eyes and ears. The master and the deputy hall master left daozong secretly and went straight to the East China Sea. But he changed his face as soon as he arrived here.

Waiting for him is not a disciple of Xuantian daozong, but an endless strong man of evil ways. The deputy hall master shows his evil way identity.

At this time, Luo fan had two choices, either to cooperate or to be killed. He finally chose the former, because the evil way gave him rich promises.

With the help of the evil way, Luo fan gets in touch with Hu Guishan and Gao Xianyang. Under the guidance of the evil way, he arranges this deceptive array to shield people's breath. The right way can't detect their arrival.

Now Luo fan looks very powerful, but he has no bottom in his heart. After all, he has betrayed the right way, which is not his original intention, but is forced out.

Now seeing the Dragon dust, nature has boundless hatred in his heart. He thinks that everything he does is harmed by the Dragon dust.

However, long Chen is quite right. The more he shows his hatred for long Chen, the more dissatisfied he is with the current situation. He will cause the rejection of the strong heretics. He thinks that he does not really join the heresy. It is very likely that, as long Chen said, he will be killed after the event.

"It's really worthy of being the evil way of Donghuang. The number one figure in the list of top killers is still calm at the end of his life. It's good, it's good!"

I don't know when a man in a black robe and a black gold blood crown appeared in the void. The man said.

As the man opened his mouth, his voice shook the world, and an invisible pressure radiated. People felt that their blood stopped flowing, and their faces were as pale as paper, as if they would end their lives at any time with an idea.

"Xuanzhu level strongman, ha ha, I'm so lucky that I'm working with the strong one of evil ways to do it myself." Long Chen said with a smile, this is a very proud thing.

"I can't help it. Your fate is very strange. According to the information submitted by Donghuang, you are so unlucky that you have escaped my evil ways for countless times.

You have been hiding in Xuantian daozong before. We can't help you. Now that you come out, we won't be careless any more. We want to nip you in the bud. " The evil way is the way of the strong.

"I'm really a big man. I admire my caution." Long Chen stretched out his thumb and exclaimed.

"Thank you for your praise. It is with this attitude that I have come to this position. Many people laugh at me for being too careful, but I seldom fail in my life.

Therefore, you can't escape today. It's not a big deal that we sent out eight God transforming strong men and 108 King level strong men.

Because you are all elite disciples of Xuantian daozong, I need so many people to form a large array to extract your souls, so that you can refine your unjust souls in endless pain, and refine them into precious beads of unjust souls.

More than 200000 elite disciples have refined the bead of evil spirit, which must be the best. However, I can give you a chance to live in longchen. " The evil way to the strong mouth."Oh? I'm so lucky? " There was something unexpected about longchen.

"As long as you are willing to be planted with the blood seal of evil god by me and be loyal to me, you can live." The most powerful one looks at longchen road. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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