Chapter 1188

"Long Chen, I've been here for two days. If you don't come out, I'll rush in." Long Chen just came out of the closed quiet room and saw the impatient Xia Youluo.

"Don't I want to practice hard and try to reach the height of the seventeen princess as soon as possible? What can I do for you?

Don't tell me that your wine has been ruined by you. I tell you, don't give me any advice. " Long Chen suddenly a face vigilant way.

"What kind of person am I? What's more, all my wine is mine. Besides tasting some for my parents, others can only see it. " Charlotte is a little shy.

"That's good, that's good." Long Chen pretended to be relieved, and Xia Youluo stamped his feet.

"Look at your stingy manner. Drinking your wine is just like drinking your blood. Can you be scared into such a picture?" Xia Youluo looks at long Chen, and a look of disdain appears on her pretty face.

"Cut, I'm stingy. Are you a girl with a long conscience? If I'm stingy, I'll share your wine?" Long Chen has no good way.

"Well, well, I'm not talking to you anymore. I almost forgot to get down to business. My father wants to see you." Xiayouluo road.

"Big brother, what does he want me for?" Long Chen asked.

Xia Youluo glared at her eyes and gave a very serious warning: "I warn you, my father is a very strict man. If you dare to talk nonsense, he may cut you down. Then you will have no place to cry."

"No, so cruel? Do you want to kill people even if you're joking? " Long Chen pretends to be shocked.

"My father is the most merciless. He killed two of his own sons. Will he care about the life of an outsider like you?" Mentioning her father, Xia Youluo has a look of disgust and fear in her eyes.

No, that's so cruel? Long Chen himself was also startled. If it was not for treason, the emperor would not have killed his son.

"I don't believe it," said long Chen, shaking his head.

"Hum, what's the difference if you throw out a teenager for training and die, though you didn't kill him yourself?" Summer you Luo cold hum a way.

Long Chen said: "many things, you do not understand, no one does not love their children.

You have lost two brothers, but have you ever thought that your father also lost two sons, and he is more miserable than you.

It's because of his cruelty that you get a carefree life. Don't hate the wrong person. You should hate those enemies who always threaten the summer. "

"I don't understand your great principles. Let's go now"

Xia Youluo leads the way directly. They walk together. The guards on the way salute each other when they see them.

After a while, they came to the front of a palace. Xia Youluo took a look at the palace and said, "tell my father, dragon dust will come."

"Come in"

the voice is peaceful, but majestic. It is thought-provoking and awe inspiring.

Hearing that voice, Xia Youluo retreats slowly. Before he leaves, he makes a gesture of cutting his throat and grimace to long Chen.

Long Chen's heart is slightly warm. This girl reminds him to be careful when talking. His father is moody and careful to be decapitated. This girl's heart is not bad.

The palace is magnificent, solemn and sacred. In front of the palace, two huge stone lions are vivid, as if two real beasts are staring at the Dragon dust, and they even exude terrible prestige.

Long Chen stepped on the stone steps and stepped into the main hall, but to his surprise, there were no ministers, dragon chairs and steps in his imagination, and the whole hall was bare.

Only in the middle of the main hall, a figure sat there quietly. The whole hall was so empty that it was uncomfortable.

As soon as longchen entered the hall, he saw a pair of eyes. When he saw those eyes, longchen suddenly felt that he had become very small, like a person standing on the starry sky, watching the stars flow.

At that moment, longchen felt that he was a grain of dust in the universe, and his heart was full of shock.

"Long Chen, see you!" Dragon dust respectfully tunnel.

"Come and sit down," the man said.


sitting in front of that man honestly, even with long Chen's Bohemian character, he still dare not be presumptuous in front of that man, let alone big brother.

"In my artistic conception, it's really rare that I can still keep my mind as still as water and keep my mind from showing any flaws." The man nodded.

At this time, long Chen saw that this was a middle-aged man who looked about 40 years old, and his face was seven points similar to Xia yunchong's.

However, different from Xia yunchong, this middle-aged man is extremely rich in noble spirit. There is a real dragon shadow behind him, which makes longchen extremely shocked.

"It's really not easy to see the Dragon veins." The middle-aged man looked at longchen with a little surprise.

The middle-aged man's eyes were even more surprised.

"You've seen through the whole family, young man." Long Chen said with a bitter smile that the existence of the most powerful Xia state is too terrible to keep any secret."I don't see it, but I feel it. Because I am the emperor of the Xia Dynasty. I have Qi on my body and the dragon's veins protect me, so I feel the dragon's blood wave in your body."

After that, the middle-aged man frowned and said, "you have to be careful. Although your real dragon blood essence is not high-grade, it's very pure. If you are known by the Xuan beast family, I'm afraid there will be a big trouble."

"Thank you for reminding me. I will remember." Dragon dust respectfully tunnel.

In fact, long Chen's heart is slightly awe inspiring. At the beginning, Xiao Yun's mother once reminded long Chen to be careful of the mysterious beast family. Now the emperor of the summer also reminds him that I'm afraid the real dragon's blood essence may cause trouble in the future.

"It's too much to call elder brother, but it's not suitable to call elder brother. My name is Yuyang. Please call me uncle Yang." Xia Yuyang, the great Xia emperor, looks at longchen road.

I go, this can be embarrassed, feelings he already know, long Chen had to dry smile way: "Yang uncle you don't blame, I this is with you Luo joke."

"No matter, young people should have no taboos when they act, otherwise they will not be called young people.

I'm calling you to come here to inform you that the ruins of the four kingdoms are about to be opened, so that you can have a mental preparation. Let's go with Chong'er and others at that time. "

"The ruins of the four kingdoms?" Long Chen was surprised.

"Well, to be specific, Chong'er will tell you. In addition, it is said that the Korean embassy will visit the day after tomorrow. You should be responsible for receiving it." Xia Yuyang road.

"Me? Come and receive me? " Long Chen felt that he had heard wrong.

"That's right. It's you. I heard that when you were in Xuantian daozong, when you received Zhentian fazong, you performed very well and were enthusiastic. You could make the guests happy and come back with a full load. I think you are the most suitable seat to sit in." Xia Yuyang looks at longchen road with a smile.

Long Chen understood all of a sudden. Xia Yuyang had already investigated his own details. He even knew what he had done in Xuantian daozong. The news was too well-informed.

"But I'm not..." Long Chen is in a bit of a dilemma. He doesn't want to be in the limelight. He just wants to be a passer-by quietly.

"You call me uncle. I'm the person of Daxia. I've got the identification plates ready for you."

Xia Yuyang reaches out his hand and throws a jade card to longchen. Longchen takes it and looks at it. It says: Daxia protects the country and raises the prestige of general longchen!

"To protect the country? This is a bit exaggerated. I don't have that ability. " Long Chen said with a bitter smile.

"I believe you have this ability. If I guess correctly, half of the reasons for the visit of the Korean Embassy are for you.

If you choose to bear humiliation, you may not have this title, but you don't look like the kind of person who can bear it.

Instead of having conflicts in the end, it's better to be more direct, so that the process can be avoided and the direct conflicts can be ignored. " Xia Yuyang road.

That's true. Instead of being constantly provoked by others and going to fight back when they're so angry, it's not self abusive. It's better to face them.

"Well, my little nephew will take orders. I don't know if it will cause you any trouble. I'm a little careless." Long Chen can't help but feel out.

"I've never been afraid of trouble in summer." Xia Yuyang said with a smile.

"Haha, in that case, I know how to do it. Uncle Yang, don't worry, I will do it for you." Long Chen says with a smile that he likes to do the thing that Fox pretends tiger's power.

"You Luo this side, also ask you to take more trouble." Xia Yuyang pondered for a moment, sighed, and a touch of deep emotion appeared on his face. Even if the emperor was merciless, he could not give up his children's affection.

"I will try my best." Long Chen nodded.

But the heart is bitter, if let him to fight with which Tianjiao, he does not frown, but emotional things, long Chen is not sure, this girl is too stubborn, poisoning is too deep, long Chen is not sure, can only take a step to calculate a step.

Long Chen returns to Xia yunchong's residence. When he asks about the ruins of the four kingdoms, long Chen is shocked.

The so-called ruins of the four kingdoms are in the territory of the four ancient countries. There is an ancient relic. It is said that it is the relic left by a powerful Fairy Queen.

It's said that it's very possible that there is a record or inheritance of the time when Da Neng became an immortal.

However, because of the great war in the Xiangu period, part of this relic collapsed and was squeezed into the space barrier.

When the space barrier is weak, the disciples below the casting platform can be sent to tianwu mainland to explore the relics.

However, this time is very short. According to the previous experience, the disciples only have seven days to stay in it.

Moreover, this ancient relic, because it is broken, if it doesn't come out within seven days, the exit will be closed and can't come out.

According to Xia yunchong, when he was about to become an immortal, he left a lot of treasures in his relics, waiting for someone to come.

It's just that the opening time of the ruins of the four countries is uncertain and irregular, and can only be guarded all the time. However, before opening, when the space barrier becomes weak, some fluctuations will be released in advance, so as to determine the specific time.So, long Chen quietly studied the medicine for three days. After drinking, someone finally came to give long Chen official clothes, because the Korean mission was coming. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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