Chapter 1237

The voice came from the Imperial City, full of majesty, just like the voice of Xia Yuyang, the great Xia emperor.

"A small ancient country, dare to compete with our ancient nationality alliance? Don't think we are danta. No one can stop our ancient race. " It's like the head of a clan sneers.

"Noisy, the place where Dionysus palace is located, who dares to be presumptuous?"

At this time, a cold rebuke came from Daxia city. Meanwhile, the space moved slightly. A graceful figure appeared beside longchen.

Long Chen can't help but be stunned. Isn't this the nun who sent her wine? Usually gentle as a neighbor's sister, even stood up.

Although there is no momentum, but now she is like a sharp blade about to come out of the sheath, especially in her eyes, bright and introverted, but with endless cold.

Even the three ancient clan leaders were surprised. They were a powerful man in the realm of life and stars.

Even Xia Yuyang could not help but be surprised that the Dionysus palace had always ignored the outside world, even if he went to ask for help, it was useless.

But now, the God of wine palace actually stands out for longchen, which makes Xia Yuyang very surprised.

"The place where the Bacchus palace is located should not be desecrated. You'd better leave as soon as possible. Otherwise, don't blame my Bacchus palace for being rude and expelling you." The woman looked at the ancient strong, cold tunnel.

The strong people of the ancient clan could not help changing their faces. They did not expect that the Dionysus Palace should intervene in this matter, and they were still so impolite.

The ancient people can ignore the great Xia Kingdom, but they never dare to ignore the Dionysus palace. But at this time, the Dionysus palace is so impolite that they can't get off the stage. If they just leave, won't they become a laughing stock?

Looking at the huge figure of the ancient tiger family, there is a big sword on their back.

The big man is tall and powerful, but the broad sword on his back is more huge and thick, which makes people dare not look at him.

"That guy seems to be long Chen. How can he be so playful? He has no backbone at all?" The man could not help frowning.

Long Chen didn't know that someone had been watching him in the dark. Looking at the strong men of the ancient clan, he couldn't help crying:

"get out of the territory of Daxia. Three days later, I will leave Daxia from Xiguan. Yes, Xiguan will fight!"

With that, long Chen and the woman of the wine palace left together, and the strong of the ancient race looked gloomy.

"What shall we do?"

"It's said that this little brute can't be wrong. Let's go. We'll wait for him in Xiguan."

As for the personality of longchen, the ancient people are very clear, because they have focused on the investigation of longchen since the eastern famine.

Although long Chen is as cunning as a fox, it's easy to do some stupid things when he's hot-blooded. But one thing is that he seldom does not count his words.

After the ancient strong left, the mysterious man with a broad sword nodded slightly and disappeared.

When long Chen returns to the palace, Xia Yuyang, the old man with white hair, Xia yunchong, Xia Youluo and others have been waiting for him in the palace.

"Long Chen, are you really ready to go?" Xia Youluo is a little uneasy.

Others are also a little surprised. It's clear that Jiushen palace has come out to protect longchen. It's not wise for longchen to do so.

"Well, I don't like to be sheltered. Whether it's Daxia or Dionysus palace, sheltering is only for a while and can't protect me for the rest of my life.

And under the strong protection, I am afraid I will lose my spirit, because I still have a lot of things to do.

All the hardships in front of me are just sharpening stones. If I don't have the courage to sharpen my swords, how can I face the more powerful challenges in the future?

So, I will leave in three days. The reason why I don't leave right now is to leave some time to say goodbye to you. " Long Chen said with a smile.

Xia yunchong said: "brother long..."

"Brother Xia, I have made up my mind. Don't try to persuade me any more. You have found your invincible way, and I will continue my journey.

But you don't have to be sad, because I have a hunch that as long as I don't die, my name of dragon dust is destined to ring through nine days and spread to every corner of the mainland.

Separation or not is just a concept of time and space. There is a bosom friend in the sea. If the ends of the world are close to each other, why care whether we are together? " Long Chen patted Xia yunchong on the shoulder and said with a smile.

"Well, if you don't come back drunk with brother long today, you'll be practicing it for him." Xia yunchong is also an open-minded person. On that day, a grand banquet was held in the palace.

But at the banquet, Xia Youluo is drunk, pulling longchen to cry and laugh, and longchen has some bad taste in his heart.

For this unruly and capricious little girl, long Chen had some antipathy, but later found that behind her unruly and capricious is a good innocence.

Long Chen knows that the little girl has feelings for him, but this kind of feelings is a very complex thing, no one can guarantee that this is love.

After all, Xia Youluo's emotion was only reposed on Han Wenjun at the beginning. Later, the appearance of longchen changed inexplicably. She preferred to be with longchen.But it may be a girl's novelty of curiosity, or a worship of the strong, which is not true love.

And long Chen always treats her as a little sister, and has never touched the love between men and women, but now that we are about to separate, we still feel that we can't give up.

The four ancient countries are independent of the spiritual world. They are like a jar of clear water. Now long Chen has just lived in the clear water for a few days, and he is about to return to the dangerous mire. Since then, everyone has become a stranger. It's really sad.

Long Chen doesn't know when he got drunk. He can't even remember when he was carried back. The wine in the God of wine palace is so strong that almost everyone of the young generation of strong people in Daxia fell down.

The next morning, long Chen goes to find Xia yunchong, but learns that Xia yunchong has been called into the hall. The waiter tells long Chen that everyone is waiting for him.

Long Chen hurried to the hall and found that Xia Yuyang and other strong men were already waiting in the hall, with a piece of animal skin paper on the table.

On the animal skin paper, there are two words written in the ancient immortal Prose: Xia Chen.

At this time, all the people looked at the animal skin paper with complex complexion. On the animal skin paper, there were thick blood stains, and on the blood stains, there were amazing fluctuations.

The essence and blood of the strong one in the spirit realm was startled by long Chen. It was not the ordinary essence and blood, but the essence and blood of the strong one in the spirit realm, which had accumulated all the resentment before he died.

Seeing the arrival of longchen, Xia Yuyang said, "the imperial city of Korea has been leveled. Except for two strong people in the Star Kingdom, all the other strong people in the Korean royal family have been killed."


This time, even long Chen was startled. Who dares to attack the ancient Republic of Korea? Big week? Big Chu? It's impossible. Even if they have to do it, they will unite with Daxia.

What's more, they are all secretly restricted by danta and have no reason to deal with Korea directly.

As if seeing the doubts in longchen's heart, Xia Yuyang said: "it's not the work of Dazhou and Dachu, but the work of a strong branch of Daxia. Originally, I thought that this branch had been destroyed, but I didn't expect that they were still there."

Xia Yuyang can't help sighing and tells longchen about the secret of the ancient state of Daxia. Thousands of years ago, Daxia was divided, and one branch left Daxia and separated.

Although Xia Yuyang didn't make it clear, the reason may be another secret period. According to Xia Yuyang, the people of this branch disappeared after they separated.

Da Xia always thought that this branch had completely disappeared, but today the appearance of this animal skin paper reminds Xia Yuyang of the history of that year.

"In this ancient Chinese word" Xia ", there is the blood power of my Xia family, which is definitely the work of my descendants.

And the blood fluctuation is very strong, which indicates that this person is very young, and should be the same age as Chong'er, yun'er and others.

But with the help of one person, he destroyed the whole Korean royal family. At last, under the pursuit of the powerful people in the Ming Xing Jing, he still retreated. I didn't expect that such a terrible person appeared in my Xia family. "

Xia Yuyang looked at the name on the animal skin paper. His eyes were filled with shock and gratification.

"It's really terrible. I don't know what level of a strong man he is?" Long Chen's heart is also full of shock, a single Korean royal, but also with Xia yunchong and others of the same age, this is too abnormal.

Xia Yuyang shook his head and said, "it happened so fast that people didn't have time to record it with the photo jade. According to some strong people, that person should be an array practitioner.

He secretly laid a big battle in the imperial city of Korea. In an instant, the imperial city of Korea was razed to the ground. Except for those who were strong in Xingjing, they were all killed in an instant.

The two strong men in Korea shot and killed the man, but the man ran away with the array and left behind pieces of paper. Xia Yuyang was one of them.

"What does this piece of paper mean?" Long Chen doesn't understand. Looking at the two words, it should be a person's name. Is it for the sake of fame?

"No, this is to show the position of killing Korean strongmen." Long Chen suddenly understood.

Xia Yuyang nodded and said, "yes, the disputes between the four ancient countries can only be solved by their own power, not by others.

This move of Xia Chen is an account to the outside world, which is revenge from Xia family. "

Xia Chen, Xia Chen, it seems that this is also a super terrible strongman. Is it really so terrible to single out the whole Korean royal family and array repair? Long Chen murmured to himself.

However, the branch of Daxia obviously doesn't mean to communicate with Daxia. Maybe it doesn't want to contact with Daxia. However, since they have been separated, they may not want to come back.

But the appearance of Xia Chen makes long Chen's heart fluctuate greatly. He is not the only one. Maybe one day, he will fight against Xia Chen.

Three days passed quickly. In the palace of the God of wine, long Chen searched all the medicinal wine brewed by those disciples and said goodbye to the high priest. In Xia Youluo's eyes, long Chen waved goodbye to the strong Xia, stepped on the transmission array and disappeared in the sight of everyone.When long Chen appears again, he has already arrived at the border of Daxia. Looking at the huge city building with "Xiguan", long Chen takes a deep breath, arranges his collar and strides out. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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