Chapter 1253

Finally, under the suppression of the old man and the adjustment of dozens of jars of wine, a disturbance was calmed down.

However, Mr. Bao was very upset today because he was run by other masters, and he lost his face today.

The seventh master and others are even more outspoken, pointing to the three humanitarians of longchen. No matter what means longchen, Bao Bu and Chang Hao use, if they can make them shameful, they will come at will.

Long Chen can see that on the surface, several masters are not very friendly and fight each other. In fact, they are very united.

This is clearly playing a routine, deliberately laughing at Mr. Bao, and then using provocation to seduce long Chen and others to challenge them. Seeing the eager appearance of Bao Bu and Chang Hao, we know that these two goods have been cheated.

Mr. Bao is the number one among the seven masters. By analogy, Mr. Qi is the weakest. Especially when Mr. Qi says that the three of them are united, and Mr. Qi has only one hand, Bao Bu almost agrees, but is held by long Chen.

"Hey, hey, let's have a drink today. As for the challenge, let's talk about it after drinking. Come on, I'll give you a bowl." Long Chen laughs and holds up a bowl to toast.

Several masters drank the wine, and the fourth Master said with some dissatisfaction: "long Chen, how can you be so insidious? The seventh master has said that you dare not accept your challenge with one hand? Or isn't it a man? "

I'll go. This method is too low-level. Is there any difference between one hand and two hands? A burst of silence.

But long Chen patted his chest and said, "I'm also a man standing to pee. When you say one hand challenges us, we can't afford it.

I'm a dragon in the world Well, it's been several years. If the three of us beat the seventh master, we'll be shameless and meaningless. "

"Ha ha, that's right. Our three brothers work together. We don't need your seventh master's help at all. We can defeat you with our true ability." Bao Bu laughs. He is brave and brave.

Long Chen's face turned green when he heard that. Is this boy a fool? This kind of Haikou also dares to boast, isn't it to give the handle to others?

Sure enough, the seventh master immediately stood up and said with a laugh: "ha ha, this is the man of my kaitianzhanzong. Come on, let's fight in front of the old man today. I'll give you some advice."

"It's not urgent, it's not urgent, it's drinking first. Today Chang Hao's body hasn't recovered to the peak, he can't do his best, and he's not happy to fight. It's better to drink first and fight again in three days." Long Chen is in a hurry.

On hearing this, although they were plain on the surface, the bad smile in their eyes had betrayed their hearts. These old foxes had succeeded in their plot.

The old man's mouth was full of a smile, which was very strange. Mr. Bao reached for his wine jar and poured the wine for the old man.

"No, no, I still like the taste of my jar of wine. You drink yours." The old man reached out and filled his wine bowl, so that Mr. Bao could not pour the wine.

Bao Ye and others didn't see any clue at all. They were still foolishly drinking. They thought that long Chen and others had been cheated, but they didn't know. The old man looked at them with a trace of sympathy.

Three days later, long Chen, Bao Bu and Chang Hao are hiding in a dark corner, holding their breath and looking at a small house in front of them.

"Long Chen, don't you mean to challenge the seventh master with us? What are you doing in this toilet? " Bao Bu opens his mouth and says that the small house in front is a toilet. They hold their breath just to avoid smelling the bad smell.

Kaitianzhanzong is not like a sect of practice, but like a huge mortal world, because kaitianzhanzong disciples eat and drink Lhasa too often.

"When I talk about challenging the seventh master, I don't just mean the seventh master, but the seven masters." Long Chen said with a smile.

"Damn, I'm not going to die?" Chang Hao was so surprised that he forgot to hold his breath. The smell went straight into his nose. He quickly pinched his nose with his hand.

Bao Bu was also startled. Isn't this crazy? Isn't it death?

"If you want to do something, you can do something big. It's no fun to make small fights. This time we're going to catch up with several old guys, and we're going to make our reputation.

We'll beat them as they beat us. You two are not counsellors, are you Long Chen asked.

"Are you kidding? Who were we afraid of? I've been used to it for a long time. But, long Chen, are you sure? " Bao Bu was a little guilty. It was too bold and crazy. He didn't have a heart at all.

"Don't worry. I've arranged it. Shh Here we are Long Chen suddenly made a silent gesture.

Suddenly a figure, straight to the small house, ran away, that person is not others, it is the seventh master.

Seven Ye's speed is extremely fast, and his face is also with a touch of anxiety. As soon as he flies into the small room, he hears the surging sound of flying freely and flowing straight down.


Chang Hao and Bao Bu can't help but look incredible. Even if they take poison, they won't have diarrhea?"Huhu..."

Just when Chang Hao and Bao Bu were shocked, the other masters rushed to the small room one after another, and finally even Mr. Bao rushed in.

"Mad, what's the matter? My stomach hurts so much." In the small room, Mr. Bao roared angrily.

But the roar was covered by countless farts and flying sounds. Seven people burst out at the same time, and the light and sound could be heard dozens of miles away, which was extremely warm.

Bao Bu and Chang Hao can't help but be silly. Seven people have diarrhea at the same time. It's incredible. But soon, they see the bad smile on long Chen's face.



with a low drink from long Chen, the small house in the distance suddenly burst into pieces. Seven figures were blown out of the hut in a mess, their bodies were covered with filth, and they were carrying their pants in a hurry.

"Well, it's you three little bunnies." He couldn't help but see a roar in his eyes.

Bao Bu and Chang Hao were so scared that they turned green. They could even see the flames of anger that could almost burn the whole world. If they didn't die, they might not be able to live well.

Long Chen was very calm. He stood up and said: "it's clearly agreed that we will have a showdown today. Our three brothers have been waiting for you for three hours. How can you fly here?

How old are you? Can't you grow up like us? Are you afraid to fight for us? "

Hearing long Chen's words, the seven masters almost got angry. They were provoked by the three little dolls and said they didn't dare to fight. How arrogant this is. I've never met such arrogant people in my life.

"If we don't beat your ass to eight today, we'll take your last name." Several masters roared, about to teach these three lawless guys a lesson.

In fact, when I came back from juetong last time, several masters were all drunk and fell asleep for three days.

If it wasn't for the abdominal pain, they couldn't wake up at all. They didn't know that long Chen had already done something in the wine they drank.

With the skill of dragon dust's elixir and the wine power of the God of wine palace, even though they are powerful, they are still on the way.

"Wait a minute, today we three brothers are going to challenge the seven of you in front of all the disciples of kaitianzhanzong.

In the name of the three brothers, I shed my blood. This is a challenge to the supreme authority of the younger generation of Kaitian zhanzong disciples.

This challenge is solemn, sacred and inviolable. Go and tidy up what you have. My three brothers are waiting for you on Tyrannosaurus Rex peak. " Long Chen shouts.

When the seven masters saw their filth, they could not help but get angry and almost ran away. But it was too humiliating. They went back to wash up.

Tyrannosaurus Rex peak is the highest mountain in the Kaitian warring Zong. It is like a Tyrannosaurus Rex, so it is called Tyrannosaurus Rex peak.

Today's Tyrannosaurus Rex peak is full of people. The strongmen of kaitianzhanzong all come here, because a big event is going to happen today. Someone wants to challenge the master level people.

What's more, it's not one master, it's seven. What's most amazing is that it's three young disciples who challenge the seven masters.

"Long Chen, I admire you. No matter what the result is today, we both admire you for your courage." Bao Bu and Chang Hao look at long Chen, and their faces are full of admiration.

Long Chen's courage is really too big. What they did not dare to dream about before, today, under the leadership of long Chen, has come true.

Even if they fail today, they are still men. No one will laugh at them. On the contrary, they will admire their courage. After all, not everyone dares to do this kind of behavior. It needs more than courage.

The most important thing is that if they show a little bit of brilliance, they will have a chance to become the focus of the whole Kaitian sect, and there will be countless disciples cheering for them.

So today, no matter what the outcome, they will become famous figures in the beginning of the war, so even if they are beaten as dogs, they are still heroes.

Bao Bu and Chang Hao have been beaten as dogs for countless times. It's common for them to be beaten. But it's the first time for them to experience the heroic way of beating. So they admire the wisdom of long Chen.

At this time, long Chen, Bao Bu and Chang Hao were standing on the Tyrannosaurus Rex peak. Their breath was flowing and their clothes were floating. They were like three sharp blades, blooming with unprecedented sharpness, such as the three invincible God of war overlooking the earth, very powerful.

Looking at the three, the disciples of kaitianzhanzong cheered. The voice was full of worship and awe. They dared to challenge the master level figures. What a bully it was.

Cheers and shouts, like a tsunami in general, wave after wave, one after another, powerful.

"Mad, it's worth being killed." Looking at the disciples, one by one blushing and neck thick cheering for them, Chang Hao can not help but blood boiling tunnel.

"Three little bunnies, if you don't make dough today, Mr. Bao's name will be written upside down."At this time, seven figures flew to the Tyrannosaurus Rex peak. Master Bao took the lead and hit the Dragon dust with one punch. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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