Chapter 1294

The evil dwarf, the old man, yells loudly. His voice makes the void hum. Now he's really in a hurry.

Now the evil way has fallen into a serious disadvantage. Although the number of people is still twice that of the right way, the morale is low. The longer the time is, the more unfavorable it will be to the evil way.

On the right side of the road, the momentum is always like a rainbow, and the spirit is constantly improving. In this situation, the evil way will be forced into a desperate situation.

With morale so low and the number of people reduced by one-third, there is still no rout. I'm afraid only heresy can do it.

The evil way is famous for its ferocity and cruelty, but in the face of the more brutal dragon blood army, they are a group of sheep.

The main reason why they did not rout away was the cruel punishment system of heresy. If they were caught escaping, their various kinds of torture would make their life worse than death.

If the evil way can't go back, the right way will try its best to kill them. They have no way to go to heaven and no way to go to earth. Therefore, once there is a war, they have to work hard. This is the origin of the crazy cruelty of the evil way strongmen.

And their madness and cruelty are often deliberately reflected in order to create psychological pressure on the right path, but this kind of psychological pressure has no effect on the countless dragon blood legions.

The evil Gnome old man has seen through the battlefield situation, so he is so anxious that he has damaged so many people. Even if he has collected the corpses, he can't make the contribution. Now he regrets it. Why don't he just retreat? In this way, he can at least retreat all over his body.

Now, whether Guiyan can recover the losses depends on whether Guiyan can take down longchen or not. After all, every moment, there are powerful people who die and they can't afford it.

"It's useless. Even those who are strong in life and star can't break into the space field propped up by ancient battlefield debris.

It seems that they are above the void. In fact, they are in a parallel space. Your voice can't get there at all Li Tianxuan's subtle Tao is well intentioned to explain to the old dwarf.

"Shut up. Don't always look like you're winning. It's not sure who will win or lose." The evil dwarf roared.

Compared with Li Xuan, Li Xuan felt that he had fallen into a trap.

In the face of Li Tianxuan, he is so powerless, at this time and Li Tianxuan against, both sides can't do anything, Li Tianxuan that kind of wind and cloud, let him angry, but helpless.

"Boom boom..."

The continuous explosion above the void, the surging sea of runes behind the ghost flame, the flow of flowers on the avenue, and the crazy battle with longchen.

Behind the Dragon dust, the divine ring turns to open up the heaven and earth. With the pressure of being indomitable and arrogant, it resists the suppression of the will of heaven. It turns around and tries its best.

The strength of both men reached a kind of acme, and each impact made the void explode and make a startling noise.

Two people crazy fierce battle for more than an hour, momentum instead more and more strong, more and more ruthless.



the claw of Guiyan grabs longchen's throat. Longchen avoids the key point and resists with his shoulder. As a result, the scales are broken and the shoulder is scratched with flesh and blood, and the bone can be seen.

However, when Guiyan's claw was caught on longchen's shoulder, the rune on longchen's leather boots lit up, and he kicked Guiyan's rib with a click. Guiyan's rib was broken. At the same time, people were kicked away with a kick, and a mouthful of blood spurted out. Even internal organs were injured.

"Hum, I'm Skywalker. I have the power of heaven to heal. I'll exchange the wound for the wound. I'll treat you like a dog."

GUI Yan is kicked away, but the Runes of heaven surge around him, instantly heal the injury, sneer and kill longchen again.

"You're Skywalker. If you have anything to do with me, I'll still kill you." Long Chen cold hum a, double fists wave, to ghost burning kill.

Long Chen has to admit that Gui Yan is too strong. At the same time, he is glad that he is not Skywalker, otherwise he will be suppressed by him.

Now the fierce battle for more than an hour, no one can suppress who, fighting style from violent, gradually into bloody.



the sound of body collision, bone fracture and blood splashing kept on, and the two started the most cruel exchange of injuries.

GUI Yan's sharp claws are extremely sharp. Even the Dragon scales covered by the Dragon dust can't resist it. In a moment, the whole body is covered with blood.

On the contrary, Guan Guiyan's clothes are complete. In contrast, longchen is much more embarrassed.

"Gui Yan, you idiot, he is deliberately consuming your power of heaven." The old man can't help roaring.

He is an old fox. He can see the clue at a glance. Although longchen looks very embarrassed, it's all trauma.

When long Chen replaced the wound with the wound, what he caused to Gui Yan was internal injury. The energy consumed by two people to repair the wound was ten times larger than that of long Chen.

But longchen did everything quietly, and Guiyan didn't notice it, so he was worried secretly."I reminded you..." Li Tianxuan shook his head.

"Shut up. I know he can't hear me. I just like to scream. What's the matter?" The evil dwarf roars like a beast that chooses people to eat.

"Oh, well, you go on, but I remind you that it will lower the morale of your evil ways.

After all, you are the commander of the evil way. You are impetuous and your team will lose confidence in you.

Another important point is that your voice It's hard to hear. You should be honest. " Li Tianxuan's words are sincere.


The evil dwarf old man's blood almost gushed out. At this time, the reincarnation mirror was full of light, and the evil dwarf old man was shocked. He quickly urged the evil god's skull to resist.

But before, because of distraction, reincarnation mirror took the lead and began to suppress the skulls of evil gods.


the evil dwarf suddenly opened his mouth, a blood arrow shot out and fell on the skull of the evil god. The skull of the evil god was nourished by the essence and blood of the evil dwarf, the tattoos on his whole body lit up, and an evil breath rose. His power instantly increased by a section, gradually offsetting the suppression of the reincarnation mirror and restoring the original balance.

The old man was very angry, but he didn't dare to speak any more. Li Tianxuan was right. He was the leader of the evil way. His actions affected the morale of the whole evil way.

If he is irritable and worried, he will let the powerful people know that he has no way to do anything, and it will break people's hearts.

This kind of thing, still need the enemy to remind, let the evil dwarf old man to be crazy, because he knows, Li Tianxuan dare to remind him, it means that everything is under his control.

It's like two people are playing chess, and the other side is pointing out your way. The most terrible thing is that you have to follow his way, so the end is self-evident.

Now, although he was very anxious, he had to shut up. Seeing that the old man was silent, Li Tianxuan was quiet.

Although Li Tianxuan was calm on the surface, he was filled with emotion. Longchen, guoran, aman, yuezifeng, Mengqi, Tang Waner and others were all extremely arrogant and powerful.

However, who would have thought that these people were just a group of unknown guys in the East wasteland, and they could not be mediocre any more.

Li Tianxuan witnessed the rise of the dragon blood Legion. Even if he witnessed it, it was still unbelievable.

Looking at the Tianjiao, who are fighting furiously to transform the powerful in the divine realm, Li Tianxuan is full of pride. He knows that the opportunity for the rise of Xuantian daozong has come. He wants to seize this opportunity to make Xuantian daozong return to its former glory, even more brilliant than that year.

However, now the battlefield of the powerful in the spirit realm has shown a kind of sticky state. After such a high-intensity terrorist war, both the Xuantian Taoist sect and the powerful in the evil way have entered a period of exhaustion, and they have begun to be tired in spirit, physical strength and spirit.

Today, there are only less than 200 strong people in the evil way, while there are 17 strong people in the Xuantian Taoist school.

The king level strongmen lost more than 500, leaving less than 300. Most of these king level strongmen fell in the first war.

It was because of the initial war that the king level strongmen fell too many times, so Yue Zifeng did not have any reservation. He directly promoted to the highest combat power and spared no effort to attack and kill the powerful people in huashenjing.

It is also because of the full efforts of Yue Zifeng, aman, Bao Ping, Chang Hao and others that the king level strongmen get a chance to breathe. Otherwise, the battlefield will be suppressed by the heresy in a moment, instead of being slowly created a delicate balance by the Xuantian Taoism.

Most of those King level strongmen fell because of the genius of protecting Xuantian daozong, because they knew that most of these geniuses had terrible lethality, but their defense couldn't bear the blow of the powerful people in the spirit realm.

Like Mengqi, Tang Wan'er, huashiyu, Zhao Ziyan and others, they will be killed in an instant, so many of the king level strongmen fall to protect them.

And their death, in exchange for their chance to fight, killed a large number of powerful people, they are enough to laugh.

Today, although the battlefield form of those who transform the divine realm into a strong one is in a sticky state, it is still beneficial to Xuantian Taoist school, because aman is extremely fierce and has the same fighting capacity. If the evil way transforms the divine realm into a strong one, he will be killed by a stick.

There were forty or fifty people killed by aman alone. While fighting fiercely, aman put something into his mouth.

Those things that look like little fish are actually nine level monsters. They are snacks collected by aman during the first World War in the East China Sea.

There were too many level 9 monsters killed that time. Aman had a lot of snacks in reserve, but he didn't finish them all the time. At this time, the war consumed a lot, so he ate while fighting, and his combat effectiveness was not reduced at all.

Those little fish trunks are all blessed by the array. They look small, but they are actually huge things thousands of feet in size. They are swallowed by aman and turned into endless energy, making aman a monster that can always maintain combat effectiveness in the whole battlefield. With constant snacks, the combat effectiveness is not reduced."Bang"

longchen and Guiyan attack again by exchanging injuries for injuries. On longchen's arm, a piece of meat is caught, while Guiyan's chest is hit by longchen's fist, and blood gushes out.

"Asshole, you dare to count me." Ghost Yan coldly looking at long Chen, he finally found something. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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