Chapter 1312

Zhuo Tianxiang opened his mouth and called out the old man's name. It was obvious that they were very familiar with each other. However, Zhuo Tianxiang's tone was not a gesture of greeting old friends.

"Hey, hey, what's the point of me? As the chief manager of dongxuanyu, I'm tired to death every day. I find time to go out for a walk and relax. I suddenly find that it's very busy here, so I'll come up and have a look!" Yue Qingshan said with a smile, as if he would never be angry.

In huayunzong, there are many positions, but because huayunzong believes in the God of wealth, their names are full of commercial flavor, which is not in line with the practice world.

People in dangu often scold Hua yunzong for being just a group of small dealers full of copper smell and beggars who are only for profit.

Danzong's behavior of self-restraint, however, never makes people scold him.

He also controls the lifeblood of the mainland, but huayunzong has always been low-key, never as domineering as dangu.

But if someone thinks that Huayun Zong is a bully, it's a big mistake. No one knows the real strength of Huayun Zong, but we can see the clue from the fact that dangu has been helpless to Huayun Zong.

"You don't have to be nervous. Huayunzong has always been kind and kind to others. However, this time I came here, I heard that dangu is very arrogant. Huayunzong is too low-key. It's not good. I want to take the opportunity to learn." Yue Qingshan said with a smile.

Yue Qingshan has something to say in his words. Although he is polite on the surface, he has a needle in his pocket.

What does it mean that Hua yunzong is too low-key and wants to learn? Is Hua yunzong going to fight back against dangu in the future? Is this a warning to the public.

"Hum, I have been arrogant in dangu for countless years. Not everyone can learn this kind of ability and knowledge." Zhutianxiang sneered, obviously this is ridicule, Hua Yunzong is just a group of woodlouse, in the end, it is far from the Dan valley.

"You can't say that. You need to try everything before you know whether you can do it or not. Otherwise, people always think you can't do it and make you question your ability. So it's no harm to try." Yue Qingshan said with a smile.

"Do you want to support Xuantian daozong and oppose dangu, Guzu and the right way in the world?" Zhuo Tianxiang's face is gloomy.

"Oh, it's really worthy of the name of dangu. This arrogance is really worth learning. We can be pushed to the top of the storm as soon as we open our mouth and become the public enemy of the world. Powerful, powerful!"

Yue Qingshan put up his thumb, a look of admiration, but everyone can see that Yue Qingshan is mocking Zhuo Tianxiang.

"We Huayun sect are all traders. I dare not offend so many people at once, otherwise I'm afraid I'll starve to death in the future.

This time we come here, we are really running for a devout heart to study. We will see what you should do, and we will not speak! " Yue Qingshan ha a smile, still not salty road.

"That dragon dust, the old man is old. Can you spare a seat for the old man to have a rest.

You Xuantian daozong's steps are too long. You make the old man Snort and pant. You almost died on the way. " Yue Qingshan smiles at longchen.

Long Chen is very happy in his heart. Yue Qingshan's attitude is obvious. He came to longchen Town, mainly for dangu.

As long as he is not blind or stupid, he can see the attitude of Hua yunzong.

"Brother Qingshan, I asked you to come several times, but you refused to condescend. It seems that the face of longchen is much bigger than that of my patriarch." Li Tianxuan said with a bitter smile.

You know, Yue Qingshan is the leader of the East Xuanyu area of Huayun sect. In this area, no one does not know his name. To be honest, Li Tianxuan only knows him, but he has no friendship.

Xuanzong, who was in charge of the business, had nothing to do with other people.

Li Tianxuan smiles bitterly at this time. On the one hand, he deliberately raises the identity of long Chen to frighten others. On the other hand, he really smiles bitterly.

"Master Li Xuan has killed my elder brother. My elder brother is not in good health. Thanks to the blessing of the God of wealth, he has more and more wealth. It costs too much to go out. I can't bear the fat!" Yue Qingshan patted a little bit of fat stomach, he said with a smile.

At this time, long Chen has given up his position to Yue Qingshan. Yue Qingshan refuses and finds a place to sit down beside him, so as to avoid the suspicion that he will be the host and the guest.

The position of longchen is the position of the leader. Even Li Tianxuan and others are standing behind longchen. It is obvious that longchen is the leading role here.

How can Yue Qingshan not see that Li Tianxuan is creating momentum for longchen? It is obvious that Li Tianxuan has pushed longchen to the position of the future xuanzhu, and the identity and status of longchen will be different.

He is no longer a gifted disciple. Li Tianxuan's behavior today is tantamount to telling the world that after long Chen, he will be the successor of Xuantian daozong. Anyone who dares to move long Chen again will face the great anger of the whole Xuantian daozong."Long Chen, good boy, my brother supports you!"

Zheng Wenlong, who is behind Yue Qingshan, smiles at long Chen and shakes his eyebrows. It is obvious that he has made great efforts this time.

Long Chen nodded, Zheng Wenlong's feeling, he kept in mind, this can really be a timely help, with huayunzong deterrence, long Chen pressure a lot less.

The arrival of huayunzong's strongman disrupted the whole plan of dangu. Even the people of tianwu alliance didn't know what to do, and the scene fell into a dilemma.

Yue Qingshan sits next to long Chen. Those guys who tried their best to help the dog eat excrement closed their mouths and didn't dare to shout any more.

"In fact, everyone gathered in Xuantian daozong today just to ask for justice. Now we all come here and find a chance to talk about it. If there is any misunderstanding, we can solve it on the spot. There are so many martial arts sages on the scene, we can certainly give you justice."

At this time, Deng Cang of tianwu alliance had to harden his head and speak. After all, Xuantian daozong was a member of tianwu alliance. They had to stand up and speak. However, his speech is not so stiff now. At least he didn't give Xuantian daozong the big hat of guilt as soon as he spoke.

However, in Deng Cang's words, he still implied that Xuantian daozong's fault came first, otherwise he would not end with "we can certainly give you justice".

A sneer appeared on long Chen's face. He already saw that Deng Cang was not a good thing. He didn't talk to Xuantian daozong at all, but turned his elbow out.

Although I don't know why Deng Cang said that, long Chen is sure that if this guy is allowed to preside over it, the form will certainly be more and more unfavorable to Xuantian daozong.

"Yes, Mr. Yue is here. I believe someone will give us an explanation." However, the meaning of Deng gechen is completely opposite to that of long gechen.

"What's the matter with you?

It is clearly Li Tianxuan's intention to use artifact to kill so many powerful people. You are more vicious than heresy.

I'm sorry you have the face to say that if you are so shameless, you are not afraid to shame your ancestors. How can our zhentianfazong be as famous as your xuantiandaozong? It's really the biggest insult to us. " An old man stood up and yelled at long Chen and Li Tian Xuanyi.

It was Qi yunao, the leader of Zhentian fazong, who was one generation higher than Li Tianxuan in terms of seniority.

"That's right. Xuantian daozong clearly meant it. It's a sign of chaos in the world. Today, Xuantian daozong must give an account to the world.

"Yes, for the sake of the elder Huayun Zong, we don't ask much. We just need Xuantian daozong to dissolve immediately and longchen to decapitate immediately. This matter is over"

with Qi yunao's shout, there are countless righteous and powerful people standing up and roaring.

Although they are worried about Huayun sect, they are even more afraid that Xuantian sect will escape this disaster and rise rapidly, which will be their nightmare.

Therefore, Qi yunao was the first to stand up, and they also stood up. Huayun Zong and dangu let them choose one from the other. They stood against Xuantian daozong and had to choose to stand with dangu.


long Chen stood up and walked slowly to Qi yunao. At this time, those shouts slowly subsided, and everyone looked at him.

"Hum, you want to confront me? Today, even if what you can say is too much hype and the earth is overflowing with gold lotus, it's useless. If it's wrong, it's wrong. If it's unreasonable, it's useless. " Qi yunao looks at the Dragon dust to come near, sneer way.


but to everyone's surprise, long Chen didn't speak at all, and he didn't mean any sophistry. To reach out was a big slap in the face.

"You're shameless. I'm here to smoke my face. Who wants to talk nonsense to you?"

Long Chen this slap in the face, the people present are surprised, open mouth, a face can't believe the look.

Long Chen's mouth is natural and smooth, without any flaws. It is reasonable that when long Chen starts, the strong will inevitably produce a reaction.

But when long Chen slapped Qi yunao in the face, many people responded to what was going on. When long Chen slapped Qi yunao in the face, it seemed that time was still, with a kind of inexplicable mystery, watching it pleasing to the eye.

"The way is natural. It's the only way in the world to practice slapping like this." Even Yue Qingshan, with a smile on his face, was moved. He couldn't help but stand up from his chair and exclaimed. It was obvious that he saw long Chen's slap for the first time.

Qi yunao was slapped by the Dragon dust, and then he was caught by the powerful man in the back of Mingxing realm. Then he stabilized himself.

Qi yunao, the practitioner of Zhentian fazong, is no exception. The slap of longchen smashed half of his face, and his blood flowed.

All of a sudden, the whole audience was silent, and the explosion reverberated in the void. Everyone was confused. Not everyone could see the mystery of the slap. They couldn't figure out why Qi Yun was so proud."Die for me!"

Qi yunao's face was twisted. With a roar, a golden Rune hand appeared and clapped it down on longchen. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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