Chapter 1320

From Deng Cang, he said that when the tianwu Alliance came to compensate for the losses of dangu, Guzu and other forces, long Chen knew the bastard's mind.

He even put his idea on the reward for the battle of the magic mountain. He wanted to use the reward for Xuantian daozong as a gift for dangu and Guzu. He took Xuantian daozong's resources to give gifts. He earned good people.

Although long Chen had been psychologically prepared, he was still angry. He was shameless to such an extent that he was convinced.

"Long Chen, you..." Deng Cang's face sank.

"Why do you shut up for me? Believe it or not, I'm angry. I'll kill you now?" Long Chen roars.

At this time, longchen's eyes were like a fire, and his killing intention was boiling to the extreme. He really wanted to use the Xuantian tower to kill all the people in front of him now.

"I, the strong man of Xuantian Taoist school, threw my head and blood in moling mountain and fought with the strong man of evil way to death. I won this victory with my life and blood.

Now you have extended your greedy claws to our achievements. Are you still human?

I'll tell you now, whether it's the dangu, the ancient clan or the tianwu alliance, if anyone dares to move this reward, I'll put my words here today, and I'll make you pay a thousand times, ten thousand times the price. " Long Chen roars.

Longchen is just a little disciple of zhutaijing, but he is so angry that all those who are strong in mingxingjing are scared.

Although longchen's cultivation is low, his combat power is terrifying. He can rival the ninth grade Skywalker. Most importantly, he has the dragon blood army, a terror army with unlimited potential. No one thinks longchen's words are empty words.

"Ha ha, this time, I really saw a wonderful flower. The tianwu alliance is no longer the tianwu alliance in the past. It's so smoky inside that people sigh!"

At this time, Yue Qingshan, who had not spoken, finally said: "Deng Cang, are you going too far this time?

Your aunt Deng Huaqin is Zhuo Tianyi's mother, and Zhuo Tianyi is Zhuo Tianxiang's cousin. It's not appropriate for you to set up relatives and partner with the emperor Xuantian daozong? I can't even watch the old man. "

As soon as Yue Qingshan opened his mouth, the whole audience was in an uproar. No matter those who were strong in the right way, the strong in the ancient clan or the strong from the ancient family alliance, they all looked at Deng Cang and Zhuo Tianxiang strangely. Unexpectedly, they had such a close relationship.

"Paralyzed, no wonder they've been helping dogs eat excrement. It turns out that they are a nest of snakes and mice. Fortunately, they still have the face to be peacemakers. Deng Cang, why don't you die?" Guo ran was the first one who couldn't help yelling.

At the beginning, Guo ran and others thought that Deng Cang was sent by tianwu alliance to settle things. As a result, they colluded with Dan Gu for a long time.

Yuecang Qingshan and Deng Qingshan were surprised to find out.

To know this secret, even within their family, few people know it.

"Nonsense" Deng Cang was furious.

"Deng Cang, are you questioning the integrity of my businessmen? Well, in order to prove that we businessmen never talk nonsense, let's talk about the modern history of the Deng family. Let's start with Deng Yaoqi's being accepted as a disciple by dangu. " Yue Qingshan is a light tunnel.

When he heard Deng Yaoqi, Deng Cang's face changed again. He didn't expect that Hua yunzong was so clear about his Deng family. If he was allowed to go on, it would be bad.

"I, Deng Cang, am open and aboveboard. I've always been right about things and wrong about people. I'll help you, but I won't help you..." Deng Cang said in a hurry.

"Don't flaunt yourself first, I just doubt how tianwu alliance can send you such an embarrassing person to mediate such a big matter.

Even if you think you can guarantee that you are not biased, you are not worthy to be a peacemaker because of your relationship with Dan Gu.

Moreover, from the beginning to now, you have been aiming at Xuantian daozong everywhere. As long as you have a little brain, you can see the clue. Do you really think everyone is a fool?

Deng Cang, you look down on others. It's not as simple as you think. Do you think it's OK to press things down in secret?

You are wrong. For such a big thing, even if I don't tell the old man, countless strong people who secretly pay attention to it will slowly pick it out.

Now Xuantian daozong's affair has caused a sensation in the whole eastern Xuanyu. Now, you're pretending to be a public servant, aiming at Xuantian daozong Don't rush to argue, the old man is not a judge, no matter these things.

The old man just wants you to be ready. No matter whether the alliance is just or under pressure to eliminate its influence, you, Deng Cang, won't get good results.

If I were you, I would not waste my efforts to argue here, because Xuantian daozong would surely appeal to tianwu alliance. You'd better think about your gloomy future! "

Yue Qingshan's words made Deng Cang pale as paper. He was really scared. At the beginning, he just received the entrustment from Dan Gu to come here to be a simple witness.Originally, dangu wanted to take this opportunity to destroy Xuantian daozong. He didn't want tianwu alliance to intervene, so he asked Deng Cang to come here.

As long as Deng Cang opened his eyes and closed his eyes, he thought that the charges were all on Xuantian daozong, and he was "powerless", so he could only watch Xuantian daozong be destroyed.

However, the situation did not proceed according to the idea of dangu. Seeing that dangu didn't get anything, Deng Cang began to reward those Xuantian daozong.

Because Xuantian daozong's reward is still under the pressure of tianwu alliance. Because Xuantian daozong's killing of the ancient clan and dangu is too big, tianwu alliance can't give rewards immediately.

Once the reward is given, it is tantamount to admitting the contribution of Xuantian Taoist school, and it is also tantamount to admitting that it is reasonable and legal for Li Tianxuan to kill the ancient clan and the powerful people in dangu, so he has been dragging on, waiting for the end of this matter.

Originally, Yue Qingshan didn't want to offend the tianwu alliance. After all, from the point of view of businessmen, everything should be amicable to make money instead of making enemies without any reason. However, Deng Cang's move was too much, and even Yue Qingshan couldn't help it.

"Don't worry, Deng Cang. We Xuantian daozong will pursue this matter to the end.

I will ask, what kind of existence is tianwu alliance? It is recommended by the whole tianwu mainland. Why do you want to help outsiders and bully your own people instead.

Is it necessary for tianwu alliance to exist? In other words, how many people like you in tianwu League? Is the deterioration of the tianwu alliance related to the deliberate infiltration of certain forces? " Dragon dust light way.

Yue Qingshan can't help nodding secretly. The boy longchen is so powerful. Every word points to the key of tianwu alliance. If the tianwu alliance doesn't give Xuantian daozong an explanation this time, I'm afraid it will arouse public anger.

This is different from dangu. Tianwu alliance is an alliance of the Rightists in tianwu continent. It is an alliance to unite the Rightists in tianwu continent and fight against evil.

The operation funds of tianwu alliance are paid by every sect in tianwu mainland, so these sects are the parents of tianwu alliance.

Now, the relationship between Deng Cang and Zhuo Tianxiang has been broken down. The alliance of tianwu and dangu will join hands to bully Xuantian daozong, which will definitely cause an uproar in the mainland. This is not tolerated by the orthodox sect.

The questions raised by long Chen are extremely sharp. A touch of fear appears on Deng Cang's face. He has realized the seriousness of the situation. He thinks of danteng, the tower owner who was executed by dangu in order to eliminate the influence.

For a moment, the whole audience was silent. The strong men of Xuantian Taoist school looked coldly at these dignified guys in front of them, and their faces were full of contempt.

All of a sudden, the scene entered a deadlock. Dangu and Guzu were fierce when they came. But at this time, their faces would be ruined, but there was no chance to fight back. Now their only choice was to go away.

Stay, there is no chance to fight back, leave, will be completely disgraced, Dan Valley and ancient people at this time become a dilemma.

"Long Chen, aren't you under the blood curse of the evil way? Why don't you do anything?" At this time, a strong man of the right way opened his mouth.

"Do I have anything to do with you? I'm still alive. Do you have any particular opinion? " Long Chen sneers. Is this idiotic? I'm looking for abuse!

The words of the righteous and strong attracted everyone's attention. Right, isn't longchen under the ghost blood curse of Guiyan? How can one of the most deadly evil dragons still live? Has he solved the blood curse?

"Long Chen, I heard that you can fight against Jiupin Skywalker. If you don't know whether it's true or not, do you dare to fight?

Don't worry, I don't bully you. You're in the casting platform, and I'll suppress my accomplishments in the casting platform. As long as you can catch my three moves, you'll win. "

At this time, Jiupin Skywalker, who had never spoken in the ancient family alliance, opened his mouth and launched a engagement against longchen.

Moreover, Luo Minghao's tone is extremely arrogant, and he even gives out three moves. This is a deliberate humiliation to longchen.

"Our Xuantian daozong and your ancient family alliance, well water does not violate river water, is that intentional?" Long Chen didn't even look at Luo Minghao. He spoke directly to the leader of the ancient family.

"It's normal for young disciples to compete with each other. Why do you say that intentionally or not?" The old man of the ancient family, light way.

Long Chen's eyes are cold. Just as he is about to open his mouth, suddenly Mengqi has come out of the crowd, flying up into the air, white dress and white skirt, like a fairy Lingbo, standing on the void.

"You want to challenge. I'm not talented. I'm willing to accept the challenge. As long Chen, not everyone is qualified to challenge." Mengqi lips gently open, spit sound like fairy music, but in the eyes, but with a touch of cold.

Long Tianqi is too shameful in this world, but he doesn't know it.

As soon as Mengqi appeared on the stage, her long clothes fluttered, and she was banished to the world like an immortal. Her temperament of not eating people's fireworks made her feel ashamed.

Although Luo Minghao has always been a light hearted man, he looks at Mengqi and thinks about the intimacy between Mengqi, Tang Waner and longchen. With an indescribable jealousy in his eyes, he hums coldly, moves and flies into the , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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