Chapter 1377

Thousands of miles of earth, has been destroyed, tall and magnificent buildings have disappeared.

On the void, a huge star lights up and covers this space. It should be the valley of Dan that starts the mountain protection array to isolate this area, so that the whole valley of Dan will not be destroyed by the giant monsters of the Monroe clan.

However, the power of this array is obviously not enough to suppress the monsters of the Monroe clan. There is still the power of terror, flying out through the array and constantly destroying the surrounding earth.

Through the heavy fog, longchen saw hundreds of figures standing on the void, everyone holding chains, the flame runes flowing, the avenue breath blooming, and he was trying his best to encircle the giant monsters of the Monroe clan.

The scene of the war was extremely tragic. Long Chen saw that dozens of strong people in the life star realm were transparent, which showed that their bodies had collapsed and they had to rely on the yuan God to fight.

"It's cruel enough"

long Chen murmured in his heart that dozens of strong people in the star realm have been smashed to pieces. I'm afraid many people have fallen.

However, the strength of dangu really shocked longchen. No wonder no one in the world dares to compete with dangu. The lineup of the strong in the star realm is enough to sweep the world.

"Eighteen guards of fire Temple come to help!"

All of a sudden, there was a break in the void, and eighteen figures appeared. On each of them, the flames were surging, and the patterns were flowing, with a very violent atmosphere.

"The real strong"

long Chen's heart is awe inspiring. These 18 people are all strong in Mingxing realm, but their breath is much stronger than that of ordinary Mingxing realm. This is the real fire cultivation.

"Here we are at last!"

The elder heard the voice and couldn't help breathing.

As soon as the eighteen people arrived, they immediately surrounded the giant monsters of the Monroe family. The eighteen people made a seal at the same time, and the flames flowed around them. The eighteen people had the same energy, forming a huge ring of fire to wrap the giant monsters of the Monroe family.


as soon as the ring of fire appeared, it shrank rapidly, trapping the monsters of the Monroe clan. Then one ring of fire appeared after another, with a total of 18 rings of fire, which wrapped the monsters like zongzi.

The giant beast was suppressed for a moment, and the rage in the space stabilized.

"Why are you here? Do you want to wait until the valley is destroyed before you are happy? "

A council elder roared, obviously dissatisfied with the speed of the eighteen.

"I'm sorry, we got the alarm. We arrived the first time, but..." One of the eighteen said.

Faced with the censure of the elders, they had to swallow their anger. They had no choice but to let dangu danxiu be higher than huoxiu. Huoxiu was not orthodox.

"Don't give me any reason. Now seal this monster to me immediately."

The meeting elder said angrily. At the same time, he suddenly thought of something and said to a man in a hurry: "hurry up, call back the person who informed the valley master. This matter doesn't need to disturb the valley master. The valley master is still closed. I hope it's too late!"

These 18 guys are very strong. I'm afraid they are all the peak of life star. Their combat effectiveness is almost the level of Mr. Bao. Long Chen's heart is full of shock.

No wonder it's called the eighteen guards of the fire temple, but what makes longchen speechless is that the eighteen were scolded like dogs by the elder. What about your dignity? Take a knife to cut him. It's too unpromising, which makes longchen disappointed.

"Don't you have a decent descendant? In that case, you all die! "

All of a sudden, the giant monsters of the Monroe clan roared up to the sky. Golden scales appeared all over their bodies. Their Qi and blood were ignited, and the magic light burst into the sky. The array in the void broke in an instant.


All the people's faces changed greatly. The eighteen Shenwei made a seal with their hands, and a sea of runes emerged behind them, which condensed into a huge torrent and poured into the ring of fire.

All the other people dare not neglect, the fire chain burst out in their hands and besieged the giant monsters of the Monroe clan.


with a bang, the void bursts open, and the monsters of the Monroe clan enter into a violent state. They glow all over, their Qi and blood soar to the sky, and the boundless air waves sweep the void. The strong ones around them are shaken away one after another.

Those who only have the spirit of the strong, in the terrible waves, the spirit of the direct yuan was shattered, completely destroyed.

"Da Vatican, I didn't expect your descendants to be so weak. You despicable bastard, today I will kill all your descendants and let you know that you have to pay for deceiving me."

The giant monsters of the Monroe clan roar, and their big feet suddenly step on the ground. Suddenly, the earth collapses, and the huge earth waves roll around. In the earth waves, they crush the space with just fierce divine power and vast breath.

there are.

"Puff, puff, puff..."

But later, the waves spread rapidly, and those who were hit by the waves all burst into dust in an instant, and their spirits were all destroyed."Don't you think it's going to be so exciting for me Dragon dust's face is green, too bad luck, just came over, met that demon Luo clan giant monster fury, released the big move to destroy the world.

The giant monsters of the Monroe clan, who are in a frenzy state, release a big move that is many times more powerful than that in the fire field of the dragon. Even the strong ones in the life star realm are killed in an instant. He has no way to survive.

"Brother Guo, you are my brother. Please bless me. No one can help me except you." Long Chen takes out the iron pot and blocks it in front of him. He prays softly in his mouth. Even Yan Long Ding can't stop this kind of power. Long Chen can only rely on the iron pot.

But the iron pot didn't move at all. It didn't pay attention to the Dragon dust and grass. Don't make trouble. It will kill people.


just when the earth wave was spreading rapidly and was about to flatten the whole dangu Valley, a big hand in the void covered the sky. The big hand fell, the ripples appeared, the sun flowed, time and space seemed to solidify in a moment, and the terrible earth wave suddenly stopped and dissipated.

"Did you come out of the dragon fire field?" A divine voice, with a touch of surprise, saw above the void, a man stood with a negative hand, looking coldly at the monsters.

The man had long hair and a shawl. He looked like he was in his thirties. His face was well-defined, dignified and elegant. Standing in the void, he was surrounded by immortals. He seemed to be bathed in the divine light, just like a God, which made people dare not look directly at him.

"Valley master!"

After seeing the man of Xiaodan Valley, he was the most powerful man in the valley! In the whole tianwu continent, it is the existence of overlord level.

"Is this Yu Qingxuan's father? It's no wonder that Yu Qingxuan's beautiful daughter was born. As expected, only a good bamboo can produce a good bamboo shoot! " Although he is very disgusted with dangu, long Chen has to admit that Yu Xiaoyun really has the magnanimity of a master, which makes people admire him. Unfortunately, everyone is destined to be the enemy. Long Chen can't help feeling.

Yu Xiaoyun, the leader of Dan Valley, nodded, looked at the monsters of the magic family and said, "it's impossible for you to break the seal. Someone should have touched the seal and let you out?"

"Ha ha ha, finally a decent person came out. You are flowing with the same flame blood as the great Brahma. This taste is very familiar. Yes, you are the descendant of the great Brahma. I can finally kill a descendant of the great Brahma, ha ha ha..." The giant monsters of the Monroe clan laughed wildly, and their voices shook the sky.

After the laughter, the beast suddenly opened its mouth, a light ball broke through the void, and instantly came to Yu Xiaoyun.

Yu Xiaoyun's face was calm. He stretched out his big hand. In the palm of his hand, there was an immortal light flowing. One hand slapped on the light ball, which could kill countless powerful people in the star realm. Unexpectedly, the light ball was smashed by one of his hands. The divine light scattered all over the sky, and there was no ripple.

With an understatement, the attack of the giant monsters of the Monroe clan was resolved. Those who are strong in the life star realm all show awe on their faces.

"It's worthy of being the descendant of Brahma. Let's show you the magic power of our Monroe clan."

The giant monsters of the Monroe clan roar, their scales light up again, their tails stand up high, and a golden ball of light forms on their tails. As soon as the ball of light appears, the world begins to shake uneasily.

"Forget it, we've seen the magic power of the Monroe clan for a long time. I'm a small place and can't stand the toss. Sorry, I'm going to do it."

As he spoke, Yu Xiaoyun slowly made a seal with his hands. Suddenly, outside the dangu Valley, two pillars of light shot up into the sky and smashed the clouds in all directions. The sacred breath radiated all the sky.

"That direction is Is the position of the statue... " Long Chen's face changed.


Yu Xiaoyun uttered two words coldly. Suddenly, on the void, two divine lights interweaved to form a net, which covered the monsters of the Monroe family.

"You bastard Da Fantian, you bastard luotianye, you two shameless traitors who deceive the master and destroy the ancestors, you will not come to a good end..." The giant monsters of the Monroe clan were enveloped in the divine net, but they couldn't resist at all. Their whole bodies were quickly tightened, and they gave out an unwilling roar.


with a bang, the terrible monsters of the Monroe clan burst into pieces with the collapse of the divine net.


Yu Xiaoyun has two more bottles in his hand. The bottle mouth is opened, and there is endless suction in the bottle mouth, which puts away the blood and rune in the void.

"The Monroe clan is very powerful. These two bottles contain its essence, blood and spirit respectively. They are all treasures. Send them to Wanzhen Pavilion." Yu Xiaoyun stretched out his hand and two bottles flew to an elder.

"It's a pity that Tianlong fire area is destroyed. In the future, the fire should be strictly controlled. OK, you can deal with the rest!" Yu Xiaoyun said, turning to leave.


just then, a clear cry sounded, and a figure flew to Yu Xiaoyun's arms.The man has a slender jade body, bright eyes and white teeth. He is the fairy of Dan. When he sees his father, he hugs Yu Xiaoyun.

"Girl, you have grown up again. Dad is not a good father!" Yu Xiaoyun looks at the happy Dan fairy with endless indulgence and remorse on his dignified face.

"It's been three years. Of course, Qingxuan has grown up. Dad, have you passed the customs?" Dan fairy happy way.

"Not yet. I'm just a Dharma. I'm going to integrate myself, otherwise it will affect the progress.

Qingxuan, I'm sorry that my father has no time to practice and can't accompany you to grow up. My father owes you A touch of guilt appeared on Yu Xiaoyun's face.

"Dad, my daughter is very good. I have a lot of friends growing up with Qingxuan. I'm lonely at all. Dad, go to shut up. My daughter is looking forward to your great success!" Xiao Qingxuan clapped her hands and said with a smile. Her face was very excited, but deep in her eyes, she was lost and couldn't hide it from others.

Yu Xiaoyun sighed deeply. As soon as he turned around, he disappeared into the void, leaving only Dan Xianzi in the void.

Although there are so many strong people below, Yu Qingxuan feels that she has always been alone and lonely. For some reason, a face with a bad smile emerges in her mind. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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