Chapter 1460

Before the war started, long Chen gave Chu Yao a task to collect the strong souls.

Because the armor weapon made by Guo Ran is not a real ancestral weapon because it has no spirit. Therefore, he was attacked by Fang's ancestral weapon and took his life.

Almost all the soldiers died under the ancestral weapons. Although Warcraft is powerful, it can't break the defense of dragon blood soldiers. At most, it can hurt them seriously.

The dragon blood warrior has the life blessing of the spirit tree, as long as it is not killed in seconds, no matter how serious the injury is, it can be instantly recovered.

Most of the 537 dragon blood soldiers who died were killed by the nine grade Skywalker who came from the ancient family alliance and held the axe. Finally, the nine grade Skywalker was torn to pieces by the dragon blood soldiers.

If the armor and weapons of the dragon blood soldiers are blessed with spirit, they will become the real ancestral weapons. Maybe in this battle, the dragon blood army will still be able to maintain the myth of invincibility, and no one will die.

But in this world, there are not so many if's and maybe's, only cruel reality.

Mengqi nodded and said: "a lot of powerful souls have been collected. They are basically from the 11th level Warcraft, and some of them are from the powerful members of the evil way, the ancient clan and the ancient family alliance."

Mengqi took out a dark red bead, in the bead, endless soul power flow, this is a soul - sealed bead.

The soul sealing bead can seal the soul. When Mengqi fights fiercely, the power of the soul covers the whole battlefield. There are millions of souls sealed inside.

You know, the soul of Warcraft, only the soul above level 10, can be collected. The other strong ones can only keep their soul after they are destroyed.

On the field, the killing is extremely fierce. Most of the attacks have the power of soul killing. Only when dozens of strong people above the divine realm are killed can they retain a complete soul.

It can be seen from this that the war is so huge. According to this calculation, there are tens of millions of people who have been killed on the field and above the spirit realm.

Moreover, these tens of millions of existence come from the dark forest, evil ways, ancient tribes and ancient family alliance, because after the death of the spirit beast and spirit warrior of the life forest, their souls return to the life forest and cannot be collected.

"Select the 15000 strongest souls and let them devour other souls to form super souls. I will inject spirit for all ancestral instruments." Longchen road.

Dragon dust has a way to inject spirit into weapons the day after tomorrow. The more powerful the soul is, the stronger the instrument spirit will be born. Therefore, dragon dust is like raising poisonous insects. Let them fight each other and leave the most powerful souls to inject spirit.

This method is very evil, and it is the usual means of the evil way. Most of the reasons why the evil way is powerful are due to their evil practice and weapon refining method.

But long Chen has no psychological burden, his heart is full of resentment and pain, he must try his best to strengthen the dragon blood army.

"Good" Mengqi nodded.

"You don't have to look at me like this. I'm really OK, Mengqi. How can you be so strongly attacked?" See three female beautiful eyes, full of worry, long Chen can't help but comfort way, at the same time, diverge the topic.

"The power of the three headed and nine eyed magic spirit beast was too terrible. I just borrowed it a little bit. Immediately, the spirit was injured and the light was taken away. It was not a poison, but a curse.

Fortunately, Lord Shenshu has dispelled the curse for me. Otherwise, with my strength, I'm afraid I can only be blind. " Mengqi is afraid.

The power of the magic spirit beast with three heads and nine eyes is as vast as the sea. In order to launch a large-scale attack, Mengqi used a little more of its power and was killed on the spot.

"How terrible are these three headed and nine eyed magic spirit beasts?" Long Chen, Chu Yao and Tang Wan'er were all shocked. It was clear that it was just a corpse. I don't know how many years after it died, it still had such terrible power.

"These three nine eyed magic spirit beasts are not only ancient exotic beasts, but also the king among the soul beasts. Although they are dead, their crystal nucleus and nine eyeballs are still intact without any damage, so at least half of their power is preserved.

Although it's only half, it's still beyond my control, and I haven't fully understood its soul source. I can't control it, so I can only borrow it, so I almost made a big mistake. " Mengqi sighed, these three head nine eye phantom spirit beast, really worthy of the existence of the legend, too terrible.

"But if you just give me a little time, I can definitely find the entry point of its soul source, and then I can control this big guy." Mengqi suddenly very confident tunnel.

"Well, then you can concentrate on studying three headed and nine eyed magic spirit beasts and give us a surprise.

But you first deal with those soul things, this is the top priority, is the life support of the dragon blood soldiers Longchen road.

Mengqi nodded, this matter for her, very simple, can be done soon.

After Mengqi's story, long Chen takes out a ball from his arms, which seals the immortal willow.For the immortal willow, long Chen can't help but be afraid. This guy is so terrible that he is immortal.

This round ball looks like the size of a fist, but the immortal willow has opened a space hundreds of feet in it, just like a space ring.

In this space, a huge seed, like a walnut, wraps it tightly.

The phagocytic ability of the black soil outside was isolated by the shell of the seed, and it could not be hurt any more.

The ball is only the size of a fist, but it's as heavy as a mountain. There's endless Rune blockade outside, and the immortal willow inside. Don't try to escape.

"Chu Yao, there is an immortal willow sealed here. You can slowly absorb its power through the beads.

If you refine it, you should master some abilities of the immortal willow. From then on, you will have both offensive and defensive abilities. " Long Chen hands the ball to Chu Yao.

When Chu Yao picks up the ball, her eyes are full of excitement. Long Chen is right. Refining it, Chu Yao can see the mystery of the undead. The fighting power is so fierce that she can really attack and defend, instead of just being beaten and not fighting back.

"I'm sorry, Wan'er. I don't have any decent gifts for you this time." Mengqi and Chuyao have got the treasure, only Tang Wan'er is empty handed, and long Chen is a little embarrassed.

Tang Wan'er shook her head: "I don't want any gifts. I just want you to be happy."

With that, Tang Wan'er's eyes turned red. Although she tried her best, she still couldn't hold back her tears.

When you see the Dragon dust, who is always laughing and laughing, and who is invincible on the battlefield, what kind of domineering bravery and high spirited?

But just now, seeing longchen's haggard and lonely face, their hearts were stabbed with that look.

"Well, I don't cry anymore. I've told you everything. It's over when it's over. My brothers haven't gone. They've been with us all the time.

They can see our brilliance. What we have to do now is to make ourselves happy, so that they will be at ease. " Long Chen said with a smile and reached out to dry Tang Wan'er's tears.

Although Tang Wan'er has a little temper and likes mischief, she never makes trouble with long Chen on the right and wrong, and she is sincere to long Chen. Among all the women, her feelings are the most direct.

"Well, if I don't cry, you can tell me if you have an affair with lengyueyan." Tang Wan'er wipes her tears and looks at longchen carefully.

On the face of long Chen, a very strange expression appeared, some can't laugh or cry: "you turn too fast, it's easy to turn over."

"Don't be careless. What's the matter with Leng Yueyan? What's more, have you ever had any intimacy? " Tang Wan'er stares at long Chen's eyes with big eyes. She wants to distinguish whether long Chen is lying or not.

Mengqi and Chuyao can't help laughing. Looking at Tang Wan'er's expression, they seem to be serious, and they seem to be deliberately mischievous. Longchen has no way at all.

Long Chen wry smile: "how can there be so exaggerated, hairy leg ah, she has been trying to kill me."

Long Chen has no choice but to tell Leng Yueyan the grudge clearly.

"Leng Yueyan, as the first person of the young generation of heresy, no one dares to fight against him. He has unparalleled fighting power and is ruthless.

But the strange thing is that she never seems to have killed the strong of the right way. It seems that she has killed all the evil way's own people. " Chu Yao was puzzled.

"Perhaps, this is the so-called" get the moon first, and those who are near the moon will be born early. " Long Chen can't help feeling.

Lengyue is beautiful, but she seems to be a split personality, as if there are two souls in her body. Long Chen never knows what she is thinking.

In any case, when dealing with such people, they should be ready to be reincarnated at any time. Their character is hard to ponder.

"It's really terrible. Even Sha Guangyan was almost killed by her. Finally, she gave up one arm and ran away." Mengqi's face was filled with praise.

Because her eyes could not see at that time, and all of them covered the battlefield with her soul. For Leng Yueyan, only she knew the best about the whole battlefield.

Every time Leng Yueyan makes a move, it's a fierce killing skill. Every blow is clean and clean, and it takes people's lives.

Sha Guangyan was killed by Leng Yueyan. He didn't have the strength to fight back. In the end, his absolute defense was broken. He left an arm and ran away.

Long Chen can't help sighing. In fact, on the outskirts of the ancient battlefield, long Chen left his hand. How could Leng Yueyan be merciful?

If Leng Yueyan really wants to kill him, all her fighting power will burst out at the beginning. I'm afraid long Chen has already died, which shows that Leng Yueyan doesn't really want to kill him. What's her purpose?

Not only longchen can't understand lengyueyan, but even the evil doer can't understand lengyueyan. No one knows what she's thinking, because lengyueyan seldom talks and basically uses Bone swords to communicate with people, while the people who communicate with lengyueyan are basically dead.

But lengyueyan's words hurt longchen's heart: if one day I die, will you be sad?"Longchen, lengyueyan felt that she had hidden great pain in her heart. Although she was strong, merciless and decisive, when she saved me.

I touched her hand, my wood spirit power, can feel her inner helplessness and hesitation Chu Yao thought for a while.

"Helpless and hesitating? This Is that possible? " Can't help but think that Tang Waner has such a terrible mood?

"What level of strong man is lengyueyan?" Longchen asked, for Lengyue Yan longchen has too many questions. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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