Chapter 1461

"She's also a Yantian." Chu Yao replied.

Here, Chu Yao is the only one who is a Yantian. There are some doubts about Yantian, whether it's long Chen, Tang Wan'er or Mengqi.

Chu Yao explained: "in the eastern famine, do you still remember those who derived Taoism? In fact, Yandao, Skywalker and Yantian all have the same meaning.

They are all derived from the way of heaven. At the beginning, Peng Wansheng compared the Yandao people, Skywalker and Yantian people to civilians, officials and princes. In fact, this is roughly what he meant.

They are all born out of the way of heaven, but there is a great difference in the degree of being spoiled by the way of heaven. "

"To put it bluntly, it's to press one level at a time and manage one level at a time?" Tang Wan'er said.

"Well, that's about what it means. The way of heaven is more important than the realm.

That's why a strong man in the Ming and Xing realms can kill and transform the gods in seconds.

However, the five star Skywalker's strong life can only compete with the Seven Star Skywalker's strong spirit.

It's like a fight between two children. One is a pro son, the other is a dry son. Naturally, heaven will give more power to the pro son.

And the gap between Skywalker and Yantian is even bigger, that is, one is his own son and the other is someone else's son. It naturally doesn't care about the life or death of someone else's son. This is Yantian's terror. " Chu Yao compared it with Tao.

"I heard Leng Yueyan say, what does it mean that there is no awakening vision, not Yantian?" Tang Wan'er asks, this is what Leng Yueyan said to Sha Guangyan.

"She's right. We're not Yantian people now. We're just Yantian seedlings at most.

When we fight fiercely, we use the power of the way of heaven. Behind it is chaos. In fact, it is a primitive vision. Everyone's vision is the same.

This chaos can only extract part of the power of heaven, but can not control one side of the world.

As Peng Wansheng said, where the prince passed, all officials knelt down and all people submit to him.

In front of any Skywalker or Yantian, there is only a fate of submission and no resistance. " Chu Yao road.

"So strong?"

Even long Chen was surprised. Today's Skywalker is not really Skywalker. How terrible it would be if it awakened.

"Well, it's so strong, but it's not easy to awaken the vision, because in this world, the awakened Yantian vision is unique, and they all have their own names.

In other words, every awakened Yantian is unique in the world.

So Leng Yueyan is right. Sha Guangyan calls himself Yantian, and some of them put gold on his face. He has no vision, and he is not Yantian. " Chuyao said with a smile.

"Sister Chuyao, can you awaken the vision? How can we wake up? " Asked Tang Wan'er.

Chu Yao shook his head and said, "it's not human effort to awaken the vision. It depends on the will of heaven."

Providence? Nima, what I hate to hear is God's will. If I comply with God's will, long Chen would have died long ago.

Long Chen shook his head and asked, "are the others awake?"

"I wake up. You've been sitting here for ten days. No one dares to disturb you. We can't help but come to see you." Mengqi tunnel.

"It worries you. I'll go and see them." Long Chen stretched his waist and rubbed his face with his hand. After talking for a while, he felt that his spirit was much better.

The loss of the dragon blood warrior is a heavy blow to long Chen, but if he has been hurt, he still needs to wipe his tears and move on.

Because those dead brothers are still watching him, he must be worthy of those dead brothers and lead us on.

All the dragon blood soldiers have gathered together. After this period of adjustment, their bodies have completely recovered. Most importantly, their spirits are much better.


when people saw long Chen, they called in unison.

Long Chen nodded and said, "remember, we don't have time to be sad, let alone need to be sad.

Our life is the continuation of those brothers' lives. We can not only not be sad, but also live more happily than before, not only for ourselves, but also for them.

Because if we change roles, we must think so.

So from today on, forget those useless injuries and pains, and work hard to practice. The first thing we need to do now is revenge. "

Dragon dust's voice, a cold, the voice with a strong sense of killing, who let dragon dust pain, will pay a heavy price.




when the word "vengeance" is mentioned, the dragon blood soldiers are red eyed and murderous. This vengeance must be avenged.

"Boss, we're going to wipe out all the evil ways, ancient clans and ancient family alliances." Guo Ran's high spirited way."When can you change your boasting? With our present strength, no one can eliminate it. Do you believe that you boast so much?" Long Chen has no good way.

"Cough, boss, I said it for you. With your ability, boss, I can do it." Guo ran was embarrassed.

"Don't talk about those useless people. Flattery is meaningless. If I were really invincible, I wouldn't die so many brothers and let the culprit run away." Long Chen shook his head.

"Boss, it's not your fault. You know, all of them are invincible.

They have been trained with all kinds of resources since they were young. Boss, you win everything by your own fist.

If Peng Wansheng had not been slaughtered by you for the appearance of undead willow, you would still be invincible, boss... " Guo ran explained.

Guo ran said it from the bottom of his heart. Every genius depends on talent for three points, Qi for seven points, and resources for the remaining 90 points.

When long Chen was in the eastern wilderness, his talent was poor, let alone his luck. These two words didn't match him at all. It's almost the same to replace them with the word "bad luck".

As for resources, longchen is a grass-roots person. All the resources are accumulated bit by bit. He not only has to cultivate himself, but also has to support such a huge team of dragon blood Legion.

Therefore, the achievements of longchen are those who are destined to be the most powerful before they are born. They can't be compared at all.

One is given by the whole family, and the other is spelled out bit by bit with their own ability. There is a big difference between the two.

This is also the place where all the dragon blood soldiers admire and worship dragon dust most except for their amazing fighting power. In their hearts, dragon dust is the real strong one.

"Flatter when you have time. Now let's get down to business. With the help of the tree of life, your spiritual realm is far greater than your cultivation realm.

In the next few days, you will be able to upgrade to Xuandan realm without fear. In your current situation, you will be able to upgrade to Xuandan realm without any bottleneck or unstable foundation.

So during this period of time, you treat yourself as a jar of patent medicine and try your best to improve your strength. Let's close the door until Xuandan reaches the peak. " Longchen road.


everyone responded.

"Guo ran, you take up all people's weapons and armor. In a few days, I'll inject spirit for your weapons and armor. Soon, you will have a set of real ancestral weapons." Longchen road.


Everyone can't help but be overjoyed. The power of the ancestral weapon will be increased by more than ten times. At that time, the dragon blood army will be invincible.

"Guo ran, I will inject soul into all parts of your armor, and you will own dozens of ancestral weapons.

But you'd better work hard and improve your realm quickly. Otherwise, you don't have enough soul to warm them. You can only stare at them, you know? " Long Chen stares at Guo ran for fear that the boy is lazy.

"Don't worry, boss. I'll try my best to eat Dan for my whole set of ancestral armor. Even if I can't eat it, I'll stick it in." Guo Ran's face is full of excitement and full of ancestral equipment. Who else can resist him?

At the thought of being able to put on a full set of ancestral armor, Guo ran had stars in his eyes. He wanted to shut up immediately.

After several sentences of refining the dragon, he took out the fire medicine.

These pills are all pills to improve the cultivation of the strong in Xuandan realm. They are all the best pills and have been piled up into a high mountain.

This is a part of the fire dragon. It is refined with Yanlong Ding. Yanlong Ding is not a fighting ancestral weapon. Its power is limited, but the speed of alchemy is absolutely terrible.

Each of them has more than 10000 pills. According to long Chen's estimation, they can be sent to the peak of Xuandan. Even if it's not enough, there's not much shortage.

You know, most of the current dragon blood warriors are in the middle stage of Xuandan, and a few of them are in the later stage. These pills are basically enough.

Besides, during the time when people are closed, longchen will continue to make some fire dragons. Anyway, the rest can be thrown to huayunzong in exchange for other resources.

When the elixir was distributed, people went to shut up one after another. Two days later, Mengqi was all set up. Millions of souls devoured each other, leaving 15000 of the most powerful souls.

These souls are very powerful, but they are wiped out by Chu Yao, forming an unconscious creature, which is convenient for longchen to inject spirit into ancestral utensils.

With the original experience of injecting spirit into fantianyin, this time it can be said that it is easy to master. Instead of injecting one by one, it is a collective injection of hundreds of weapons at a time.

When those souls were infused into the weapons and armor, the armor and weapons that had been silent and motionless were shining and the rune lit up, as if they had come to life.

This means that the injection is successful, the light is dim, but there is a little more breath of life. When the soul is injected with weapons, it will fall into a deep sleep, and then it needs people to warm it up with their souls to wake it up. In this way, this person will become the first generation owner of the ancestral instrument, and the instrument spirit has great loyalty to the first generation owner.Long Chen worked hard for five days before he could finish all the ancestral utensils. Finally, he was relieved and fell asleep. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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