Chapter 1655

As soon as danxianzi arrived, longchen immediately came to the spirit. He waited for this moment. Danxianzi's furnace of heaven and night dropped thousands of rays and wrapped Tang Wan'er. Those strong men in the southern Xuanyu, even if they tried their best to break danxianzi's defense.

"Yu Qingxuan, are you going to be with a murderer? Have you ever thought about your position? " At this time, Shen Bijun was angry with Dan.

"It's an eye opener to be so shameless as you. Although I haven't met Ziyan fairy, I know that your character is far from her." Dan fairy stands on the stove and looks coldly at Shen Bijun holding Guqin in the distance. She has never looked down upon a person so much in her life. Shen Bijun is the first one.

At this time, we can still stand at the commanding height of morality to give orders and put the responsibility on others.

"Hum, Dan fairy is just like this. He's unreasonable. He'll attack you personally. You've lost all of Dan Gu's face. Since you don't know right and wrong, don't blame the heroes of the southern Xuanyu for their hard work." Shen Bijun sneered coldly.


danxianzi came down to protect Tang Wan'er, but the strong men in nanxuan didn't stop because of the appearance of danxianzi. Their eyes were red and their magic light was like a sword. They broke out the strongest attacks one after another to kill danxianzi.

"Boom boom..."

Tens of thousands of attacks fell on Tianye stove. Tianye stove kept shaking. Dan fairy was surprised and angry. Among the crowd, there were dozens of Yantian people. She could not last long.

"Shen Bijun, you control them." Dan fairy angry way, at this time she finally saw the clue, those strong shape if crazy, gnash teeth, is not normal appearance.

"Don't be angry. Xuanming is the one who is attacked by Younan." Shen Bijun responded coldly.


with a bang, Dan fairy was surprised. She saw a woman cutting her sword on Tianye stove, which was shaking.

"Han Feifei, wake up!" Dan fairy cried out that the woman who attacked tianyelu and held the artifact sword was no other than Han Feifei.

But Han Feifei turned a deaf ear to Dan Xianzi's words. On the long sword, his spirit surged and his sword spirit was mercilessly cut down.

Not only Han Feifei, but also the other Yantian people are crazy to attack with artifact. Danxianzi is attacked by so many people all at once. Under the great shock of heart God, a mouthful of blood gushes out.


just when Danxian was angry and anxious, and hesitated to fight back, a fiery fireball, like a meteor, burst into the sky and exploded in the battlefield.


the fireball with a diameter of ten thousand feet, just like a star burst, the huge fire wave instantly engulfed the whole world, those who killed the red eyes of the southern Xuanyu strongmen, had no time to escape, they were submerged by the golden sea of fire.

"Dragon dust"

SHEN Bijun was shocked and looked up. He didn't know when dragon dust appeared in the void. His whole body was wrapped by the divine light, just like a god standing on the nine heavens.

"No, it's not longchen, it's his God."

Shen Bijun suddenly found that the Xuanshui border of the emperor's heart in the distance was still there, and the Dragon dust and the emperor's heart were fighting madly.

That figure is really not dragon dust, but the original God of dragon dust, the original God out of his own to fight alone.

The original God of longchen looks down on the earth. After a meteorite, the earth is burned into nothingness. All the strong people in nanxuan are killed. Only a few dozen Yantian people are protected by artifact and survive.

Just now, they wake up in a nightmare. They wake up again.

"What's going on?" A Yan day person startles to roar a way.

"Zheng Zheng..."

Just after they roared, the sound of the zither sounded. This time, it was like a soul searching for life, full of resentment.


Those Yantian people let out a painful roar, their eyes turned red again in a flash, gnashing their teeth, and their whole faces were even distorted, as ferocious as ghosts.

"Shen Bijun, you are so cruel that you dare to use the exorcism sound. Are you crazy?" Dan fairy suddenly shrieked, she recognized the legendary voice.

Although Dan fairy had never heard the real exorcism sound of ten thousand ghosts, Shen Bijun's Qin sound gathered the souls of those strong people who died at the scene in a moment, and forced them to lose their senses and obey her orders with endless resentment and hatred.

Shen Bijun heard Dan fairy's words, and her face was full of fierce and fierce color. At this time, she was at the end of her life, so she had to put all her eggs in one basket.

Because only by killing longchen can she finish the order of the master of miaolo fairy palace, and then she can take over miaolo fairy palace.

The only thing she can do now is to kill longchen. Once she kills longchen, all the culprits will be pushed to longchen. No one will support a dead person and offend miaolo fairy palace, one of the mainland's guardians.But the premise is that she must kill the Dragon dust. Otherwise, even if she escapes today, the whole tianwu continent will not accommodate her any more.

Shen Bijun's face was gloomy. She never dreamed that she could fight against the yuan Shen of longchen by herself.

Originally thought, as long as you kill Mengqi and others, longchen will be in a state of chaos, she and Dixin join hands to kill longchen should be very easy, but did not expect Dan fairy came out.

In this way, longchen's Achilles' heel is covered. Without any scruples, longchen directly shows his bottom card.

What shocked Shen Bijun the most was that the spirit of longchen was more terrible than himself.

"Kill him"

SHEN Bijun cried to those Yantian people, who immediately waved their weapons and killed longchen.

"Two dragons break the sky"

the original spirit of longchen breaks off, a golden fire dragon and a multicolored Thunder Dragon are overlapped together, and come out with endless power to kill those who propagate the sky.


the two dragons devoured those who extended the sky. In an instant, the thunder and fire hit the sky, and the whole world sank as if it were about to collapse. Countless cracks appeared in the void.

Those who had been controlled by the spirit of Yantian were engulfed in an instant. The terrible thunder and fire killed them all, and none of them could escape. Even the yuan God was destroyed.

Although it's Double Dragons breaking the sky now, because the Thunder Dragon has swallowed up the five thunderbolts, and its power has been raised to a very terrifying situation, it's not as good as killing dozens of Yantian people in an instant.

However, these Yantian people are controlled by Shen Bijun's music. They only know how to kill, don't know danger, and don't know how to defend and avoid. As a result, they are completely destroyed by longchen.

Shen Bijun has a look of fear on his face. Just as he is about to run away with Qixian Haiqin in his arms, long Chen suddenly appears in front of her.

"Do you really think I didn't know Ziyan was merciful that time? She showed mercy, and so did I.

Maybe you won't believe it. Let's see, I'm the real card of longchen. " Long Chen suddenly opened his mouth, and a white thunder arrow shot out, straight to Shen Bijun.

As soon as the white thunder arrow came out, the whole world suddenly became dim, and a breath of destruction that made the gods tremble swept through nine days and ten places.

At the moment when the white thunder appeared, Shen Bijun's face was filled with endless panic, because she found that she could not move, and even the seven string Haiqin in her hand became trembling.


the white arrow of thunder came to Shen Bijun in an instant. Shen Bijun almost instinctively resisted with Qixian Haiqin. As a result, under the great earthquake of Qixian Haiqin, he was shocked by the white arrow of thunder.

Half of Shen Bijun's body broke and blood gushed. Just as he was about to make the last effort to escape, a big hand tightly tied her neck.

"Long Chen, don't kill me. I can be your servant. I..." Shen Bijun at this time, no longer before the high above, also did not have before the fierce tyranny, she begged to long Chen.

"As long as you don't kill me, I can make you a slave. I'm willing to be your slave."


long Chen didn't give her any chance, and Shen Bijun's head broke in an instant when he gave her a hint.

But just as Shen Bijun's eyebrows burst, a sharp dagger, like lightning, stabbed longchen's eyebrows.

It was Shen Bijun's yuan Shen. Her yuan Shen immediately launched a counterattack when her body was broken. The dagger in her hand was her yuan Shen's thorn. As long as it penetrated into longchen's eyebrow, longchen's yuan Shen would break in an instant. It was the place where yuan Shen's realm gathered. It was the key to life and death.

Everything happened too fast, too suddenly, can't wait for longchen to make any reaction, the dagger has stabbed longchen's eyebrow.

Shen Bijun's spirit couldn't help but be overjoyed, but soon the joy on her face disappeared, because when she stabbed longchen's eyebrow, a finger of longchen also touched her eyebrow.

Shen Bijun's dagger stabs longchen's eyebrow like a wooden dagger. It stabs longchen on the steel and can't hurt him.

Shen Bijun was stunned. She never thought that a person's spirit could be condensed to ignore the attack of other people's spirit.

"Long Chen, if you kill me, all the powerful people in the southern Xuanyu will be killed by you.

If you don't kill me, I can tell the world and give you back your innocence. " Shen Bijun is also a generation of heroes. At this time, he calms down.

"I've never been innocent, and I don't care if I'm innocent. I'm sorry, your conditions can't attract me. I'll send you on the road and go to hell to repent." Dragon dust cold hum a, finger a force, pierced Shen Bijun yuan God's eyebrow.


Before her death, Shen Bijun's voice was full of reluctance. Unfortunately, no matter whether she was willing or not, her spirit collapsed and disappeared in the world."Hum"

just after Shen Bijun was killed, Qixian town Haiqin turned into a divine light, broke the void, disappeared, and ran away.


the seven stringed harp has just disappeared, and the Thunder Dragon appears, wrapping his head tightly with his eyes and nose. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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