Chapter 1714

Outside the gate of Tianxuan daozong, chariots were full of emptiness, and the power of God was vast, blocking the sky and the sun, which surrounded Xuantian daozong.

The disciples of Xuantian Taoist sect looked at the chariots above the void in horror. They were all pale and had difficulty breathing. Those chariots were the existence of artifact.

Although it did not enter the combat state, so many chariots, just look, it is frightening.

On each chariot, there are their own signs. On the first chariot, there is a huge red tripod, which is the sign of Red Valley.

Long Xiaoyun, the leader of Dan Valley, stands on the chariot, overlooking Xuantian daozong with his hands down. His eyes are as sharp as knives, but he doesn't say a word.

On a chariot not far away from the leader of dangu, a man with a purple gold crown appeared. This man was the Emperor Dragon, the leader of the ancient family alliance, who was destroyed by the Dragon dust.

Today's emperor's face is cold, and his eyes are full of murders. It's obvious that he can never get rid of the shame of being destroyed by longchen. His hatred for longchen can't be described in words.

On the other side, a man stands in the air, his blood is soaring to the sky, and his body is flowing with endless symbols, as if his blood is about to explode.

He stood there, the space constantly collapsed and twisted, as if the whole world would not accommodate him.

This man is nearly three feet tall. His muscles are high and protruding. On his bare arms, there are runes surging, like countless snakes crawling.

This man is a strong man of the Xuan beast family. He has a pair of eyes, like the eyes of a crocodile, cold and merciless.

Next to the strong man of the Xuan beast clan is an old man with white hair. This is the leader of the ancient clan alliance. His breath is very faint. Standing there, people can't feel his fluctuation. Obviously, this man's skill is very strange.

In addition to dangu, the ancient aristocratic alliance, the mysterious beast clan, and the ancient clan, there are also zongmen from different regions in the East, West, north, South, and so on. There are hundreds of chariots and huge figures, which block out the sky and give people endless pressure.


above the Xuantian tower, the divine light surges. Lao xuanzhu, Li Tianxuan and long Chen appear in the void and face these strong men.

Li Tianxuan and Lao xuanzhu are standing behind long Chen, saying nothing but watching quietly.

Long Chen looked at the front of this array Zhang, can't help but emerge a sneer: "how? I'm too overcast to play. I'm starting to play Ming? "

"Go away, you are not qualified to speak here."

The one who opened his mouth turned out to be longchen. The Emperor Dragon was the first to shout.

The Emperor Dragon stopped drinking like a thunderstorm, which made the sky shake. In his voice, he had the power of life and death that was unique to the strong in the netherworld, and his power was terrible.


above Xuantian daozong, endless runes flow, and the mountain protection array opens, isolating the terrible sound of the Emperor Dragon.

If this force is allowed to invade Xuantian daozong, I'm afraid that few daozong disciples can resist it, and all of them will have to vomit blood.

"I've slapped you in the face and killed you. How can you get the qualification to spray dung? If I were you, I would have been killed long ago, and you still have the face to live in this world. Have you practiced in the same face for so many years? " The Dragon dust is not affected by the emperor's Dragon at all. He takes a slanting look at him.

When long Chen's words came out, the whole audience was in an uproar. At the beginning, long Chen slapped the emperor in the face, and the image of killing the emperor's body flowed out, causing a sensation in the whole tianwu continent.

Now the old story of dragon dust is mentioned again. When people look at Emperor Dragon, they see that Emperor Dragon's eyes are red and his body trembles slightly. It's obvious that he is on the verge of violence.

"Have you had a seizure? Shake what? Why don't you do it if you're not convinced? Don't you just want to find fault when you come here?

You don't have to find fault, and you don't need to give yourself a high sounding excuse. Just do it. Today, we'll fight for it. " Long Chen sneers.

"Little beast, die!"

Emperor Dragon a roar, suddenly a big hand, unexpectedly broken the void, straight to the Dragon dust kill.

There was a sneer on Li Tianxuan's face: This Emperor Dragon is really a straw bag. His acting is not like that. How can a generation of alliance leaders be so easily angered?

He was obviously intentional. In the words of longchen, the Emperor Dragon was really shameless, without any leader's demeanor.


the Emperor Dragon's hand is like electricity, so fast that people can't see his action clearly. However, long Chen, Li Tianxuan and Lao xuanzhu all clearly see that the moment of his hand, his palm is wrapped by bone claws.

It's just that the bone claw didn't show any prestige. Coupled with its speed, it's easy to ignore that blow.

In the face of the imperial dragon's attack, Li Tianxuan and Lao xuanzhu didn't give a hand, but the God ring behind the Dragon dust sounded, the five stars in his eyes flashed, a pillar of light soared into the sky, and his right hand had been raised high.

"What is he going to do? Do you want to fight against the strong in the underworld? "

Those strong men from tianwu's major branches all have a look of horror on their faces. Is this dragon dust a madman? He'll be smashed into powder.Seeing that the momentum of longchen broke out, a sneer appeared on the emperor's face. As long as he killed longchen, the shame could be washed away.


but when the Emperor Dragon's hand was in front of longchen's body, a light curtain appeared in front of longchen's body.

"It's Xuantian tower"

the crowd exclaimed that the light of Xuantian tower was in full bloom in Xuantian Taoist sect. It was obvious that the light shield was arranged by Xuantian tower.

"You look down on me. Go to hell."

Emperor long sneered, the bone claws on his palm roared, and the space was torn. He had expected that Xuantian tower would defend.

"Real dragon claw"

someone screamed and recognized the bone claw in the hands of Emperor Dragon. It is said that it was the bone claw of a real dragon in ancient times, with dragon power, which needed the blood of the real dragon to drive.

This real dragon claw is not an artifact, but its power is more terrible than that of an artifact. It is a treasure.


as soon as the real dragon claw appeared, it tore up the defense arranged by Xuantian pagoda, which made the heart of the strong man of Xuantian Taoist school rise to his throat.

But just when Emperor long thought that he could slap dead dragon dust with a slap, his face suddenly changed. His Bone Claw suddenly seemed to hit something solid, which made his palm ache and he could not move forward.

At this time, the Emperor Dragon's bone claw is only three inches away from longchen's chest. Unfortunately, the distance will never be shortened.


and at the moment when the Emperor Dragon's bone claws stopped, long Chen's long-standing right hand, like lightning, snapped at the Emperor Dragon's stunned face.


the huge power makes the space produce a sonic boom. When the big hand of longchen pats on the face of the Emperor Dragon, a huge ripple appears in the space and spreads rapidly. The Emperor Dragon shoots out like a meteor, hitting a mountain hundreds of miles away.

All the strong people on the scene looked unbelievable.


The mountain collapses, and the earth keeps rising. With naked eyes, a mountain rises rapidly, and then bursts into pieces.

Those strong people can't help shivering. How much power has long Chen used? Even though people have been flying, they still can't stop when they hit the earth. Only when they continue shooting underground can they deform the earth. Is this power what human beings should have?

Don't mention other people's, even the giant from the Xuan beast clan, all his pupils shrink slightly, and his eyes are full of unbelievable looks.

People only see a mountain, rapid uplift, stretching to thousands of miles away, suddenly burst again, a figure flying out from the earth.

I saw emperor dragon flying out of the ground. At this time, Emperor Dragon's face was covered with blood. Half of his face had collapsed in, and his bones were exposed, which made him look ferocious and terrifying.

People can't help but be horrified. All the powerful people who can communicate with the underworld are drawn like this. How powerful is the slap of longchen?

You know, the Emperor Dragon is not an ordinary strong man in the netherworld. Even in the netherworld, it is a superior existence. It was slapped and smashed by longchen. If it is an ordinary strong man in the netherworld, will it be slapped and killed by longchen?

To say, the Emperor Dragon is also unlucky. This time, long Chen has no place to vent his anger. Seeing the Emperor Dragon, he slaps his long-standing anger.

You should know that this slap is not a pure shame, but a violent blow under the blessing of God ring and battle body. It can be said that this slap is the greatest power of longchen at present.

"It's really shameful. I've been around the world for so many years, and I've seen a lot of things. But in terms of my thick skin, I'm the first one." Long Chen takes a deep breath, shakes the blood on his hand, and sincerely reaches out his thumb to Emperor long.

The blood on longchen's hand is not the emperor's, but longchen's own. The one who is strong in the nether world is too strong. The anti shock force alone will crack his palm. Through the underworld, that is a height that dragon dust can only look up to.

However, the sincere appreciation of longchen is an insult of jealousy to the emperor. With a roar, the emperor's black-and-white lines flow around his body, the heaven and earth vibrate, the space begins to collapse, and even the nine stars begin to shake. He has activated the power of life and death, and the strength of the strong in the underworld breaks out, and the human figure moves and disappears in the same place.


the Emperor Dragon's body has just disappeared. Suddenly, a golden light bursts out of the void and penetrates the void.

What is shocking is that in the void, there is a blood mist blooming, and then under the distortion of space, the figure of Emperor Dragon appears again.

At this time, there is a big hole in the chest of Emperor Dragon. You can see the scenery from the front.

On the top of the blood cave, there was a terrible golden light, constantly eroding his body. Emperor long looked at his chest in disbelief, and slowly looked up to Xuantian daozong.

In the Taoist sect of Xuantian, countless runes light up and form a tower of ten thousand li, which pierces into the sky. The power of Xuantian tower blooms, slowly rotates, sacred and solemn, and moves the sky to frighten the world."You are too anxious to find fault without investigating the real reason for the retreat of evil ways. Isn't it a little idiotic? Or does the evil way have no intention to tell you the reason at all? " Behind the Dragon dust, the Xuantian pagoda reflects and looks coldly at the shocked Emperor Dragon and others. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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