Chapter 1758

"This is Zhongxuan?"

Long Chen looked at the ancient city around him. There were dense cracks on some of the bricks, as if they would burst at any time. It was very shabby, and he couldn't help but be stunned.

"It's really zhongxuanyu, but this city is the headquarters of our tianwu alliance. It's just a small part of zhongxuanyu." Qu Jianying said.

"But don't be fooled by the shabby atmosphere here. It's a savage atmosphere with traces of time and the law of time. It's easier for people to have an epiphany."

It turns out that the headquarters of tianwu alliance is an ancient city. Although it looks dilapidated, it is to preserve the ancient charm.

It's not only not to repair the city wall, but also not to allow anyone to damage the original appearance. It can be said that this is the oldest human city in the whole tianwu continent.

"The history of this city can be traced back to the great dark period. I always think that a city has its own destiny and life.

It records the vicissitudes of time, and it can still survive after watching the history. This is Qi Yun, but some people can feel it and some people can't feel it. " Qu Jianying explained.

"See you alliance leader"

as Qu Jianying and long Chen walk down the transmission array, the strong people around the transmission array immediately bow to Qu Jianying.

These are all young disciples of tianwu alliance. Their accomplishments are all in the realm of God. They have sharp eyes and great momentum. They are all real masters.

After the disciples saluted Qu Jianying, they suddenly saw the Dragon dust beside Qu Jianying. They were surprised and recognized him.


seeing that these disciples looked at him, long Chen said hello with a smile.

"Elder martial brother longchen, I've heard a lot about you One of the disciples was a little excited when he clasped his fist. Other disciples were also a little excited.

Although long Chen has been criticized a lot by the outside world, he is a disciple of tianwu alliance. All his achievements are also their pride.

In particular, dragon dust came out of a small secular country in Donghuang. His growth story is a legend, an inspirational model, and has become the idol of countless practitioners.

Even in the Zhongxuan region, where there are so many powerful people and evils everywhere, the reputation of longchen is still very loud.

Usually, they just saw the appearance of longchen from the photo jade. Now they are very excited to see the real person.

"How are my disciples from the League Headquarters?" Qu Jianying asked with a smile.

"They are all elites among the elites, and the strong among the strong are real fighters." I don't know what the dragon head is proud of.

It is obvious that Qu Jianying attaches great importance to these disciples. However, these disciples are really strong. Just looking at their eyes, we can see that they are all brave and fearless of death. There are very few such soldiers.

"You young people, let's talk first. I'll go back and deal with some things first. You are responsible for receiving long Chen." With that, Qu Jianying leaves longchen alone.

"I really dare not be praised by elder martial brother longchen. My younger brother Xinli has met elder martial brother longchen." The strong man with a long sword on his back is bowing to longchen. This man is the leader of all the people.

"Jian Xiu?" Long Chen looks at Xin Li and feels the sharp breath in his bones. He can't help asking.

"Tianjianmen has been practicing for three years, but it's a pity that they can't pass the sword stele test and are driven out. It's half a sword practice at most." Xinli has some regrets.

Long Chen can't help but be slightly surprised. Xin Li's power of heaven is extremely powerful, and his breath is very sharp. He is a person who propagates heaven. He is driven out by Tianjian gate. Is Tianjian gate really so terrible? Don't even accept Yantian?

Looking at longchen's face, Xinli seemed to see longchen's mind. He couldn't help but say: "Jianxiu, only depends on the power of understanding the kendo. It has nothing to do with other things. I was lucky to meet lingyunzi in tianjianmen.

Originally, I was not qualified to practice in tianjianmen. I had to be instructed by his old man to practice in tianjianmen for three years.

Master Ling Yunzi said that I was not lucky. The power of heaven was too strong, which affected my understanding of kendo.

However, his family handed me a set of Daoism that combines the way of heaven and the way of sword, which has benefited me a lot. Although he and I have no name of master and apprentice, they have the reality of master and apprentice. "

It turned out that he was Ling Yunzi's disciple, and long Chen immediately became more kind. Ling Yunzi was one of the few people in the world who deserved his deep admiration.

In other words, Ling Yunzi is also a legend. His life cultivation has almost been fixed. He just wakes up on kendo. From then on, he sings all the way and creates an unprecedented miracle of cultivation.

"Since we are the headmaster's disciples, we are really elder martial brothers. There's nothing wrong with your calling." Long Chen laughs.

I can't believe that I met Ling Yunzi's disciples in Tianjian sect here. So I felt very kind and patted Xin Li on the shoulder, which made me very intimate:

"how is the leader now?" Long Chen asked.Being pulled by long Chen's shoulder, he was also quite excited. He said in a hurry, "he's all right, but I've been away for some time. At that time, his old man was pounding the life star."

Long Chen nods. Ling Yunzi has accumulated a lot of experience. He has long lost the dryness of young people. Now he practices steadily. His accomplishments must have been tempered. Moreover, sword cultivation does not pursue accomplishments, but pursues realm, so the promotion of accomplishments becomes slow.

"How is elder martial brother Yue Zifeng? I've always been an admirer of him. " Cindy was a little excited.

When Yue Zifeng was brought back to Tianjian gate by Ling Yunzi, his body was dead, and his soul was all attached to his long sword.

It is tianjianmen that decrees the return of Yue Zifeng's soul. Because of the coincidence, Yue Zifeng hides his soul in the sword. He really realizes that man is sword and sword is man.

Yue Zifeng is known as Tianjian sect. He is the most potential disciple in history. He is deeply ignorant and expected by the contemporary sect leader. He hopes that he can stay in Tianjian sect to practice.

But Yue Zifeng refused. He wanted to go back to longchen and said that he had two beliefs in his life. One was the sword in his hand and the other was his boss.

Xinli wants to join tianjianmen, but he has no chance. However, Yue Zifeng and tianjianmen are struggling to stay, but they resolutely leave. The gap between them is too big.

For the sake of longchen, Yue Zifeng gives up the best chance to practice. He can make a proud and indifferent Jianxiu follow him to the death. Xinli has already felt great admiration for longchen.

"He's very good. The realm of Kendo is higher and higher. He's the sharpest attacking presence of our whole dragon blood army." Mention Yue Zifeng, long Chen is also a face of emotion, this guy is too tough.

He is a real Kendo genius, and his belief in sword is so persistent that he is so crazy.

Ling Yunzi is half of his teacher. Yue Zifeng's real teacher is actually his sword. His understanding of Kendo can only be described as terror.

Xinli leads the way in front, followed by four disciples, passing through an old alley, and a square appears in front.

All the way to Xinli, many young disciples salute Xinli. Obviously, they have great respect for Xinli.

But when they saw the Dragon dust, their expressions solidified instantly, and they looked unbelievable.

When people come to the square, long Chen is stunned. There are four light groups on the square.

In the light group, there are four huge challenge arena. On the challenge arena, there are disciples fighting.

To long Chen's surprise, those disciples in tianwu alliance's clothes were fighting against a strange creature rather than a human being.

The creature is similar in height and shape to human, but it has one eye and a black one horn on its head.

The whole body is covered with black scales, and the nails are sharp as knives. Every attack is accompanied by a strong wind, and the space is cut open, making a sharp sound.

Although I don't know what kind of creature it is, longchen can feel its violent evil Qi. It should be a demon strongman, and the breath, if evaluated according to the standard of human cultivation, should belong to the level of life star strongman.

On the four challenge platforms, four disciples hold long swords, and the vision behind them is open. The sword is as powerful as a rainbow, and they fight with the monster crazily.

The disciples' swords were cut on the monster. They were blocked by scales, and there were sparks everywhere. The monster's defense was extremely terrible.


suddenly, in a challenge arena, a disciple's sword was cut on the devil's claw and was broken by the devil.

The disciple was surprised, and he quickly stepped back, but the demon was very fast. Another paw had hit his chest, and the sharp claw pierced his chest, causing a cry of surprise from the strong around him.

The disciple was stabbed in front of his chest, and his whole body was shocked and stiff. He could not move. The other hand of the demon ran straight to his head to kill him.


a sword light fell, the demon's arms were cut to the ground, and black blood gushed out.

"It's elder martial brother Xinli"

some disciples are just about to rush in to rescue, but a figure has appeared on the challenge arena, which is Xinli.

Xinli cut off the monster's arms with a sword and kicked it away with one foot. The monster bumped into the light shield and gave out a shrill cry. It turned into smoke and disappeared in an instant.

It turns out that the divine light around the challenge arena is a kind of killing array, which is not effective for the Terran, but it can kill the monster instantly.

Xinli killed the demon, reached out to lift the disciple, and pulled out the claw that stabbed him in the chest. Then the disciple's body was no longer rigid.

"Thank you Brother Xinli. "

The disciple was grateful.

Xin Li took him out of the challenge arena, and immediately many disciples came forward to help him with a special liquid to clean his wound.

The monster's attack is very terrible. Once it is hit, it will be poisoned. The whole body will be stiff and very dangerous. Even the power of heaven can't suppress this poison.There were many disciples present, many of them were very enthusiastic and came up to help, while some of them turned their lips slightly and showed a touch of irony.

"I'm really out of my capacity. I just want to challenge the eleven rank horned devil when I'm promoted to become a God. What's the difference between this and seeking death?" There was a strange voice in the crowd.

The injured disciple's face was very ugly, and his eyes were full of anger. As soon as Xin Li was about to speak, long Chen's voice came:

"if people don't have the courage to take risks, there's no need to practice. Little brother, you're very good." , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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