Chapter 1806

The long clothes are better than the snow, and the posture is swaying, just like a banished immortal walking in the world. Everyone looks at her and feels her peerless elegance.

As soon as the woman appeared, her jewel like eyes swept over the crowd. At a glance, she saw the Dragon dust, and a touch of complex emotion emerged in the autumn water.

The woman was no other than Ziyan, the first day of the young generation in miaolo fairy palace. Her appearance made the men present feel ashamed. Ye Lingshan was also a beautiful woman, but she was eclipsed by Ziyan.

At this time see Ziyan silently looking at longchen, and longchen also a face complex looking at Ziyan, can't help but secretly sigh.

The enmity between longchen and Ziyan is known to almost the whole tianwu continent. Miaoli fairy palace sent Shen Bijun to fight against longchen. In the end, it almost ruined the contemporary palace leader. Finally, the palace leader punished himself to thank the world.

Shen Bijun died in the hands of longchen, and the master of miaolo fairy palace was also offended. Although he didn't get to the point where he didn't agree with longchen, he was already hostile.

At the beginning, Ziyan stopped longchen in front of the ancient imperial capital of Korea. Later, she was shaken out by miaolo fairy palace.

Because miaolo fairy palace doesn't want the world to think that Ziyan's strength is not as good as longchen's, but she doesn't want to kill longchen at all.

When the news just came out, countless strong people were moved by it, and they were crazy with envy of longchen.

In that case, Ziyan would rather die in the hands of longchen than kill longchen. Her feelings for longchen are more obvious.

Ziyan's deep love for longchen makes countless Tianjiao envy her. If Ziyan expresses a little favor for any man, I don't know how many people will give up their lives for her, but longchen refuses Ziyan, which makes countless strong people feel worthless for Ziyan.

Ye Lingshan had heard before that Ziyan was a relegated immortal. Any woman would feel ashamed and disgraced when she saw her. Today Ye Lingshan can understand what it means to be a beautiful woman.

Ziyan's charm is not only reflected in her beautiful face and her attitude towards the world, but also in her spirit of immortality, which is hard to describe. It's like a fairy who doesn't eat fireworks. It's a kind of blasphemy to look at her more.

As soon as Ziyan arrived, those Tianjiao who had been sitting on the ground with their knees crossed all stood up. They felt that if they sat on the ground again, it would be a kind of blasphemy to the fairy.

Their eyes are full of admiration and reverence, which is the special charm of Ziyan. The disciples of miaolo fairy palace have the ability to get close to the way of heaven, so it's hard to make people hostile to them.

This is also why, when Shen Bijun was able to control the heroes in the southern Xuanyu with his Qin music, they had no resistance at all, because their mind had been completely convinced by Shen Bijun's temperament, and they didn't have the heart of defense.

Ziyan is more beautiful than Shen Bijun. When this time comes, let alone a man, even a woman will fall in love with her.

"In the past, brother Long's style was better than that of the past, and my younger sister was deeply gratified." Ziyan salutes longchen slightly, and her voice is as sweet as fairy music.

But listen to in long Chen's ear, but inexplicably a burst of sad, Ziyan's words, obviously with a sense of distance, maybe this is what long Chen wants, but when it really comes, that kind of loss, only long Chen can experience.

"Thank you"

long Chen nodded and didn't know what to say, so he could only be polite.

He and Ziyan's grudge, is simply dog blood, long chenkong has a talent, but useless, feelings of this kind of thing, it is helpless.

"You have to be careful with her. The power of her seven string harp has soared a lot, as if it had broken part of the seal." Keel evil month sinks a voice to remind a way, it already smelled unusual breath.

In fact, there is no need to remind longchen that Ziyan is different from before. She has something that makes longchen palpitate. It's very dangerous.

"Brother long, my younger sister has got a new song recently. I want to invite brother long Yajian. I don't know if brother long is interested in listening to it." Ziyan hesitated for a moment, and finally looked up at longchen road.

Long Chen looked at Ziyan's eyes, which were like clear spring water. After a few breaths, he shook his head and sighed:

"long Chen is not the fairy's bosom friend. If you don't listen to this song, otherwise the fairy will play the lute to the ox.

Dragon dust is a rough man. He doesn't read many books, but he likes to recognize death. Even ten dragons can't bring back what I believe.

Fairy beauty, dragon dust mind, born thousands of ways, different ways, although different ways, but their own way, not the same, I respect the fairy way, also hope that the fairy can respect me.

Gods, demons, immortals and ghosts have different ways. There is no yardstick or boundary between who is high and who is low, and who is right and who is wrong. Children are not fish, and you know the joy of fish. "

Although long Chen doesn't spend much time with Ziyan, she can understand Ziyan's heart after she confides her heart in the capital of the Xia Dynasty. It's because she understands it that long Chen feels powerless.

In the final analysis, Ziyan and longchen are very persistent people, who will not shake their will and belief, Ziyan has always regarded longchen as a devil, want to save him, she is a good heart, but longchen never thinks he is a devil, on the contrary, he thinks he is more kind than most people.Ziyan has been influenced by Miaoli fairy palace since she was a child. She also has her own views on the world. Longchen sees the world in the valley, and Ziyan looks down on the world from the top of the world.

In Ziyan's eyes, the world is beautiful, but what longchen sees is all bloody and cruel, which forms two completely different world views, so they are doomed to be unable to get together.

Ziyan puts forward to play Qin music. Long Chen knows that she will not give up her heart. She also wants to make another effort to make long Chen "turn evil into good.".

Long Chen can't bear to let her down again. He doesn't even listen to the music and doesn't give her a chance to be disappointed and sad.

Seeing longchen's refusal, Ziyan looks disappointed in her beautiful eyes and nods: "Ziyan's fortune is poor, so it's a pity that she didn't get brother Long's advice. However, brother long mentioned that son is not a fish, but Ziyan has different opinions.

Fish in the water, just because they are stuck here, can't fly, can't go ashore, not because of their ability, but because they don't want to change their shape, so they can only be content with the status quo.

Tortoise born in the sea, landing derivative, crocodile travel on land and water, both of them are not satisfied with the status quo, the courage to change themselves, to explore the unknown.

Kun dominates the sea, and his ambition is to soar in the sky and look down on the nine heavens. Therefore, Kunpeng soars to the sky, soars through the clouds, smashes the void, and breaks the shackles of heaven and earth. What he does is to look at the world from a different perspective?

Why is brother long so persistent and confined to the narrow field of ideas? If brother long can let go of his obsession, the road of immortals and gods will be a prosperous place. "

Ziyan said later, her voice slightly trembled, obviously she was a little excited, can't let her voice down, everyone can hear, she still care about longchen.

At this time, the eyes of Jiaoqi Zhenjun and others changed and became sharp as knives. The jealousy in their eyes was even more obvious. They wanted to crush longchen alive. How could longchen be so lucky? Ziyan fairy, how could she take a fancy to him?

Long Chen looks at Ziyan. Ziyan's pretty face is white and flawless, with a blush, just like a peach blossom in full bloom.

Beauty deep love, no return, the most uncomfortable is, longchen can't accept Ziyan's theory.

When Ziyan wanders in the Jianghu, she has the aura of the future master of miaolo fairy palace. Who dares to disrespect her?

All she saw was that others showed her the best side. She thought that what she saw was the beautiful world.

What about longchen? I have been lonely since I was a child. What I see is the ugly side of human nature, or the realistic side.

The world itself is the respect of the strong and the law of the jungle. Ziyan is born to be the strong. The world she sees is colorful, while the world of longchen is bloody.

Ziyan now use her ruler to measure the world, to measure the world of longchen, this is a wrong way.

The world is still that world, but we stand in different angles, so we see a different world.

But long Chen tried to communicate with Ziyan, but unfortunately, Ziyan's world outlook is deeply rooted and unshakable, and long Chen will never change her world outlook because of Ziyan's kindness.

If long Chen doesn't have blood feud, if he doesn't have a group of confidants, if he doesn't have a group of blood brothers, long Chen may be willing to try to change himself for a person who loves him deeply.

But he can't now, and he can't later, so in the face of Ziyan's question, longchen is silent.

"Long Chen, the fairy is turning you into a demon. I hope you will change your mind, but you are always shameless. You have fallen into the devil's way completely and can't be cured."

An ancient strong man suddenly sneered and interrupted, his voice full of jealousy and sarcasm.

Long Chen smiles and says to Ziyan: "see? This is the difference between us. When you talk, there will always be people who agree with you.

And I don't even speak, there are still people against me, the sun will shine to the earth, you stand under the sun, see the world's glory.

And I stand in the dark corner, although I see the sun, but I can't feel its warmth.

In this world, only my close relatives, my beauty and my brother can make me feel warm.

I need them, and they also need me. We live and die together, disdaining to accept other people's pity, not to mention the sunshine of other people's charity. "

Long Chen's words may not be felt by others, but they resonate in Ye Lingshan's heart. Her inner world always thinks that no one can understand, but she finds that long Chen and she are the same people in the world.

"Longchen, you are too extreme. You should open your heart and accept the sunshine of the world. It is selfless. You can't resent the whole world just because you are standing in a place where the sunshine can't shine?"

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