Chapter 1851

Gu Yang finally couldn't support it, but he absorbed a total of 37 drops of the blood essence of the gold eating evil dragon, far more than long Chen expected.

Long Chen originally expected that Gu Yang's limit should be about 20 drops. Unexpectedly, Gu Yang's will is so strong that he can resist the evil dragon's will. This is very rare.

Gu Yang, who had absorbed 37 drops of the essence and blood of the gold eating evil dragon, sat on the ground with his knees crossed. His face was a little pale and his blood vessels burst up. There was a golden liquid flowing in it, which looked strange and terrible.


next came Li Qi, who absorbed 23 drops of the blood essence of the gold eating evil dragon. When he reached the limit, he was shocked out.

Li Qi is followed by song Mingyuan, who absorbs 24 drops of blood. As a result, he sprays two mouthfuls of blood in a row. He is seriously injured, and is almost invaded by the will of the gold eating dragon. It's longchen who suppresses him and honestly goes to one side to refine his blood essence.

After they have absorbed it, the next is the strong men at the rank of chief sergeant. They are also very strong. Each person has absorbed about 15 drops, up and down by no more than two drops. This shows that the gap between the soldiers of the dragon blood army is still very small. Of course, the one with convulsions on the ground is not included.

It's the limit for ordinary dragon blood soldiers to bear ten drops, but what makes longchen happy is that every Dragon blood soldier can reach the limit. It's a very firm belief condensed from the endless life and death after the war. With this firm belief, each of them is no worse than any peerless conceit.

Until all the dragon blood soldiers had absorbed it, the Dragon dust was expected to have less than half of the essence blood of the gold eating evil dragon. At this time, it was found that it had almost consumed all of it, and there were less than 100 drops left.

"Boss, do you think I can absorb a drop?" Xia Chen asked tentatively. He found that all the men here had absorbed it, even some female soldiers of the dragon blood army.

Now he is a man, and Mengqi, Tang Waner and a group of medical group of wood repair people did not absorb, he felt hot face.

"You'd better forget it. Although your body has been transformed by blood essence stone and blood soul stone, your body doesn't have so much potential. A drop of blood essence will kill you.

What's more, you are a great array mage. It's a noble and rare profession. Why should you envy others? " Long Chen shook his head.

"He's in the dragon blood army. He can't drink them. He can't get in a fight. He's too embarrassed to swear. He wants to get in." Tang Wan'er said with a smile.

Long Chen suddenly realized that Xia Chen was very beautiful. If he took a scholar's scarf, he would be a scholar. He was really out of place with the dragon blood army, the rude people who spoke dirty words.

"No, actually I get on well with you all." Xia Chen is a little embarrassed.

"Now that you have joined the dragon blood army, everyone is a family. You don't have to be a part of them.

You don't have to go out of your way to accommodate anyone. Just plain and light. Don't aggrieve yourself. " Long Chen pats Xia Chen on the shoulder and says that Xia Chen is not a very talkative person, and his expression of emotion is more subtle. Long Chen is afraid that he is not used to it.

"You misunderstood me. In fact, I want to absorb the essence and blood of the gold eating evil dragon for another purpose.

I have a whimsical idea. Let's see if we can work out an array with the same blood. If we can, then we can combine our strength by the blessing of blood without the blessing of external runes. That will reduce a lot of loss, double the attack power and halve the consumption. " Summer morning road.

Long Chen and others suddenly realized that Xia Chen had such an idea. If they could succeed, the dragon blood army would really turn the world upside down.

"Your body can't absorb essence and blood, which will destroy your body, but I can wipe out 90% of the energy of essence and blood of the gold eating dragon and inject it into your body.

This is the limit your body can bear, but it should be enough for research. " Long Chen pondered a way.

"That's great. I just need to study it to see if I can find a way to design an array to connect all people's spiritual and blood power." Summer morning excited tunnel.

Dragon dust will be a drop of blood essence, wear out 90% of the energy, slowly injected into the body of summer morning.

However, even the essence and blood of the gold eating dragon, which has wiped out 90% of its energy, still makes Xia Chen's body tremble and his face turn white.

After all, Xia Chen is an array practitioner. His whole strength is basically concentrated on the soul. Therefore, the array practitioner is also a kind of soul practitioner. The weak body of soul practitioner is their most helpless place.

"Well, they began to close the door to refine the blood essence of the evil dragon. You don't have to envy them, because you also have good things."

Long Chen said, will Mengqi and others called over, take out a huge baking pan, a has been baked big fish, was taken out.

"Come on, I'll treat you to fish." Long Chen said with a smile.

"Yes, try the boss's skill."

Most of the disciples of the medical group were women. Seeing the delicious big fish coming up, they felt great appetite and took out knives to cut the fish."Well, the fish is delicious."

"What kind of fish is it? Why is it so delicious?" Tang Wan'er took a mouthful and couldn't help praising it.

"It's said that it's called red blood fish. It tastes OK." Long Chen also took a bite and said with a smile.

This red blood fish is not only a treasure, but also a famous delicacy in the world. It is said that it is a main dish at a big man's banquet. When you eat it today, it is as delicious as it is said. You feel your tongue is about to melt.

"I haven't heard of it, but it's really delicious." Tang Wan'er took a big piece of fish and put it into her mouth. She admired it while eating.

Mengqi pursed her lips and chewed the fish, but she was thinking about longchen's words. Suddenly, Mengqi's eyes were wide open:

"what do you say? Red blood fish? The red blood spirit fish, one of the treasures of ancient times, has the ability to rebel against heaven and awaken the power of blood

"Well Maybe About Maybe I think so. " Long Chen said with a smile.

Mengqi's plates fell to the ground. She grabbed longchen and cried, "you fool, the red blood fish, the most precious thing is its blood. You put it It's roasted. You know, the essence and blood of such a big red blood spirit fish has at least half a chance to awaken a person's blood power. My God, long Chen, are you crazy? "

Mengqi, who has always been calm, has such a big reaction. It can be seen that longchen has done a stupid thing to burn the lute, cook the crane and destroy the things in heaven. Mengqi is speechless.

"So its blood is useful? Well, next time, I'll put the blood in and bake it. " Longchen doesn't care about the tunnel.

"Next time? Wait, you mean What else do you have Mengqi's beautiful big eyes look at longchen in disbelief.

"Yes, as much as you want. Even if you eat it every day, I can afford it." Long Chen blinked.

"Long Chen, you are so bad. You are absolutely on purpose." Mengqi suddenly found that she was cheated, can't help but angrily pinched longchen a record, make longchen laugh.

Mengqi has always been calm, as if to know Mengqi so long, or the first time to play her, this is too much sense of achievement.

In today's chaotic space, longchen keeps feeding these red blooded fish with elixir, breeding and growing up. Now there are more than 700 fish kings that are one foot long.

There are tens of thousands of them about three feet long. As for the smaller ones, there are countless. As long as long as longchen continues to feed, it will be enough to eat as a ration every day.

So long Chen dares to take out a fish king to satisfy everyone's hunger, but long Chen didn't expect that the red blood fish is so delicious.

The red blood fish, which has been ten feet long, has been eaten up by more than fifty people.

When long Chen suggested whether to bake another one, Tang Wan'er shook her hand, meaning that if she ate it again, her stomach would explode, but she couldn't stop. If she baked another one, it would be really fatal.

A fish king, people feel comfortable, the whole person is lazy, Tang Wan'er rely on Mengqi's body, unexpectedly have a kind of sleepy feeling.

Mengqi took a look at it and closed her eyes to refine the blood essence of the evil dragon. She was sweating all over. Her face was pale and fell into a settled state. She could not help but feel ashamed and said:

"they look like this, but we are here, really good?"

"It's different lives for the same people. You don't have to pity them. After they refine the blood essence of the evil dragon, only you will envy them.

Wan'er, I'll give you a red blood fish. You can absorb their essence and blood. As for the fish, you can do it by yourself. It's up to you to steam, boil, or roast.

Anyway, the smell of the red blood spirit fish is locked in the meat, and it can't affect other people. Mengqi, you have to work harder this time and refine other Golden Dragon teeth with me. Now the evil moon is closing, so I have to have a backer. "

In the next time, Mengqi is responsible for refining the remaining 71 gold dragon teeth together with longchen, erasing the will of the gold eating dragon bit by bit.

Tang Wan'er and others realized the greatest happiness of life. While absorbing the blood of red blood fish, they can also eat delicious fish.

In a flash, seven days later, with the help of Mengqi, longchen finally completely erased the remaining Golden Dragon teeth from their original will, and no longer had to worry about their rebellion.

In the days to come, you can rest assured to warm them with your heart, which can be regarded as the completion of longchen's mind. After the dragon dragon dragon evil moon, longchen has a new magic weapon, and it is also a magic weapon controlled by the soul. Longchen is full of confidence.

Long Chen didn't have the strength to fight with the strong like Xie Luo and Ming Jie before. That's because once the other party triggers the magic power, he will suffer a big loss. Especially Ming Jie, he doesn't dare to force him too much, because once he breaks out the magic power, long Chen may be able to bear it, but the dragon blood soldiers can't bear it, but now he's not afraid.

Gold dragon teeth are all refined, dragon dust will all fish king, all left Mengqi and others, let them slowly absorb.

It's a slightly slow process to resuscitate the blood vessels, and there is also a probability of success. Long Chen asked them to absorb it slowly, and don't go out for the time being. After the dragon blood soldiers have completely refined the blood essence of the evil dragon, they will hand over the dragon blood forging technique he left to them.That dragon blood forging, dragon dust is in the form of photo jade demonstration, with his hand teaching effect is the same.

After arranging these, long Chen makes everyone feel at ease and leaves quietly. He still remembers the entrustment of elder Yan Nantian. Although Ye Lingshan will certainly look for her, long Chen can't place his hope on her.

Long Chen left the valley, looked at the map, chose an area where no one had set foot, and galloped away. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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