Chapter 1871

Eighteen Golden Dragon teeth appear out of thin air, smash the heaven and earth, kill to the blood and kill the God.

All of a sudden, all of a sudden, see dragon dust into a desperate situation, in a twinkling of an eye broke out the art of killing.

The bloody God changed his face greatly. He finally understood that all the disadvantages of longchen before he was cheated by longchen were pretended.

Long Chen's target is him. When he attacked in the past, his strength was only 50%. The remaining 50% was prepared for escape.

Killers kill people with skills. They usually use 50% of their strength, which is their limit. No matter how much they use, it will affect their capital to evade and escape.

But in order to seal the Dragon dust completely, with Huolie cloud to seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, he suddenly burst out 80% power.

Now the 18 Golden Dragon teeth of longchen burst out, and he fell into a desperate situation in a flash. He had no way back, so he had to fight hard.


at this time, the blood killing God envoy had a bad premonition in his heart, but he had no time to think more, and the vision behind him trembled.

In the middle of the brow, the yuan God erupted, and the long sword God pattern in his hand lit up, which not only activated the power of the artifact, but also used all the spirit yuan. Facing the eighteen Golden Dragon teeth, he had no choice.

"Kill God cross chop"

the blood kill God makes a sudden drink, the light of the long sword in his hand bursts up, one horizontal and one vertical, marking a "ten" in the void, the cross quickly enlarges, sealing the sky and locking the earth.


eighteen Golden Dragon teeth collided with the huge cross and made eighteen explosions, but the explosion was too dense and it sounded like just one.


there was also a bang behind long Chen. Huo lie Yun's spear hit the Fantian seal. Fantian seal trembled, and the blue light was dim rapidly. Huo lie Yun's blow consumed its power in an instant.

However, fantianyin has also completed its mission. It can resist the attack of huolieyun without longchen's personal operation.

You know, fantianyin is different from other artifact. Its spirit is independent and not restricted by longchen. It can attack by itself.

Fantianyin resists the fiery clouds, and the Golden Dragon teeth erupt. There is a real fight with the blood killing God envoy, and eighteen Golden Dragon teeth fly out.

What shocked the blood killing God was that the eighteen gold dragon teeth, which looked fierce and powerful, were not as strong as he thought.

"Be careful."

Suddenly someone in the distance screamed and roared.


I don't know when the 18 Golden Dragon teeth behind the blood killing God appeared quietly and shot.


it's no use shouting. The blood killing God just realized that it was wrong, but before he had time to make any response, he was killed by the 18 Golden Dragon teeth, which had been ready for a long time, and turned into powder all over the sky.

"One of them at last."

Long Chen takes a deep breath. It's too hard to kill a cunning killer. It's not only strength, but also calculation.

Moreover, there is only one chance to kill the blood and God envoys. If you miss it, it will never work. The killer will not make the same mistake twice.

The whole scene was shocked. All of a sudden, long Chen was in a crisis of life and death just now. In a twinkling of an eye, he killed him.


with a big hand, long Chen takes back the Fantian seal and lets the long sword of the blood killing God fly away. He has no time to intercept it, but coldly looks at the gloomy Huolie cloud.

At this time, the fiery cloud is full of flames, just like an angry volcano, pointing a long gun at longchen and saying coldly:

"is this your strongest means of conspiracy calculation?"

Huolieyun also saw that longchen was in the layout from the beginning. From the beginning to the end, his goal was to kill the God with blood.

There are two conditions for killing the blood killing God envoy. One is that he uses too much power and loses the ability to escape. The other is that he is too close to the Dragon dust in order to resist the Dragon dust.

And all this was deliberately created by long Chen, creating a once-in-a-lifetime chance to kill him, and finally killing the blood killing God.

"No, when it comes to conspiracy calculation, where am I your opponent in dangu? You've even calculated the whole continent. As far as the layout is concerned, I'm seeing the big from the small. " Long Chen shook his head and said faintly:

"the blood killing envoy is full of remorse before he died. His card has not been shown and his unique skill has not been used. He died so unknowingly. Do you want Huo lieyun to follow his lead?"

In fact, no matter huolieyun or xueshashenshi, they didn't come up with a real card.

No one is willing to expose their unique skills in front of so many people. Because of this, the blood killing God is dead, and it's very difficult to die.

Last time, long Chen calculated Xie Luo and Jiao Qi Zhenjun, but failed. However, the crops are not planted for many years, and there will always be a good harvest. This time, he succeeded.Originally, long Chen didn't intend to calculate any more, but God seemed to be deliberately against him. He had to calculate to kill a terrible killer. Fortunately, he succeeded.

"Come on, let's start a real fight. If I can kill another idiot in dangu, I'll go back to have a good drink and celebrate."

The Dragon dust carries the dragon's Dragon's Dragon's Dragon's Dragon's Dragon's Dragon's Dragon's crescent moon on his shoulder. Behind it are 36 Golden Dragon's teeth. The golden light is all over the sky, just like a god of war, overlooking the eight wastelands.

"Shameless arrogance, you are just a garbage from humble origins, dare to compete with me huolieyun? Are you qualified for that? "

Although the blood killing God was killed by longchen, huolieyun didn't feel uneasy. He didn't care about it at all. With his sneer, a divine tattoo appeared on his forehead.

When the divine tattoo appeared, the vision behind him suddenly trembled. A divine tattoo even appeared on the forehead of the statue in the vision.

As soon as the divine pattern on the head of the statue appeared, it turned into a flame, slowly burning, more and more prosperous. At the same time, a terrible threat spread.

"Long Chen, you beggar born trash, today let you see, even if you practice for 1000 or 10000 years, you can't make up for your defects.

A beggar, even if he sees a piece of gold, is just a local leopard. He will never become an aristocrat. "

The fire cloud roared loudly, shaking the sky like a drum beating. At the same time, the flame of his whole body was flowing, and his breath had a kind of sacred prestige.

Looking at the huolieyun wrapped by the divine flame, long Chen knows that the pressure is not from huolieyun, but from his ancestors. The vision behind him is probably a kind of inheritance of their family.

This is the inside information, and longchen really does not have this kind of inside information. After all, how many thousands of years of inheritance are there, and longchen has nothing.

Long Chen sneered: "are you a noble? Where is the price? How much is it per jin? Relying on the shadow of our ancestors, we are superior to others by sitting idly and waiting for death?

To put it mildly, you are inheriting the legacy of your ancestors. To put it mildly, you are a gnawing family, gnawing at the bones and sticks left by your elders every day.

The money you earn and create in your life is estimated to be less than one ten thousandth of what you squander.

A black sheep who depends on the family bone is also qualified to laugh at the origin of others? If beggars beg in the street, they are also self reliant, and others depend on their ability to eat.

And you? What have you done for your family? For so many years, I've been living at home. I guess I can only make feces every day. "

The fire is fierce, the cloud is furious, the words of dragon dust, just like a poisonous arrow, pierce into his heart.

But he can't refute it. For so many years, he has been hidden in the temple of fire, never appeared outside, and has been practicing in his family.

Indeed, as long Chen said, he has been consuming resources, consuming countless resources, and only with so many resources can he build a strong man of his level.

"Fart, I'm the first genius of the temple of fire, the successor of the future Temple of fire, and the pioneer of dangu sweeping the world. What I created is a myth and an immortal achievement." Fire cloud body flame rapid flow, more and more prosperous, long gun pointed to long Chen cold cheers.

"Come on, don't brag. Whether you can live out of the Yin and Yang world depends on the protection of your ancestors. With my dragon dust, you have no chance to create a myth." Long Chen shook his head.


there was a sudden explosion, the statue in the vision behind the fire cloud trembled, and the flame in the eyebrow spread to the whole body. Suddenly, the flame soared, and the statue disappeared, replaced by a door.

The gate opened slowly. Looking inside, it turned out to be a sea of flames.

When the door of flame is opened, the whole body of Huolie cloud bursts into the sky, and it turns into a field of flame. The way of heaven roars, and the power of the way of heaven is squeezed out, forming a world with only the power of flame. In that world, Huolie cloud seems to dominate, overlooking all living beings.

"The magic is the magic of fire."

Someone in the distance exclaimed, and only Baoshu had such a terrible momentum.

"Who will fight when the magic comes out? There is no doubt that longchen will die today. " Some people can't help exclaiming.

"The whole flame world is full of fiery clouds. What can longchen do against it? Moreover, behind the fire door, there is a continuous supply of fire power. It can be said that the power of fire cloud is endless, and longchen is really unable to struggle. "

The fire between heaven and earth is surging, and the endless torrent of fire flows into the world from the door of fire behind the fire cloud. In this world, an independent world is drawn, which is the field of treasure art, an exclusive field.

"Long Chen, I'll see what you fight with me. The inside information is also a kind of power, and you, a garbage without any background, should not live in this world." Fire cloud a break drink, the sea of fire storm, roll up the waves, the prestige.

As soon as the Dragon dust was about to retort, suddenly there was a big earthquake, and a gap ran through the earth. The earth split in two, as if the whole world had been torn apart."Hum"

in the suddenly torn earth, a slim figure flies out quickly, and it's only a hundred miles away from longchen. When you see that figure, longchen can't help but be stunned. It's Ye Lingshan.

At this time, ye Lingshan was very embarrassed. Her face was pale, and her eyes were full of fear. When she saw longchen, she cried out:

"run, there are monsters coming out of the ground." , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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