Chapter 1920

"Long Chen, find a chance to escape. Yu Xiaoyun has obviously made a successful layout. He will never give you a chance to explain.

If this battle starts, the whole tianwu continent will be in complete chaos, and all major forces will suffer greatly. Dangu will be the biggest beneficiary. "

Seeing Yu Xiaoyun start, Li Tianxuan hastily sends a message to longchen.


long Chen nods and Yu Xiaoyun arranges such a big game of chess. Now that it's the end stage, it doesn't matter whether long Chen colludes with the first demons. Even without Yue Xiaoqian, he will have other excuses to start a war.

Now Xiaolong and Yaochen start to fight with each other.


the heavenly furnace and the blade of the sky burst out, the stars swayed, the terrible power filled the sky, the rays gushed, and the endless fragments of the road flowed, covering the sky.

"Xiao Yun"

long Chen has been ready for a long time. When two magic weapons collide, long Chen immediately sends a voice to Xiao Yun.

Xiaoyun immediately turned into the body, and all the strong men of the dragon blood army jumped on Xiaoyun's back one after another. Xiaoyun turned into a streamer and shot out.

"Want to run away? If you really didn't do something bad, why did you run away? " Emperor long sneer, big hand Ji Zhang, a huge palm, blocking the sky, blocked the way to chase yuntuntianque.

The skylark is a hundred Li Long bird, but it is so small compared with the big hand that it will be caught.


a sword light shot, cut down in the air, the big hand was cut into two pieces by a sword.

"To escape is to flee with fear of sin. If you don't escape, you can kill. Long Chen is right. Whoever has a big mouth can confuse right and wrong."

With a cold hum, Yan Nantian stands up in the air, with his long sword in his hand. He takes his hand and smashes the emperor's attack with one sword.

At the same time, the other three supreme elders of tianwu alliance finally appeared. They looked calm and looked at the crowd.

The imperial dragon's blow was broken, and the skylark had turned into a streamer and disappeared in the void. It was too late for anyone to chase it.


in the void, Yu Xiaoyun and the old man are fighting hard again. The chaos between heaven and earth is surging, the rules of the road are winding around, and the sky is shining. After a blow, the old man is shocked back and forth.

After all, the old man has just entered the netherworld, and Yu Xiaoyun is a strong man in the netherworld. He has reached the third step of the netherworld. There is a great gap between the two.

The old man was shocked back by a blow. He could not help but be furious. With a roar, his white hair stood upright, and the blade of heaven in his hand roared, which made Jiutian roar and the universe shudder.


The terrible power shattered the clouds in all directions, the universe changed color, only nine days above, hundreds of millions of stars flow, ten thousand roar.

"This is..."

"The legendary The ninth opening ceremony. "

"It's said that the ninth form of heaven opening is a magic skill. It can cut the earth to open the sky, smash the universe, and destroy the universe. This momentum is terrible."

At this time, the old man seemed to be possessed by a God. He pointed the blade of opening the sky to the sky, and his whole body was climbing wildly, as if there was no end.

"Guangyuan, don't..."

Seeing the old man's action, Qu Jianying's face was as pale as paper for a moment, and she couldn't help exclaiming.

"What are you afraid of? My old man's life, in exchange for the life of the valley master of Dan Valley, I'm not at all at risk.

My Kaitian warring sect, with the presence of dragon dust, will surely make my Kaitian warring sect resplendent. What about his dangu? When he dies, there's nothing left. I'm afraid he's a bird? " The old man looked up at the sky and laughed. In the roar, he seemed so arrogant and overbearing.

The ninth move is the ultimate move of the ninth move. It is said that it needs to awaken the divine power to perform. If there is no divine power to support it, it needs to burn life at the cost of triggering this move.

However, after the outbreak of this move, the old man's life will be exhausted instantly. However, this move will be a tactic of both defeat and death.

Yu Xiaoyun's face changed greatly. At this time, he was locked by the terrible pressure. Although there were countless strong people around him, he could only resist the strike alone.

"Well, you want to die with me? Let's see if you have the qualification. "

Yu Xiaoyun hummed coldly, his hands folded, and the world behind him suddenly burst open. Two huge statues appeared in the void.

The two statues, no one else, are the two gods worshipped in dangu, the great Brahma and the sunset.

As soon as the two statues appeared, endless divine light flowed, and the sacred and grand Qi radiated, which made the soul tremble. It was like the arrival of the true God, which made people feel the impulse to kneel down and worship.

"I have the power of the gods. I'd like to see who died in the end." Yu Xiaoyun sneered.

"Let's see."

The old man didn't pay any attention to the statue behind him. His eyes were like electricity, and his whole body was breathing like a volcano. A sword rose up into the sky and went straight into the sky. The spirit of killing between heaven and earth was absorbed by this sword.The strong men in the netherworld all changed their faces. Their skin felt as painful as a needle. No one thought that the old man who had just entered the netherworld could burst out such a terrible power.

"Guangyuan, don't..." Qu Jianying suddenly burst into tears. She knew that if the old man cut off his sword, he would disappear in the world forever.

But she knew the old man's temper. If she stopped it, it would only distract him, but she couldn't change the inevitable blow. For a moment, Qu Jianying was very upset.

For a moment, the hearts of the strong on the scene suddenly sank. The outbreak of this blow also indicates that the world war will break out completely.

"Why so angry? Why don't you sit down and have a drink? " All of a sudden, there was a soft voice in the sky and the earth. Listening to it in people's ears, people's nervous system suddenly relaxed.

The most shocking thing is that, with the fall of a word, the world was like a tight bow string, with that person's word, slowly relaxed.

Whether it's the old man or Yu Xiaoyun, their accumulated momentum is like a small hole in the ball, and their breath leaks out quickly. In the end, their momentum is reduced to invisible in an instant.

The statue behind Yu Xiaoyun disappeared, and the giant blade summoned by the old man disappeared. For a moment, all the strong people on the scene were shocked.

"Where is the master? Please show up Yu Xiaoyun exclaimed.

"I don't dare to be an expert. I'm just an old drunkard. Now that you've summoned me, I'll have to come out."

As he spoke, an old man came up in the distance. He was kind-hearted, with a gentle smile on his face. It was very comfortable.

He was holding a wooden staff, and a gourd was hanging around his waist. His clothes were old but clean.

"The high priest of Bacchus."

Someone let out a exclamation and recognized the origin of the old man.

Hearing that man's exclamation, all the strong people on the scene were startled. It is said that this old man is the messenger of Dionysus, the one closest to the God, and his cultivation is unfathomable.

However, the high priest has a great reputation, but few people have seen him, let alone made a move. Therefore, many people just regard him as a mysterious existence, not as a peerless strongman.

But now, as soon as he arrived, he didn't show the mountains and water. With just one word, he suppressed Yu Xiaoyun and the old man's attack. This cultivation is really terrible.

"I'm a stranger. I don't know if I'm here. What's my opinion?" Yu Xiaoyun looked at the high priest with a look of fear in his eyes, but his face was cold and didn't show much respect.

Because there was a period of disharmonious cooperation between Dionysus palace and dangu, and finally they parted ways. Young people don't know these allusions, but the older generation all know that they are actually a stain in the history of dangu.

Therefore, seeing the arrival of the high priest at this time, Yu Xiaoyun's eyes are fierce. He thinks that the arrival of the high priest is probably aimed at his Dan valley.

So as soon as you opened your mouth, the word "fangwai" came out, which means that you are indifferent to the world. Do you want to get out of your business?

The high priest said with a smile: "the valley Lord is right, but whether it's outsiders or insiders, it depends on the size of the pattern.

If you fight in the first World War, it will affect the whole tianwu continent and destroy hundreds of millions of creatures. Will there be an end to the eggs?

After all, our Dionysus palace is also in tianwu mainland and will be implicated. Therefore, it is meaningless to argue about this so-called outside and inside the Bureau. "

"Well, isn't the high priest a little alarmist? Our purpose in dangu is just for the peace of tianwu, to capture the spies of the first demon clan, and to maintain world peace. Our starting point is for the sake of the creatures of tianwu. Is the high priest's words a little wrong? " Yu Xiaoyun is not happy.

"Ha ha, the Lord of the valley misunderstood me. I didn't come here to be a peacemaker, or to persuade me, or to appear here as a judge.

I'm so old, and I don't want to meddle in so many affairs. I only have a few words to say to you here.

For example, today, mainland China has entered a great era of talent prosperity, and Tianjiao has sprung up, and its strength is getting stronger and stronger.

But don't forget that the big era is coming. It's not just the big era of tianwu. Don't forget how the big dark era came. " Then the high priest turned and left without saying a word.

However, the five words "the Great Dark Age" suddenly changed the faces of all the strong people present, as if they had been hit by five sledgehammers.

The great dark age, which happened in the later period of the great age, is coming, which indicates that the great dark age is coming.

Watching the high priest leave, Yu Xiaoyun put a sneer on his face: "it is because of the advent of the dark age that we have to unite together to eliminate the spies and develop with peace of mind. If the Dragon dust does not die, there will be no peace in tianwu.""Don't you think you hit yourself in the face, Lord of the valley?"

At this time, a large group of people suddenly appeared. When he saw the first person, Yu Xiaoyun's face suddenly changed. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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