Chapter 1938

After the fusion of life star beads, star space will be created, which is actually the rudiment of a small world.

After the formation of the star space, it also indicates that it has entered the life star realm. At this time, it needs to absorb the power of thunder to nourish the star space.

The more the power of thunder is absorbed, the larger the star space will be, and the more powerful and powerful the world will be.

It's said that every thunderbolt is the most powerful in the dark.

With the power of this kind of thunder to condense the star space, the star space will become huge and incomparable, which is several times stronger than the effect of ordinary thunder.

This kind of five color thunder usually occurs only when the strong man passes through the underworld. It is extremely rare for the life star.

Originally, the strong people of the beginning demons thought that longchen attacked Tianjie for the purpose of the five color thunder. They also admired longchen's foresight. Longchen's rhythm was very good.

But long Chen's one voice, make them dumbfounded, unexpectedly don't let everybody absorb five color rob thunder?

"Boss, I really can't do it. Lend me some soul power. I feel my head is going to crack. You see sister Mengqi has helped Gu Yang. Do you have the heart to make me lose face?" Guo ran begged bitterly.

Long Chen was speechless for a while. Although Guo Ran's soul power was not very good, it was definitely not the worst. He had the power to complete it by himself.

However, his willpower was too weak to think that he was exhausted. In fact, he still had at least 40% of his soul power.

However, he was used to being lazy and refused to tap his potential. As a result, some of his potential could not be used.

But Guo ran himself is not the kind of person who has great perseverance. In other words, his perseverance is definitely not used in practice.

Dragon dust helpless, can only secretly borrow Guo ran a little soul power, can't be noticed by others.

Because the whole dragon blood army, only a few dozen soldiers have not yet completed the integration, but they have reached the final stage, and will soon be completed, so long Chen has to help Guo ran.


Guo ran suddenly glows all over his body, and his momentum changes suddenly. This is the performance of the fusion.

As soon as the fusion was completed, Guo ran was like a different person. He no longer looked pitifully like before. Instead, he looked at the soldiers who had not finished yet:

"brothers, can you do it? In order to wait for you, I can't suppress them any more.

Hurry up, you can almost succeed. Remember, we are the bravest fighters in tianwu. Nothing can stop us... "

Looking at Guo rantian's shameless encouragement to others, he also puts on a posture that he can't help but sigh. Guo Ran is more and more shameless.

Soon, the last dragon blood warrior also completed the fusion. Long Chen looked at Yue Xiaoqian and said:

"Xiaoqian, you come to attack Tianya."

"Me?" Yue Xiaoqian is startled. She is a disciple of the first demon clan. She was rejected by the way of heaven. She would have been taken care of by the way of heaven. If she attacked the way of heaven, it would cause unimaginable consequences.

"That's right. Do it. Don't worry. I'll take care of everything!" Long Chen grins and winks at her.

Yue Xiaoqian suddenly remembers the scene when she was robbing in the eternal road. At that time, because four strange strong men broke into the thunder robbery, she was almost destroyed in the thunder robbery.

When she finished the robbery, she was seriously injured. In the fury of long Chen, she attacked Lei Jie, causing the fury of heaven. Under the fury of heaven, even the four mysterious beings ran away.

At that time, longchen was trapped by the chains all over the sky. He tore the wall of the sky and opened the universe. At that time, Yue Xiaoqian's heart was completely conquered by longchen, because everything longchen did was for her. Although she was reckless and stupid, the feeling of being cared for made her heart completely hang on longchen.

Now looking at the smile of dragon dust, Yue Xiaoqian also smiles, feeling that as long as there is dragon dust in the world, there is nothing terrible.


Yue Xiaoqian's eyebrows suddenly glowed, and the magic seal appeared. The sword in her hand was inspired by a sword Qi, and a strange force tore the cloud.

All over the sky, robbing cloud is torn by Yue Xiaoqian. When Yue Xiaoqian tears robbing cloud, the faces of Yue Xihan and all the strong people of the first demon clan change.

You know, the people of the first demons are different from the dragon blood warriors. They are excluded. This will make the disaster completely violent.

Sure enough, after Yue Xiaoqian's attack, the heaven and earth were silent for a moment. The five colors of thunder slowly disappeared, and the clouds began to roll ceaselessly. Finally, huge black lotus flowers were formed. Each lotus was thousands of miles away, and countless lotus flowers were overlapping. In the center of the lotus, there was a flash of thunder.

When Xihan and others felt the pressure, they couldn't help exclaiming:

"the power of divine thunder"

the thunder in the lotus contains divine power. Even those who are strong in the underworld still feel scared.It's not a matter of bravery or not. It's a kind of soul suppression. God thunder is prepared for the strong who become God. People will have instinctive fear in front of this kind of God power.

"Aunt, she..."

For a moment, these powerful people in the netherworld turned pale. Yue Xiaoqian is the hope of the whole beginning demon family in the future. If she has any problems, what about the beginning demon family?

At this time, Yue Xihan calms down. Now the fate of the beginning demons has been closely linked with longchen. Recalling the previous actions is just like painting a snake and adding feet. It's ridiculous to think about it. Since you have chosen, there's no need to worry. Leave everything to longchen.


All of a sudden, the lotus blossoms burst open, and the thunderstorm poured out like a sword to the dragon blood army.

"Puff, puff, puff..."

The bodies of the dragon blood soldiers, when they encounter the terrible thunderstorm, just like bombs exploding, make their flesh and blood blurred, even the dragon blood soldiers can't resist.


At this time, the Thunder Dragon turns into a dragon again, and will devour those thunderstorms. You know, this is what it wants, and it is a great tonic for it.

"Xiao Lei, go to the side to eat, and leave the middle to others."

Long Chen cried out that although the Thunder Dragon was a little reluctant, it finally began to devour those thunderstorms on the edge.

Because the thunderstorm was concentrated on the dragon blood army, the Dragon could only pick up the leak at the edge, and the thunderstorm was limited.

"Don't be afraid. It's not dinner time yet. Let others eat first." Long Chen comforted the Thunder Dragon and showed humanity to the public:

"these thunders contain divine power, protect your heads, absorb and nourish your starry space."

All the people were blown up with blood by the terrible thunder rain, and the raindrops felt like small volcanoes. That's what they were. If they were other people, a drop of thunderstorm would break them to pieces.

However, when the thunderstorm bursts, it will form pure and incomparable thunder energy. Even if they don't absorb it, the star space in their body will also actively and slowly absorb it.

Once they fully absorb the power of thunder, it will flood into their bodies like a torrent, and the space of stars will soar rapidly.

"One Zhang"

"two Zhang"

"three Zhang"


The star space is a small world, and they are the masters of this small world. When the star space condenses, they can feel some power in this space and connect with them.

With the increase of star space, that power is stronger and stronger. Although they can't use that power, they have already felt that they are getting stronger rapidly. The bigger the star space is, the stronger they are.

"I want to be stronger"

Gu Yang roared and opened his arms, as if embracing the whole world, letting the thunderstorms fall on him and absorbing the power of the thunder.

"Be careful"

long Chen suddenly shouts out, bends his fingers and shoots out a thunderbolt, breaking a thunderstorm that is about to fall on Gu Yang's eyebrow.

"Fool, don't be complacent. If the thunderstorm falls on your vital parts, it may kill you." Long Chen cried out.

Gu Yang is so excited that he wants to absorb more thunder power. He forgets that this is shenlei. If it falls on his brow, it will break his skull and even scatter his spirit.

"Boss, I'm wrong."

Gu Yang's old face is red, honestly protects the top of the head and continues to absorb the thunder.

Most of the dragon blood soldiers can withstand these thunder fields, but the medical strongmen are extremely fierce. They are all wood repair. Even if they have dragon blood fighting bodies, their physical bodies are too weak. If the thunderstorm falls on them, they will explode a blood hole. If three consecutive thunderstorms fall at the same time, their lives will be in danger.

They hold wooden staff, carefully resist, try to let the thunderstorm drop by drop on the body, fortunately, their wood repair recovery is amazing.

And the divine power contained in the thunderstorm is not so violent, they can withstand it.

"Did Guo jiaran want to destroy you?" Long Chen looks at Guo ran who has already secretly put on the gold war armor, can't help but angry way.

Guo ran felt that he couldn't bear it any more. He wanted to summon the golden armor to cheat. As a result, just as he summoned the armor, it was pierced by two holes, which made him surprised and angry.


"As long as you are there, I can't die." Cried long Chen.

Guo ran was helpless, and the golden armour couldn't save him. He could only absorb it honestly. As a result, he was beaten by the thunderstorm, and his whole body was covered with blood, his bones were broken and his tendons were broken. But Guo ran also had a fierce strength, and he didn't say a word.

Maybe he was too successful last time. He wants to prove to everyone that he used to be a counsellor. If he is soft at this time, it means that he is not a counsellor, but a real counsellor.

As time goes by, long Chen stands on the void. If anyone is in danger, he will rescue at the first time.The rain of thunder fell on him, and longchen didn't pay any attention to it. The thunderstorm burst on the dragon. Longchen felt that his skin sank slightly and didn't even feel pain. After being recast by the blood essence of the black dragon, longchen's body had reached a level that he couldn't imagine.


after an hour, the medical soldiers finally couldn't hold on and their blood gushed out. They had reached the limit. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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