Chapter 1954

Hu Feng is angry. No one dares to offend him. But he is a bit shameful.

From a very early age, he saw that the mysterious beasts were not pleasing to his eyes. These people, humble and dirty, did not deserve to live in the world, and so on.

Hu Feng has been forbearing, but today he finally can't help it. Jiao Qi is too arrogant. If he continues to forbear, he will be a gambler.

Originally, Hu Feng just wanted to wake up the Xuan beast family. He didn't want his mouth to be so dirty. He knocked over a boat of people with one pole.

In fact, just now he had the upper hand and deliberately stopped to give the other side a step down. As a result, Jiao Qi Zhenjun made an inch and completely angered Hu Feng.

Hu Feng is angry, and so is Jiao Qi Zhenjun. Last time he joined hands with Huo lieyun and Xie Luo in the Yin and Yang world, they failed to win longchen, which means that he was defeated by longchen.

At this time, the advanced life star, in one fell swoop, impacts the life star triple heaven, completely controls the power of the world, and integrates with Jiaoqi's power. The vision is close to perfect awakening, and controls two inheritance artifacts, nine color heavenly horse as the mount. At this time, his combat power is absolutely terrifying.

He wants to be ashamed before snow and kill longchen before everyone. But before longchen meets Hu Feng, who is very strange and difficult to deal with, how can he bear it?

If he doesn't defeat Hu Feng, he can't calm down his anger, and he can't face his pride and his determination to be ashamed before the snow.

Genius, with genius's self-esteem and self-confidence, no one wants to bear a reputation of failure, especially the level of genius like Jiao Qi Zhenjun. If they want to keep their mind intact, they must defeat long Chen by hand.

It's not only Jiaoqi Zhenjun, including huolieyun in dangu, but also Tianjiao Xie Luo, who are looking for revenge. The reason Jiaoqi Zhenjun came as fast as possible was to kill longchen before they got the news. Now longchen didn't kill him, but killed a Hu Feng. How can he not be angry?

"Fight as you fight. I'll kill you today." With a roar, Jiao Qi's breath suddenly changed, and the vision behind him kept trembling.

"Wait a minute"

as soon as Jiaoqi Zhenjun is about to move, a figure suddenly appears and stops him.

"Lord of the valley?"

Jiaoqi didn't expect that the leader of dangu came to Dongxuan in person, but he soon found that it was just a separate body.

This man is Yu Xiaoyun, the leader of dangu valley. He stops Jiaoqi Zhenjun, looks at Hu Feng, and says: "gambling on Tiandao has disappeared from tianwu for thousands of years. Now some people continue to inherit it. It seems that it will shine brilliantly in tianwu."

"I don't deserve it. The valley master praised me." Hu Feng Road, he quietly waiting for the words behind Yu Xiaoyun.

Sure enough, Yu Xiaoyun said with a smile: "young people, with vigor and vitality, can make tianwu prosperous. This is a good thing.

For example, today's martial land is shaken by the Dragon dust, and people are in a panic. This man has committed many evils and wants to overthrow tianwu land. But those who have lofty ideals should stand up to turn the tide, kill the devil, make contributions and settle the tianwu chaos.

As a descendant of Tiandao, you are also a member of tianwu mainland. Let's not say that you should stand in the perspective of tianwu mainland. Even if you stand in the perspective of Tianjiao, I think longchen should be your enemy, not a stranger who has nothing to do with you. "

Is this to woo Hu Feng against longchen? Everyone can hear Yu Xiaoyun's meaning. For Hu Feng, it's a chance to earn both fame and fortune.

Yulong thought that if there was a real dragon in the mainland, he would be the Savior of the chaos.

Sometimes, the power of ignorance is very terrible, because it can spread like a virus and has a great impact.

In addition to some well-informed and insightful people, who always keep this clear mind, many people will be driven by public opinion. Now, dangu is making momentum for this matter.

Push longchen to the top of the storm, and let all practitioners regard longchen as their enemy. Now, he has almost started. All kinds of negative rumors about longchen are spreading everywhere, and it's hard to tell whether they are true or false.

Hu Feng said with a smile: "Lord Valley, you flatter me too much. Our disciples who gamble on the way of heaven have nothing to do with the world. They gamble with heaven, but they don't fight with others.

If it wasn't for this man's bad words, I wouldn't have interfered in this matter. Long Chen and I are neither friends nor enemies. His affairs have nothing to do with me.

I bet that the disciples of the way of heaven like to be free and unrestrained. Lord of the valley, if the boy has something else to do, he will leave first. "

Hu Feng politely refuses Yu Xiaoyun's suggestion, or says that he refuses Yu Xiaoyun's invitation. Obviously, Yu Xiaoyun wants to pull Hu Feng into the camp.

Yu Xiaoyun seemed to have known that Hu Feng would refuse. He said with a smile, "everyone has his own ambition. You can't force it. However, I believe that you won't sit back and ignore it when the disaster comes

Hu Feng could not deny a smile, arched his hand and saluted: "good bye, boy."With these words, Hu Feng walks away slowly. The huge color behind him turns slowly until his figure disappears in front of the crowd.

"Lord, why don't you let me kill him?" Watching Hu Feng leave, Jiaoqi Zhenjun clenches his fist and reluctantly conveys his voice.

"The descendant of gambling on heaven's way is not so easy to kill. Believe me, his fighting power is definitely not worse than that of longchen. He even has the reputation of fifty fifty Kai. It's not in vain.

Don't say it's you. Even if I'm here, I may not be able to leave him. That's the strangeness of gambling on the way of heaven. " Yu Xiaoyun looks at Jiaoqi Zhenjun in a faint way.


"You don't believe it, do you? Let me tell you something, you can beat him, but you can't kill him.

Once we let him escape, it is tantamount to driving him to the other side of the Dragon dust. We can't get anything and don't say anything. We also add a terrifying enemy with unlimited potential, which is not worth the loss. " Yu Xiaoyun said.

"What shall we do? Let long Chen get away with it? " Jiaoqi is the real king.

"Be patient. Time will let you get what you want, but haste will not.

Now you are just a little bit close to completely awakening the vision. That's what you should do first. As for longchen? Don't worry, he and his dragon blood army will eventually become your stepping stones. " With Yu Xiaoyun's words, the man disappeared.

Although he was unwilling, Jiaoqi didn't dare to resist Yu Xiaoyun, so he could only endure his anger. With a long hiss, Jiuse Tianma galloped away with a chariot of Qilin, just like a meteor across the sky. People had already left, but the roar of heaven and Earth lasted for a long time.

People dispersed slowly. The battle spread quickly in tianwu. The descendants of gambling on Tiandao finally made a big hit. Hu Feng suppressed Jiaoqi Zhenjun, and everyone saw it.

However, this battle is just a mutual trial, and the final battle ends with the appearance of Yu Xiaoyun. No one knows who is stronger.

However, people finally have a recognition of the descendants of gambling on heaven. I'm afraid that they are also the strongest in the world. They are definitely dragon dust, Mo Nian, di Feng, Xie Luo and Jiao Qi Zhenjun.

As for huolieyun, many people have eliminated him from the world's strongest. First, he lost to longchen in Mingxing, and his body broke. Everyone knows that huolieyun will fade out of people's view from this world full of arrogance. This world is no longer what he can fight for.

On this day, however, the name of Hu Feng has become more and more resounding.


Longchen doesn't know. After he left, Jiaoqi Zhenjun killed him. What's more, he didn't know that Jiaoqi Zhenjun would fight Hu Feng.

At this time, he sits on the cliff, the dragon's skeleton is inserted in the rock, and long Chen quietly looks at the rolling river in front of him. He doesn't know what he is thinking.

"If you have anything you want to say, just say it. Don't worry about it. You've been sitting for three hours." The dragon bone evil month opens a way.

Longchen killed out of DongXuan county. When the intention of killing disappeared, people became silent and didn't say a word all the way.

"Xie Yue, to tell you the truth, am I very strange?" Long Chen asked.

"I thought it was strange at first, but I didn't know whether I was used to it or I became strange too. I felt OK." Dragon's skeleton evil month pondered after a while just way.

Long Chen shook his head and said, "in fact, I think I'm just two people."

"You How do you know? " The dragon's skeleton evil moon was surprised.

"Because, deep in my soul, there is another memory that has been influencing me." Looking at the distance, long Chen didn't notice the tone of the dragon's skeleton evil moon, and said: "in fact, I'm just a down and out man. I'm no different from ordinary people. I never want to be a hero, let alone a savior.

I really want to be able to live in peace with a few confidants, carefree, old barren mountains.

In fact, I am very lazy and bad. I like intrigue, entrapment and opportunism.

However, deep in my soul, there is a belief that has always influenced me. It always makes me face difficulties like a fool. When I encounter a fire pit, I jump in. When I encounter a knife mountain, I rush in.

As a result, now I'm really like a fool. I know it's a trap and a near death. I still want to break through.

Now I don't know whether that will has influenced me, or whether it's this kind of character in my heart that has just been dug out. " Long Chen rubbed his face.

"Maybe it's a dual character. In fact, many creatures have it, especially your race, which is the most complex race. It's no surprise.

Then I ask you, you know that if you go this time, you will surely die. Do you still go? " She asked.

"If you don't, it won't be my dragon dust." Long Chen looked at the rolling river, and his voice was very firm. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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