Chapter 1961

After long Chen wakes up, he slightly manages the cause and effect. Long Chen can be sure that lengyueyan is sacrificed, which is actually the situation of lengyueyan cloth.

Lengyueyan's ultimate goal is the totem pole. To cut off the totem pole, lengyueyan must borrow the power of the evil god, and the power of the evil god can only be obtained through sacrifice.

Although I don't know the whole layout of lengyueyan, longchen knows that lengyueyan must have a back hand, which can interrupt the sacrifice, absorb the power of evil gods, and cut the totem pole.

Now that Leng Yueyan has finished the layout, long Chen's efforts seem to be a cold joke. Long Chen feels that it is a kind of self indulgence.

"But I like your stupidity."

Lengyueyan stretched out her arms and hugged longchen from behind. She put her pretty face on longchen's back and said in a soft voice:

"I really like it. I know you love me. I know that in this world, there are still people willing to live and die with me.

You know what? Your appearance, is not a joke, but really helped me a big favor, you saved a card for me.

And this card will decide whether I can survive the next crisis, which is related to my life and death. "

"Really?" Long Chen was surprised.

Leng Yueyan walks up to long Chen from behind, stretches out her arms and holds her neck in both hands. Her eyes are full of warmth:

"of course it's true"

when she looks at Leng Yueyan from the front, long Chen's heart beats faster. After eating the last loss, long Chen takes a deep breath and tries to calm herself. However, when she sees Leng Yueyan's snow-white jade on her chest , a deep bottomless gully, longchen's heart suddenly like a drum.

"Am I beautiful?" Lengyueyan looks at the embarrassed appearance of longchen, can't help but smile, if peach blossom bloom, soul stirring.


it's an instinct for long Chen to blurt out without thinking about it.

Leng Yueyan's face suddenly flushed, and a rare blush appeared. Leng Yueyan's forehead gently leaned on longchen's forehead, and her lips gently opened:

"you bastard, do you know? In this world, I have been looking for a backer to change my destiny.

I found a lot of people who seemed to have great potential, so I started chasing them, forcing them to practice as fast as possible and grow up under pressure.

Unfortunately, they can't keep up with me, and eventually they all died under my sword, which proves that they are not my destiny.

Until one day, I met you. At that time, I had a premonition that you were the only one who could save me.

Later, I began to chase you, but you, too stupid, took a group of people together to fight across the cultivation world. No matter how strong a person is, how can you lead a group of people to become strong?

They have slowed down your practice. I have advised you, but you are so stubborn that you don't listen at all.

I don't know when, I found that I care more and more about you, always pay attention to you, I found that I can no longer regard you as my life-saving straw.

Until that time in the spirit world, I killed you at that time. In that case, you even showed mercy to me and didn't want to kill me. Do you think you are stupid

At this point, on lengyueyan's pretty face, tears fell, she continued: "you stupid bastard, let me fall in love with you, how can I have the heart to drag you into the water?

Since you can't let go of your brother Hongyan, I'll let you be free. I'm going to pay you back twice, cut off the grudge between us, and never owe each other.

But When I decided to face it alone, you showed up. What do you want me to do? You bastard... "

Lengyueyan said here, tears, calm as she, at this time there is a touch of sweet, there is a kind of bitterness, there is a kind of hesitation and at a loss.

"What's the matter? Can't we face it together?" Dragon dust gently wipe tears for lengyueyan, soft voice way.

He knows that lengyueyan's origin is mysterious, and the things she faces will definitely exceed his imagination, but longchen is willing to share with her.

Leng Yueyan shook her head: "you can't give up too much emotion in your heart. It will hinder you and affect your practice. You can't help me."

Lengyue Yanyu wiped the tears off her face and took a deep breath: "don't talk about this heavy topic. Anyway, I've arranged it almost. When it comes, I'll live and die with it."

"Who is it?" Long Chen asked.

"You don't have to ask. I've already made the arrangement. With the spirit of the evil dragon and the totem pole as the guide, I'm 80% sure I can suppress it." Leng Yueyan said with a smile.

See lengyueyan refused to say, long Chen had to give up, lengyueyan character he still understand, she decided things, is very difficult to change.

"Long Chen, shall I dance for you?" Lengyueyan suddenly looks at longchen, and a faint blush appears on her face.

"Dancing? Yes, yesLong Chen claps his hands in a hurry. It's hard for him to imagine that a generation of demon queen, cold-blooded and merciless, would even offer dancing to others. It's beyond people's imagination.

Lengyueyan smile, a pair of arms swing, waist, actually really dancing.

Long Chen feels that his heart is about to jump out of his throat. Lengyueyan's posture is the most perfect proportion. Just standing there can make people forget to breathe.

With Leng Yueyan's waist dancing, long Chen suddenly feels dizzy, breathes quickly, and his blood flows rapidly. He can't control it.

The most important thing is that with lengyueyan's dancing posture, her long clothes are gently untied, her jade arms are like snakes, and her delicate feet come out from the bottom of her skirt. Her red skirt has beautiful legs, which makes her blood relax.

Lengyueyan waist rotation, with her rotation, long clothes slowly fall off, inside only wearing a bra, and a thin dress.

The jade legs are long, the waist is clear, every inch of the skin of the cold moon face has a kind of moving magic, which is a kind of deadly dance.

Although there is no music, the graceful posture alone has already made people's blood boil. Lengyueyan's face is full of charming color.

"It's the magic dance of our evil way. It's a dance that a woman dances for when she marries the man she loves.

I was taught when I was very young, but I killed everyone who saw me dance, men and women. "

Leng Yueyan talks and walks slowly to longchen. With a little long finger, her bra falls down, and then her lower garment slowly falls off.

I don't know how long after that, long Chen is tired and sleepy. He feels that his bones are going to fall apart.

When long Chen wakes up, he not only feels a burst of hot pain, but also has a lot of blood, and lengyueyan has disappeared.

Long Chen can't help gnashing his teeth: "mad, she is absolutely intentional. I am so hurt."

This is not the love between men and women in the legend at all. This is torture at all. Leng Yueyan tossed for three hours, but longchen couldn't fight and resist. Longchen was mad.

"This is a madwoman, a pervert. It's really bad luck." Long Chen couldn't help spitting bitterly.

He doesn't enjoy it well and deliberately torments others. Leng Yueyan is definitely a psychopathic guy. This kind of person can't reason with her at all.

If you want to reason with her, the only way is to suppress her, use her method of tormenting longchen, and give it back to her.

"Is it cool?"

The laughter of dragon's skeleton evil moon Yin came, and there was a kind of schadenfreude flavor.

"Roll NIMA's eggs." Long Chen is very angry. This bastard even wants to kill him.

"Curse is a kind of incompetence, but also a kind of no self-cultivation vent, long Chen, you degenerate." Dragon evil moon is not angry, pretending to be a look of emotion.

Long Chen ignored it and looked at the cave carefully. It was a round cave, only a few hundred feet in diameter, not very big. There was only a small entrance.

Long Chen thought for a long time, suddenly began to busy, long Chen took out a long chain, began to dig on the ground.

"I'll go. You're not going to set a trap." Dragon Dragon evil month surprised tunnel.

"Shut up"

long Chen wants to dig the earth, but the earth on the ground is like an artifact. If the artifact is cut on it, it's hard to leave a trace. This is the effect of lengyueyan's blessing.

Long Chen takes out the fragments of the East wasteland clock. The mud is cut like tofu. Long Chen is very happy and buries the chains of the road. He works hard for more than an hour before he sets up the trap.

Let long Chen feel gratified is, this period of time, Leng Yueyan has not come back, otherwise all previous achievements will be wasted.

"In fact, if Leng Yueyan doesn't come back, you can go by yourself. Is it interesting for you to delay your time like this?" The dragon's bone evil month advises a way.

"It's not a gentleman to have revenge, or I can't swallow it." Long Chen indignant tunnel.

"Isn't it the question of who is active and who is passive? What's the big deal? I'll tell you, the origin of lengyueyan is extremely frightening.... " The dragon's bone evil month advises a way.

"Shut up. If you help me, do it together. If you don't, shut up and I'll do it myself." Long Chen cold hum way.

This is the first time in his life that he has been taken away. What makes people angry is that Leng Yueyan doesn't cherish it at all. How can long Chen not be angry with him so rudely?

Although lengyueyan is also the first time, but you can't pain, also let others pain, lengyueyan's desire to conquer is too strong, and longchen, is also the case, this revenge must be revenge.

Just wait for three days. On the third day, Leng Yueyan finally came back.

But today's Leng Yueyan didn't wear the long red dress she always wore. Instead, she was wearing a long palace dress with high bun, instead of falling down naturally as usual.

Today's lengyueyan has a more noble, graceful and proud temperament, just like relegating immortals to the world and deities to the world.Lengyueyan saw longchen, can't help a Leng, just want to speak, longchen big hand pull the chain.


Leng Yueyan is bound by the chains of Taoism for a moment, and long Chen immediately pours on Leng Yueyan and knocks her down.

"Today, if I don't let you grab the railings and tear the sheets, I won't be called long Chen."

Long Chen roars, grabs Leng Yueyan's clothes and tears them violently: "don't think that if I change my clothes, I will forget my previous hatred." , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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