Chapter 2155

Above the void stood a man in white, with a sword on his back.

This man has a fair face and looks pretty good, but his upturned corners of his eyes make him look rebellious. He looks like a sharp blade out of his body. His eyes hurt when he looks at him.

However, it is strange that a headdress was tied to his head to block his forehead.

This man is Jian Wuchen. When he stands there, hundreds of millions of sword lights appear around him, splitting the void. So when people look at him, they have the illusion that their eyes are going to be torn.

"Are you Yue Zifeng? Hum, stand up and die. Let the whole world see today. You tianjianmen are a group of arrogant and incompetent people. " Jian Wuchen looks down at Yue Zifeng on the ground. His voice is full of disdain and resentment.

Yue Zifeng slowly opens his eyes and floats up. He looks at the sword quietly and says coldly: "a traitor, dare to talk big. If the elder of tianjianmen didn't take you in that year, you would have starved to death in the street. I don't know how to be grateful.

It's not as good as a beast to betray our school and treat our former fellow assassins who are so ungrateful. "

"It's a joke. They took me in because they took a fancy to my Kendo talent. Later, they saw that I was extremely gifted. They all envied me and refused to teach me my real Kendo skills.

What's the point of keeping such a narrow-minded school? Tianjianmen is a group of hypocrites from top to bottom. I will expose your hypocrisy bit by bit and let the whole world know that even without the cultivation of tianjianmen, I can become a useful person and go to the top of kendo.

If it's a pearl, it won't be covered by a group of weeds. Today, I will use your blood to prove to the world how blind the old men of Tianjian gate are and miss a peerless genius.

My way to prove the emperor is to use your blood to open it. At the same time, let the old people of tianjianmen see what is the real kendo. " Jian Wuchen's white clothes are windless, his sharp sword will soar, the void will roar, and his momentum will be improved bit by bit.

"Emperor Zheng? Think wearing a white suit can prove the emperor? White clothes still can't cover up your black heart.

You are the scum in sword cultivation. The elder of Tianjian sect let you live. I hope you can repent one day, but you are stubborn and wasted their efforts. Today, let me clean up the gate for Tianjian sect. " Yue Zifeng's voice became colder and colder. His big hand slowly extended to the hilt behind him. An invisible pressure radiated.

"Fart, you are all a group of hypocritical idiots. I'll kill you today."


The sword without dust broke off, and the void behind it exploded in an instant. A vision was opened. In that vision, the virtual shadow of a huge sword appeared.

The virtual shadow of the huge sword was wrapped in black air, emitting endless killing breath. As the vision was opened, endless black air filled the sky and earth, and the sky and earth darkened for a moment.

At the same time, heaven and earth are enveloped by the endless air of killing, the roar of thousands of ways, and the shaking of heaven and earth.

"The vision of heaven and soul, the magic sword breaks through the dark."

Someone exclaimed that the vision of heaven soul was more terrifying than that of ordinary people. Under the roar of heaven, people were shocked.

Ordinary people who propagate the heaven awaken the vision and just absorb the power of the way of heaven for their own use, which is a kind of blessing. The vision of heaven soul seems to extract the soul of heaven and earth and integrate it into the vision. To control the vision is to control the heaven and earth.

With the roaring of the universe and the endless divine light wrapping the sword, he was like a demon possessed by the sword. There was a dark light in his eyes, which was very shocking.

"The sword Wuchen has deviated from the Kendo and entered a kind of magic way. He is too evil and paranoid. In order to pursue higher fighting power, he does everything he can. Although he awakens the vision of heaven and soul, he is still not a real kendo. To prove the emperor is just a fool's dream." Long Chen looks at the sword dust-free way that the whole body is wrapped by the evil spirit and the face becomes ferocious.

"You're right. Because of this, the elder of tianjianmen ordered him to stop practicing and cultivate his mind.

But he didn't understand the good intentions of his predecessors at all. He thought that he was jealous of his talent and resented the whole Tianjian sect. Finally, he betrayed his school, killed his brothers and went astray. " Nangong zuiyue nodded.

Long Chen is very accurate at seeing people. Although he doesn't know Jian Wuchen, he immediately sees through Jian Wuchen's heart as soon as he contacts him.

"It's a pity that Kendo is different from other Dao. Everything depends on one's own epiphany. If someone gives too much advice, it will only encourage the young and kill the genius.

Therefore, even if Jian Wuchen has a heart demon, others can only give a vague reminder. If Jian Wuchen had known his heart demon at the beginning, maybe he would not have betrayed Tianjian gate. " Beitang Rushun also follows the road.

"It's no use. It's easy to change. It's hard to change one's nature. It's impossible to cultivate one's morality. That's what one's character is. It will never change.

Just like some people, when they are weak, they are good people. When they become strong, they become bad.In fact, they are not getting worse, but their nature is bad. When they are weak, they have no bad capital. " Long Chen doesn't agree with Beitang Rushun. The more powerful a person is, the more easily he will be influenced by his nature. He feels that if he is strong, he can do whatever he wants and no longer have the heart of awe.

On the void, the dust-free breath of the sword increases bit by bit, and the space begins to solidify gradually. The invisible pressure makes people feel suffocated.

Jian Wuchen didn't make a move immediately. He released his strength little by little. He wanted to corrode Yue Zifeng's fighting spirit little by little.

This time, he not only wanted to defeat Yue Zifeng, he wanted to kill him with absolute superiority, he wanted to prove to the whole world how stupid a decision tianjianmen had made to expel him.

In the face of the rising momentum of the sword, Yue Zifeng was as motionless as a rock. His big hand had already grasped the handle of the sword. At that moment, his breath disappeared, as if he had been integrated into the world.

"It's said that Yue Zifeng, like longchen, is not a Yantian at all. Even Skywalker is not. He can't summon visions at all."

"This man is really a freak. He doesn't need the blessing of heaven to get to today. He's really tough."

"I just don't know if he can beat the sword without dust. You know, the heaven soul vision of sword without dust hasn't been launched yet. The momentum alone is enough to crush people's will."

Looking at the two people who looked at each other in the void, people began to whisper behind their backs. Many people didn't think much of sword dust.

We should know that respecting teachers and respecting the way, whether it is the human race, or the ancient race, or the mysterious beast race, all agree with the truth.

Traitors, no matter what race, are unacceptable and abhorrent.

So even though Jian Wuchen was the supreme in ancient times, few people recognized him. The righteous and strong would recognize a powerful enemy, but they would never recognize a traitor.

In many people's hearts, they all hope that Yue Zifeng can defeat jianwuchen, but they all know that this wish may be illusory. After all, the times are different, and Yue Zifeng is just a registered disciple of Tianjian sect.

Because Yue Zifeng's real identity is the head of the Fourth Army of the dragon blood legion, and he has not been practicing in Tianjian gate all the time. No matter his fame or his inside information, he is far away from the sword.

"If Yue Zifeng is defeated, should long Chen do it?" Some people speculate.

"It's impossible. This kind of duel between masters is endless. Yue Zifeng wants to clean up the door. Even if Yue Zifeng is killed by jianwuchen, he can't do it.

Masters all have their own dignity, which is more important than life. If long Chen helps, it will be a disgrace for Yue Zifeng's life. " Some people shake their heads and don't think longchen will do it.

"Well That's a pity. " People can't help sighing. It seems that they have already seen the scene of Yue Zifeng falling and Zhang bossy.


suddenly, the void suddenly vibrates, and the ever enlarging vision finally stops. The magic sword in the vision blooms endless black air, covering the sky.

At this time, it seems that the grand battlefield has just stopped within ten thousand times of time and space.

Even the strong men on the outskirts of the battlefield can't help retreating for a distance. In the shadow of this vision, they feel uneasy. It seems that at this distance, as long as the sword has no dust, they can cut off their heads with one sword. The sense of danger has always been enveloped in their hearts.

In the face of the terrible vision of the sword, Yue Zifeng never said a word. His eyes were calm. He held the handle of the sword in one hand, just like a rock.

"You should thank me for showing you my Kendo just as I summoned the vision.

This is the first time that I have shown my Kendo in such detail since I woke up. How about that? Are you desperate? " Sword dust-free hand, also slowly holding the hilt, light tunnel.

"It's despair and fear." Yue Zifeng nodded.

Yue Zifeng's words startled all the strong people present. If there was fear and despair in Yue Zifeng's heart, it means that his mind has been disturbed by the vision of sword dust-free, and his will is broken. He will surely lose today, and defeat means death.

"Not only despair and fear, but also greed and desire in your heart. You always want to get the sword Scripture, but you can't get it.

It's useless for a person like you, who is not good at heart, selfish and narrow-minded, to show you the sword scriptures. People like you can't understand it at all. " Yuezifeng cold tunnel.

"Fart, is it rare? Even if there is no sword Scripture, I can do the right thing. Now I find a new way to awaken the magic sword to break the dark world. Let me see, who else can fight with me except those old men in Tianjian gate? "

Jian Wuchen's face became ferocious. Suddenly, his big hand moved. The long sword came out of his body behind him, and there were thousands of rays. The sharp sword Qi soared into the sky, like a flying rainbow, cutting at Yue , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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