Chapter 2188

The dragon blood soldiers are full of Qi and blood. The roar of dragons is all over the world. More than 12000 visions resonate with each other. The sound of dragon chanting resounds through the sky.

The dragon blood soldiers cut it out with one sword, and the terrible sword Qi rips the void and surges forward like a raging wave.

Those who have just approached the major forces, have been cut off, the dragon blood soldiers, summoned the dragon blood battle body, with each other's blessing, the power is even more terrible.

The first group of strong men who came here are the most powerful among the major forces. Some of them can withstand the first wave of attacks and continue to march forward.

And some people didn't resist, they were cut off by a sword, which was bad, when the second wave of attack of the dragon blood soldiers came.

If there is no super strong person to resist, those who follow will be unlucky. When the sword falls, their faces will turn green.

"Puff, puff, puff..."

Those who were strong even had no chance to escape were killed by the terrible sword Qi, while those who blocked the first wave of attacks met the second wave of attacks. This time, more people were shocked and flew away.

When the dragon blood soldiers raised their swords for the third time, their faces suddenly changed.

"It's a fuckin 'trick that long Chen just used."

All of a sudden, those strong people thought of the scene that even the heavy weapons of the Oriental aristocratic family had been chopped off by the eight patterns of dragon dust.

Nowadays, the attack of the dragon blood soldiers is just like the Dragon dust, which is more and more terrible. When the dragon blood army raises its long sword for the third time, the sky and the earth roar and roar, and ten thousand swords pierce the sky. The shadow of the sword, with the power of cutting the sky and destroying the earth, kills mercilessly.

The void burst into pieces, and ten thousand sword Qi mingled with each other, forming a terrifying boundless sword wave, pouring in all directions.

Those strong people regret that they should not rush so far ahead. Now they have no chance to escape. They can only break out with all their strength and stick to it.

"Puff, puff, puff..."

This blow down, with the dragon blood Legion as the center, a ring area, almost cleared by a sword, tens of thousands of strong people were destroyed by this blow.

Within the scope of this attack, only a few hundred strong men have not been killed. These strong men are all terrible ancient supremacies, but their faces have changed.

The terror of the dragon blood army was beyond their imagination. The blow just now made them suffer a great loss.

They also finally see the problem, the dragon blood Legion's vision chain, just hit seems to be average, but they are locked by many dragon blood soldiers, that is to say, they are taken care of.

Some of them were shocked, but their hands were not hurt.

If they move on, then all the attacks will be focused on them, and they are a little scared.

There are more than 10000 people in the dragon blood army. It's fatal to concentrate their strength. For a moment, they dare not move forward because they are afraid of death, but they dare not retreat because they are afraid of being ridiculed. They freeze there and don't know what to do.

In an instant, tens of thousands of strong people were killed, and the earth was red with blood. You know, they are not ordinary strong people, they are all the people who awaken from the vision.

Those at the helm of the major forces are shocked, angry and heartbroken when they see this scene. A powerful Yantian person needs to spend countless resources and painstaking efforts to cultivate.

"What to do? The dragon blood army is like an iron bucket. It will cause a lot of casualties. Some of the gains are not worth the losses. " Long Juncang, the head of the ancient clan, opened his mouth.

as like as two peas, the more than 10000 dragon's blood group is so sharp that no one can imagine that the vision of the awakened people is exactly the same. Their strength is linked to each other and they are killed.

"Lord Zhong, it's time for you to kill the disciples of the blood hall?" Ask the sky coldly.

At this time, the strongmen of xuesha temple also came. There were more than 3000 people in total. These were the strongmen of the older generation, and they were the least among all the forces.

But the blood killing palace has never won by the number of people. So many killers are very powerful.

These killers of the older generation are all powerful people in the underworld. One by one, they are wearing robes and hats, so that people can't see their faces.

In front of them, Zhong Ziyang, the master of xuesha hall, stood up with a negative hand and said faintly: "our disciples of xuesha hall will only choose the best time to fight. They will never fight until the time comes. This is the iron law of killers. They will never attack rashly."

The evil asked the sky coldly and hummed: "do you mean to ridicule us for taking actions rashly without careful consideration

In the tone of asking the sky, he obviously has the smell of fire medicine. He is very dissatisfied with Zhong Ziyang's inaction.

"I didn't say that. You are so thoughtful, Lord evil." Zhong Ziyang shook his head.

"Don't look like you're in the mood. It's like it's none of your business.

Last time, you xuesha hall dragged everyone back. Now you have no explanation. Now everyone is attacking, but none of your disciples of xuesha hall show up. Are they hiding in the wangba cave and drinking wangba soup? " Ask the sky coldly.Evil asked day angry, originally thought that day evil son can show strong, kill dragon dust, completely frustrated the spirit of the right way.

He was very angry that the evil god bone tower was badly damaged. Tianxizi was stopped by Ye Zhiqiu, and the two sides were deadlocked, which made him even more angry.

Now the army is under pressure, but it is shocked by the dragon blood army. Tens of thousands of people are killed by one blow. They are scared and dare not attack. How can he not be angry?

The last time he said it was in front of tianjuegu, Danxian stopped longchen. According to the plan at that time, dangu was the main place, and xuesha hall was the auxiliary. Longchen had to be left.

But in that battle, dongmingyu, the goddess of xuesha temple, didn't do anything. At last, she made longchen run away and made countless strong people angry.

Now this matter is mentioned again, everyone's eyes are looking at Zhong Ziyang, meaning whether Zhong Ziyang wants to give an explanation.

Zhong Ziyang said with a smile: "the goddess is the disciple of killing God, but we are just the servants of killing God. How can I manage the affairs of the goddess?

As for why the goddess didn't do it, I'm not qualified to ask, but I believe that the goddess must have her plan.

So, don't point the finger at me. We're just cooperating. I'm not a follower of anyone. Besides, I don't like people yelling at me. "


Zhong Ziyang's words to the end, has been obviously impolite, this is a kind of strong attitude to the evil asked the sky, evil asked the sky suddenly angry.

"Ladies and gentlemen, it's not a matter of right or wrong now. Things have happened. It's meaningless to care about them again.

Both of them are the overlord of tianwu mainland. If they quarrel here, it will only make people laugh. It's better for us to study how to attack. " Yu Xiaoyun said.

"I don't know what the master of the East and the master of the West have in mind?" Yu Xiaoyun said.

Dongfang aristocratic family and Ximen aristocratic family are not far away. At this time, we are in the same camp.

"What's my opinion? The Dongfang family has always been independent of the world. It's long Chen who tried to overthrow tianwu, so we were forced to do it. As for advice, I'm sorry. I really don't have that mind." The old family of the East.

As for the master of Simon's family, he didn't speak at all. He didn't seem to want to be with them.

"At this time, only through the killers of the blood killing hall, can they cause chaos from the inside and destroy their formation, can they have the opportunity to disrupt their defense and avoid causing a lot of casualties." Ask the sky coldly.

"Not necessarily. If we attack the old men of the skylark family at this time, will the dragon blood army sit back and ignore us?" Zhong Ziyang light tunnel.

When Zhong Ziyang said this, everyone's eyes lit up. They didn't think of this problem.

Que Yuzhu and some of the elders of the family chasing yuntun Skylark are not far away, watching longchen. If they are attacked, the dragon blood army and the family chasing yuntun Skylark will surely be killed.

Thinking of this, people could not help but be overjoyed, but someone asked the question: "if we attack the tianque family, will tianwu alliance also attack? In that case, there will be a scuffle in the end. "

"Hum, I'll take this matter out of the hand of the Xuan beast clan. I don't think they have any reason to interfere with us?" Peng Wanli sneered.

It's their enmity with tianque. Tianwu alliance is a Terran alliance. If they intervene, there's no valid reason.

Peng Wanli said, one hand raised high, about to issue an attack order, but before his order was issued, there was a violent roar in the distance.

The earth trembled, and a tsunami exploded in the distance. The sky and the earth roared, and countless breath of terror came, which made everyone change color.

"Boom boom..."

The earth kept trembling, and the sound came near. People saw countless huge figures in the distance, like the tide.

"Yes The sirens, they're here in the end. " Someone screamed in horror, his voice trembling.

"Do they want to compete with us for luck?" People became uneasy. As the sea demon army approached, people's faces became more and more ugly.

These sirens, most of them incarnate into adults, and some are half human and half demon. More or less, they all have key parts to show their identities.

Some have eight legs at their feet, some have huge pliers on their hands, some have huge tortoise shells on their backs, and others are covered with spines and hairy like big insects.

At the end, there are countless huge figures, such as sea snakes, turtles, cancer, shrimps, and all kinds of sea monsters. The team is boundless. It is preliminarily estimated that the number of sea monsters may reach tens of millions.

They smell terrible, with their arrival, all the fighting people have stopped fighting, looking at this huge group of uninvited guests.

"We will not embarrass you, let the most powerful torrent out, otherwise, we will bear the consequences."Someone from the sea demon family came out and looked around the whole area, cold tunnel. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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