Chapter 2262

"Long Chen, I'm sorry, but you can rest assured that it should be yours, and there will be no less." Long Changlao came to long Chen and said with a smile.

"However, your words make me feel a little confused. I don't know who is in charge of the Protoss. I don't want to be fooled." Long Chen looks at elder long with a gloomy face.

The Dragon elder is not angry, but smiles. Instead of opening his mouth, he hears from his soul:

"it doesn't matter who said that. The important thing is that you and your dragon blood army need the celestial realm, and we need you, and tianwu also needs you.

The law of the jungle and respect for the strong are unswerving truths at any level.

You are a wise man. When you know what's at stake, and whether our cooperation will do you more good or harm, you should understand. "

Long Chen's eyes narrowed slightly and nodded: "I understand."

"That's good. You're tired, too. Have a rest." Long Chang Lao Dao.

Long Chen nodded, but he didn't go to rest directly. Instead, he took out the head of the Jinjiao blood clan man and put it in the void, where the emperor's seal was.

Longchen didn't speak, but people all know that longchen used the head of the Golden Horn blood clan man to pay homage to the great emperor. The great emperor's divine power can't be profaned.

Seeing this scene, countless strong men of the right path clenched their fists. The golden horned man insulted the emperor and called him a dead ghost. At that moment, everyone was angry.

Now the head of the Golden Horn blood clan man is hanging here, and people are full of gratitude to longchen. Longchen risked his life to go deep into the blood clan, and even fought with the fourth step strongman in the netherworld, which is dangerous and self-evident.

After that, the dragon blood army returned to tianwu alliance. However, before returning, there was a continuous roar below the battlefield, which was the sound of Xia Chen erasing all traces in the formation.

The big array is destroyed by Ye benchang. The energy in the big array has been used up, but there are still some secrets in the big array, which can't be exposed to others. Xia Chen erases all the secrets. Even if someone digs, he can't see anything valuable.

"You child, what can I tell you? Why are you both as stubborn as donkeys?" Looking at long Chen's blood and bone, Qu Jianying complains.

When long Chen came back from the depths of yin and Yang, he was already seriously injured. He even killed ye benchang's deputy general. He took ye benchang's attack, which made the situation worse. His brow was dead, which made me sad.

Mengqi and Chuyao hold longchen's arm, because at this time, longchen is very weak. Among the beautiful eyes of all the women, they are all distressed. This time, longchen is seriously injured.

"I can't help it. I can't change my character in my life." Long Chen smiles and comforts him. He knows that Qu Jianying is really good to him and treats him like his own child.

Therefore, although long Chen often does not agree with Qu Jianying's practice, he always respects Qu Jianying in his heart. After all, he is a family.

"Mad, you shouldn't have stopped me just now and let me chop that ye benchang to death." Looking at long Chen's whole body is injured, the old man's face is very blue with anger. His children are bullied like this. The old man gnashes his teeth and can't hang on his face.

If Qu Jianying and others didn't hold the old man desperately just now, the old man would definitely fight with ye benchang. Now he is even more upset when he sees the embarrassment of long Chen. He feels that his elder is too incompetent and makes his children suffer.

"No, ye benchang belongs to me. Don't argue with me, or I'll be suffocated by my evil spirit." Long Chen is in a hurry. Thanks to the old man, if he does, he will be in trouble.

After all, the old man is old. Although he is in a high state, his Qi and blood have begun to decline. Ye benchang is the awakener of spirit and blood. Once the old man is injured, it is very dangerous.

Moreover, if the old man can't beat ye benchang, according to the old man's temper, it will definitely stimulate the ninth movement of Kaitian. He will die together with the other party. It's really not worth it.

Therefore, long Chen takes the matter on himself, determines the target of revenge, and removes the old man from here, so as not to have a knot in his heart.

Long Chen knows the old man's character very well. The old man is more irritable than him, and he can't hide things in his heart. He has poor ability to resist pressure. If this matter is pressed on his mind, it will make him breathless. He can't breathe out and suffocate him.

"Long Chen, don't be rash. Ye benchang is the third step strongman in the netherworld of spiritual blood awakening and vision channeling. His fighting power is terrible and can rival the fourth step strongman.

If you don't enter the netherworld, don't fight with it. After all, it's a powerful Protoss with deep foundation. You should be more careful. " Qu Jianying warned.

She is afraid that long Chen is just like the old man. She can't put things in her heart and doesn't know how to bear them. Next time she is teased by Ye benchang, she will easily suffer a big loss.

"Don't worry, my Lord. I understand." Long Chen nodded.

When long Chen accepts Qu Jianying's advice, long Changlao comes to Shen Chengfeng.

"Long Changlao, the Ye family has gone too far. What are they going to do?" Shen Chengfeng gnashes his teeth."You are still lack of responsibility. Why didn't you take such a good chance just now?" Long Changlao looks at Shen Chengfeng and shakes his head.

"Long Chang, you..." Shen Chengfeng is so surprised that he seems to let elder long kill ye benchang.

"You are not the nature of the dragon family, but you are still a member of the dragon family. In terms of status, you are no lower than ye benchang. He insults you so much. In this case, even if you kill him, what can you do?

Even if you are punished in the end, will you pay for his life? Some punishment, but in exchange for their own dignity, in exchange for the honor of the eighth legion, how can you not count this account? Alas, I thought that you would be influenced by long Chen's violent temper, and as a result... " Elder long shook his head and looked disappointed.

Shen Chengfeng was so confused that he didn't know how to answer.

"Son, I watched you grow up. Sometimes you really lack responsibility. I ask you, what would you do if ye benchang killed your deputy general?" Long asked.

"The disciples will fight against him." Shen Chengfeng said without hesitation.

"Even if you beat him, then, dare you kill him?" Long asked.

"This..." Shen Chengfeng's words stopped him for a moment. He dares to beat ye benchang, but if he says to kill him, I'm afraid he really dares not, because ye benchang is the commander of the seventh legion, ranking higher than him.

"Look at long Chen. Someone has made a move to his men, but he hasn't been hurt. How did long Chen solve it?

Sometimes, a man needs to know how to take on responsibility and rely on wisdom to solve everything. He will lose his blood. Without blood, he can be a military think tank, but he can never be a commander in chief.

As the commander of the eighth Legion and commander of the 100000 day dragon army, most of the time, what you lack is not wisdom, but courage and hegemony. In other words, you don't need wisdom.

Ye benchang is a despicable and insidious person who does things by all means for his purpose. He looks like an idiot, but he has set his own position very well. " Elder long is sincere and sincere.

"Positioning?" Shen Chengfeng murmurs.

Long Chang nodded and said: "yes, it's positioning. He positioned himself as a sword of the Ye family. He would do whatever the Ye family wanted him to do, and the Ye family would take care of everything that happened.

So, in the matter of dragon blood army, that's what he did. He has no brain, but it doesn't mean he has no lethality.

You have a brain, but he has no brain, to stir up a mess, at a loss, sometimes the method is not important, the important thing is the result, the result is achieved, even with the most naive, the most idiotic way to do, it is nothing.

Because what they want is the result, not the process? Soon to be forgotten.

Most of the time, the result is merit and the result is history. As for the process, no one will pay attention to it. Even if the process is despicable, the result is favorable and people will selectively forget it.

You think too much, think too far, you occupy the absolute advantage, or you are insulted, dare not start, the result is, let your eighth day dragon army frustrated.

Don't you see the eyes of those soldiers? Their eyes are full of humiliation and resentment, they are waiting for your order, even if they are afraid of death, they will never frown.

They would rather be humiliated than humiliated, because you are not only their commander, but also their soul, but also their faith.

You may be worried about the distant results, and ignore the results closest to you, although people are not far sighted, there must be immediate worries.

But we can't solve the recent problems. What's the use of looking far away? You can't see the pit under your feet. Even if you have famous mountains and rivers in your eyes, it's just a distant dream. "

Shen Chengfeng suddenly understands what elder long means. Elder long clearly reminds Shen Chengfeng to be tough. Even if he is in trouble, someone will carry it on his back.

"I understand." Shen Chengfeng nodded. His heart was full of remorse. He knew that earlier, he should have rushed up and killed ye benchang.

"You have missed an opportunity, but it doesn't matter. The opportunity will come again. Don't create opportunities for yourself.

To be a man, we should be bold and careful, and understand the current situation. The long family has endured for so many years, and now there is no need to endure any more.

Chengfeng, some words, I can't say too clearly to you, you need your own long mind, not terrible losses, take a cut to gain wisdom, this is the price that growth must pay.

What you're afraid of is that you don't dare to suffer losses in order to pursue stability. Once you lose the heart of adventure and are afraid of failure, it means that you are old and your martial arts have basically come to an end. " The Dragon elder reminds a way.

Shen Chengfeng was reminded by long Changlao. It seems that he has changed a lot since he became the commander, and his mind has gradually deviated. No wonder in recent years, his realm has not improved any more. On the contrary, there are signs of retrogression. Thinking of this, he is sweating.

"Thank you for reminding me, elder long. I will follow my instructions." Shen Chengfeng bows to salute.

"Take care of longchen." Long Chang always looks to the other side of long Chen, if there is a , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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