Chapter 2288

"Where are you taking me? You're not familiar here? "

The God of the underworld was pulled by the Dragon dust and ran down the tower of the God of the underworld. Some of them cried at a loss.

"There is a city over there. Let's play there." Long Chen points to a city in the distance and laughs.

"It's Miluo City, where the mortals of the underworld live. What's the fun?

And it looks close. In fact, it's separated by three empty spaces. For you now, it will take at least three years to get there. " The dark god slightly frowns a way.

"I'll go, so far? But you must have a way Long Chen is slightly surprised, then says with a smile.

The ghost God looks at longchen's expectant appearance, and seems embarrassed to refuse longchen. With a wave of jade hand, countless runes appear in front of him, forming a gateway.

The ghost God pulls the Dragon dust into the door. When they come out of the door, the Dragon dust and the ghost God are already in a prosperous city.

Looking back, longchen finds that the door has disappeared, and he can't see anything in the direction of the Hades tower.

"Immortals are different, and the three spaces are isolated. There is no Pluto tower here, and these people can't see us." The underworld.

"What are the three empty spaces?" Long Chen asked.

"Three emptiness" is a kind of three no space, no law of heaven, no world barrier and no life attachment.

As a matter of fact, I have never studied the three nothingness space. It is a very strange existence. It separates the underworld from the mortal world. Gods can come into the world. But if mortals want to break through the three nothingness space, they need epiphany to soar.

And after flying up, I can't go back. Three no spaces separate the past from the future. Only I, the master of the underworld, can travel freely. Even Leng Yueyan can't enter here. " The underworld.

Long Chen was startled and asked, "is this the last barrier that the powerful people in tianwu say? Once we break through, we will become immortals and gods, and soar in the daytime? "

The ghost shook his head and said, "no, I've been to tianwu. The rules there are totally different.

Moreover, tianwu mainland has a strong soul guard. Even if I go in, I will be stripped of most of the divine power, otherwise at the beginning... "

At this point, the God of the underworld did not continue to speak, and the face of the Dragon dust suddenly became hot. He knew what the God of the underworld meant.

But long Chen pretended not to hear it and asked, "what is the powerful spirit? Even you should be afraid? "

Is it the emperor? No, no matter how strong the emperor is, how can he threaten the gods? If it is so strong, how can it fall?

"I don't know. Their power is very terrible. They are connected with the laws of tianwu. When I come to tianwu, I have to abide by the order.

Let me tell you, tianwu is not an ordinary continent. I have observed it for a long time, and it is likely to be a core of the star field. " The ghost God pondered for a while.

"Star core? What's that? " Long Chen has never heard of it.

"The world is so big that it is beyond your imagination. A star can give birth to life, and it itself is also a living body.

Because tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of stars are combined to form their own operating system, this is called star domain.

As you said before, these stars operate according to this law, and the core of this law is a huge star, which is called the core of the universe.

However, tianwu continent is not a complete core. It has suffered a lot. Only the core of star domain is left, and it is full of holes. It seems to be in danger and will be destroyed at any time.

But even so, its own laws are still terrifying. Even I, in tianwu, dare not fight against them. "

Long Chen was shocked in his heart. He didn't expect that there was such a terrible background in tianwu continent where he lived.

Have you been hit hard? Does it mean the battle between the immortal and the ancient? A big war will blow up the core of a star field. What level of battle is this?

Off topic, off topic, can't continue on this topic, because long Chen found that the eyes of God Ming are more and more clear, and gradually there are signs of sobering up.

"Let's not talk about that, until I bring you here..."

"I'll take you." The hell and the God rectify the right way.

"Well, if you say that You Well, you're right

The Dragon dust originally wanted to refute, but found that there was no place to refute, but the turning point of the Dragon dust made the hell laugh.

She found that longchen was a wonderful flower. It seemed that this man was born with no awe, and his heart was bigger than the sky. It seemed that there was nothing in the world that could make him worried.

With long Chen together, people will be very relaxed, put down all reserve, free.

"I'll show you the real life." Long Chen said with a smile, reaching for the hand of the God of the underworld.

This time, the jade hand of Hades trembled slightly, obviously she didn't get used to it, but she didn't break the hand of longchen and followed longchen side by side.In front of it is an ancient city with three big characters carved on the gate, but it knows longchen, but longchen doesn't know them.

"Miluo City, well, these three words are OK, but the strength is slightly insufficient." The Dragon dust takes the ghost God to the city gate. The Dragon dust looks up at three words and nods.


the God of hell laughed: "that's the Zhengyang gate."

Long Chen's face suddenly froze. He wanted to smoke himself. He pretended to be too big to take it back. He was ashamed to be thrown to grandma's house.

But who is longchen? That cheek is thicker than the city wall, hahaha said with a smile: "of course, I know this is Zhengyang gate. I regret that there is no real calligrapher in Miluo City. It's not grand enough to make such a calligraphy."

The dark god doesn't argue with the Dragon dust, but looks at the Dragon dust with a smile. The Dragon dust pretends not to see the dark god's eyes and pulls her to the city.

It's no different from tianwu. There are many practitioners here, but their breath is totally different from tianwu. However, longchen can tell their strength.

According to long Chen's estimation, the strongest one here can only compete with tianwu's deified land, which does not pose a threat to long Chen at all.

However, after longchen entered the city, many people looked at longchen strangely, and the eyes made longchen uncomfortable.

"Do they see that I am a stranger?" Longchen strange tunnel.

"Your accomplishments are higher than them. They can't see it, but they can't see me." The ghost laughs.

Long Chen suddenly realized that he was holding the God with one hand, and no one could see her. In other people's eyes, long Chen's walking posture naturally became strange.

"Don't make trouble, or people will think I'm a fool." Long Chen complained about the tunnel.

With a little smile, he gradually showed his figure and walked side by side with longchen. Along the way, he was very eye-catching. After all, the black dress seemed to be worn by no one in the secular world.

And long Chen is also a dark robe, which complements the spirit and the spirit. They walk through the crowd, looking at the busy figures around them, long Chen says:

"the hustle and bustle is for the good. To put it bluntly, it's because of desire. Everyone has their own different goals and is striving for them.

No matter ordinary people or emperors, they are busy with their goals. But most people don't know why they are busy, and few people stop to ask themselves

The ghost laughs and says: "have you ever asked yourself?"

"Yes, I often ask myself and reflect on myself. What do I live for?"

"Do you have an answer?"

"The goal of my life is to make those who love me and those I love happy and safe, free from bullying." The dragon city looks at the God of the underworld, the way of deep feeling money.

Staring at longchen's eyes, Mingshen starts to feel her heart beat faster unconsciously. She doesn't dare to look at longchen's eyes.

There seems to be a burning flame in longchen's eyes. That kind of emotion makes her nervous and at a loss.

They went all the way and experienced all kinds of things in the world. At this time, they completely forgot their cultivation and integrated into this troubled world.

At first, the God of the underworld was out of tune with the world, but with the guidance of longchen, the God of the underworld gradually forgot his identity as a God and looked at the world from the perspective of an ordinary person.

Once upon a time, she was a high God. All living beings overlooking the world. She is supreme, but also lonely and lonely.

In her eyes, the world of mortals is like the life of mole ants. She has never paid attention to it.

But today he has entered the world of mortals. But found that the mortal world is not as humble as she imagined, she saw the mortal world has family.

God saw a little girl holding a string of sugar gourd, fell to the ground, sugar gourd covered with soil, can not eat.

The girl's mother, while coaxing the little girl, took out three copper coins from her wrinkled purse, and bought a new string for the little girl. The little girl's face was full of joy and happiness, and the God was dazed.

Long Chen said: "that's the only three coppers on her body. Maybe if she bought sugar gourd, she would be hungry at night.

But in her eyes, the happiness of her daughter is the most important. Maybe some people say that she is stupid. Three coppers can buy more than ten steamed buns, which can last for a whole day.

But sometimes life is like this, shoes fit, only the feet know, happiness is not happy, only their own understand What's the matter with you? "

Dragon dust suddenly found that the God unconsciously, pretty face, full of tears, dragon dust some at a loss, stretch out his hand to wipe the tears on the face of God.

The God of the underworld didn't speak and let longchen wipe her tears. Later, the God of the underworld didn't say anything all the way.

Longchen knows that it's over, and the spirits of the God are gone. She can't fool her any more. She doesn't know what touched the heartstrings of the God and aroused her mood swings. She can't keep the mortal state of mind any more. The power of the gods begins to recover slowly. Longchen knows that his plan is over.Mingshen didn't want to go on shopping. He took longchen to a high mountain outside the city. Beside a waterfall, Mingshen looked at the waterfall for a long time, then slowly turned his head and looked at longchen: "longchen, I want to ask you a question, did you think about me that day when you jumped? , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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