Chapter 2291

There is a pattern on longchen's chest. If you look carefully, it turns out to be a palm print. On the palm print, there are many palmprint, just like a person's palm print.

That palm print, very clear at first, but with the passage of time, began to fade slowly, and finally slowly disappeared.

"Why is this palm print so strange? How can it be like a maze? I used to show palms to girls in my old university. I've never seen palmprint like this before. " Guo Ran has some strange ways.

"Brother longchen can read palms? Why only show it to girls? " Dongming Yu said with a smile.

Guo ran immediately knows that he has made trouble. Unconsciously, he drags the boss into the water again. Guo ran looks at long Chen's eyes, which are about to kill people. He quickly closes his mouth and retreats.

"Long Chen, we are facing five intersections. We don't know which one to take. You can decide." Mengqi avoid long Chen embarrassed, pointing to the fork in the road ahead.

Long Chen looks along Mengqi's fingers, the mainland in front of him is divided into five, leading to five directions.

After walking forward and hesitating at the intersection, they finally choose the road they want to take. No one knows where these roads lead, because once they choose, they can no longer retreat.

Long Chen stands up and asks Mengqi and others what happened these days. Mengqi tells us that these days, they always meet two forks when they go all the way.

Every time they choose one, sometimes it's very easy to go, sometimes it's hard. In the void, there will be fire, ice arrow, thunderstorm and other attacks.

These attacks are all soul attacks. They are directed at the spirit of human beings. Weapons can't resist them. It's very painful.

Fortunately, although these attacks are painful, they are not fatal. Moreover, after the attack, it is obvious that the spirit is tempered by the mysterious power, which is more powerful and solid. It should be a test of the underworld.

However, as they continued to deepen, the attack here became more and more terrifying. Even Guo ran was almost pierced by the arrow of fire once. If he was pierced by the fire, he would burn the spirit directly, which was extremely dangerous.

Later, they finally understood that there are two forks, one is auspicious and the other is vicious. If they step into the auspicious Road, they will die.

But no one knows which road is good or bad. It all depends on blind. Along the way, they saw many creatures, all died on this road, and the front is more and more dangerous.

Now they see a road, no longer divided into two junctions, but divided into five junctions, they begin to hesitate, are discussing which one to take, dragon dust from the sky.

Dragon dust in the heart move, in the mind flash out, just left in the chest of fingerprints, this is Leng Yueyan deliberately left me map?

Waved a hand, motioned everybody not to move, long Chen closed his eyes to review carefully, that palmprint gradually emerged in long Chen's mind.

"As expected, it's the road map Leng Yueyan left me. The road ahead is one point two, only here is one point five.

Color from light to deep, should be a symbol of the difficulty of the route, the final left and right roads, are gathered together, that place should be the exit, but this exit black and white what do you mean

Long Chen meditates quietly, remembers all the maps in his mind, and then stands up.

"The Middle Road"

long Chen said that he took everyone and went straight to the Middle Road, which is also the road that people from all walks of life enter most.

In the hell temple, looking at the image on the door of the trapped evil, the dark moon frowned and said, "does the Dragon dust not understand what you mean?"

Lengyueyan said with a smile, "you don't know longchen."


"You just slept with him once, and I, many times, so we have a deep understanding." Lengyueyan looks at the dark moon and says with a smile.

Ming cangyue's face suddenly became unnatural, even in the face of another herself, she still could not accept the naked words, her face was red.

"Ha ha ha, great God of the underworld, why blush? What is there to be shy about doing intimate things with the one you love? " Lengyueyan looks at mingcangyue and blushes. She can't help laughing.

"Still don't discuss this topic, since long Chen can understand your meaning, why does he choose like this?" The dark sky moon is a little hard to hold, so I'm in a hurry.

Leng Yueyan then said: "long Chen is not a person who can be controlled by nature. It's like a puzzle. When he knows the answer, he will try to see if there is another way to overturn the original answer.

He always believed that no matter what happened in this world, there would not be only one result.

I am sure that he has basically understood the layout of the path to the nether world, but he has his own ideas and will not follow the route I suggested.

The difficulty of the five roads is gradually increasing. He chooses the one in the middle to test the difficulty. This guy is stubborn. We can just watch him. "

Sure enough, at this time, the soldiers can't go back, just like the dragon in the middle.Before the half column incense time, Mengqi suddenly called: "dragon dust careful, soon there will be Heaven God punishment down."

Long Chen nodded and motioned to everyone to slow down. He walked in the front. He just took more than ten steps. Suddenly, a thunder sword tore the void and went straight to long Chen's eyebrow.


with one punch, long Chen smashes the thunder sword, and the thunder sword bursts into pieces, turning into a rune all over the sky.

With a big wave of his hand, long Chen grabs some thunder runes, but soon throws them out.

Longchen catches those runes and wants to feed them to leilong. But leilong says that it's Yin thunder and it's Yang thunder. They conflict and can't be absorbed. Longchen can only throw them away.

"The thunder here tends to be feminine, does not hurt people, does not destroy people and gods, but it will shake people's will and create illusions.

But with everyone's will, the power of thunder is nothing at all. Let's go. " Long Chen goes on all the way, letting the thunder sword fall on him and ignoring it at all.

Although the dragon blood soldiers are strong willed and fearless, they still dare not be careless and stick to the platform.

Although they are the body of Yuanshen, the pain is no different from tianwu. When they are hit by thunder, they feel that their bodies are going to be torn. It's very painful.

But after long Chen's explanation, they understand that this kind of pain is not real pain, but a kind of illusion. If they are deceived by the pain and the Lingtai is lost, they will easily have hallucinations.

Fortunately, there was dragon dust at this time. Dragon dust was the core of the whole dragon blood army. Looking at the back of dragon dust, they felt that any difficulty was nothing. Even Guo ran, the weakest, was full of confidence. Although he was in pain all the way, he was fearless.


when we were walking, there were creatures in front of us, which turned into blood mist, which scared everyone.

"Puff, puff, puff..."

As soon as the living creature died, several living creatures nearby also burst into pieces. The picture was extremely strange and frightening.

"There's nothing to be afraid of. There are some people who are not strong enough, have hallucinations, meet an unmatched enemy, or bear endless pain, and finally choose to explode." Dragon dust to the public.

Not all creatures have such a firm will to the dragon blood soldiers. Even in the flood of the world, the dragon blood army is still so excellent.

Many living beings, because they see the death of the strong around them, lead to the cracks in their hearts. It's easy to have a chain reaction and mutual influence. This is the worst.


As long Chen was walking, he passed by a purple hair creature in the shape of a human. This person made a strange sound in his mouth and his eyes were red.


long Chen kicked him on the ass, kicked him out of the distance, and began to climb on the ground. After he got up from the ground, he knelt on the ground and worshipped long Chen three times. Then he went on.

It turns out that this man has just been invaded by the vision, and is on the verge of collapse. Long Chen's foot pulls him back to reality and saves his life.


Guo ran also kicked a man standing still on the road. As a result, the man pointed his finger at Guo ran and yelled, which seemed to be cursing.

"Are you mistaken? I saved your life. You are too ungrateful." Guo ran, unwilling to be outdone, cried out.

"Pull it down, people are standing there, is to carry out some kind of perception, you will interrupt people's perception, I tell you, he didn't hit you, that's because we have a lot of people." Longchen doesn't have a good way.

Long Chen clearly saw that the creature was just closing his eyes and holding a thunder symbol in his hand. It was obvious that he was feeling the energy of the symbol, which might be related to his original power. As a result, Guo ran went up and pulled people out of the feeling, and the rune was broken. It is estimated that the man's mind of killing people was all there.

"Well, I'm sorry, man, you continue to realize that we're on our way." Guo ran quickly lost a smile.

Although the man didn't understand what Guo ran said, he could roughly guess Guo Ran's meaning from his manner, and he didn't say anything more.

"Boss, most of these creatures are Terrans. Does that mean that we Terrans are the most powerful?" Guo ran asked.

"Not all of them are human beings, but most of them are human beings, because the human body is closest to the way of heaven, and it is easier to understand the way of heaven.

Therefore, they will always maintain human form, whether feeling or fighting, like to be human.

In fact, we don't know what their noumenon is like when they don't manifest. " Long Chen shook his head.

"Doesn't that mean that we are the most powerful? Why do so many people in tianwu want to kneel down and lick the toes of the ancient and mysterious beasts? " Guo ran was puzzled.


long Chen just spits out two words, and doesn't say anything more, because in front of him, he has reached the end of the road, and there are six intersections at the end of the road."Rightmost"

long Chen points to the last intersection, which he knows is the most difficult and dangerous road. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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