Chapter 2462

With tianxizi's drinking, the statue in the vision behind him came to life and made a seal with both hands.


the vision was originally a picture, but suddenly it became three-dimensional, covering all the Dragon dust and others in the void.

With the circulation of bloody runes, long Chen and others are trapped in a spherical world with a diameter of thousands of miles.

This world is the vision of tianxizi, as if longchen and others were brought into a different world.

People's faces changed greatly. Guo ran was the first to rush to the ball and cut it with a knife. As a result, the ball didn't move, but he was bounced back.

"Ha ha ha..."

He stood in front of the statue and looked coldly at the shocked people.

"Do you really think that's all I can do? You are so naive that you have no idea how terrible it is for a vision to awaken completely, to awaken the vision of its real name.

You are now in my vision boundary, where I am God, and none of you can fight against me. "


as soon as tianxizi's voice fell, aman didn't believe in evil at all. He hit tianxizi with a stick. Suddenly, the statue behind tianxizi moved and hit aman with a fist.


then there was a click, and the hard and matchless bone stick in aman's hand was smashed by the statue.


the crowd was shocked. Aman was shocked to fly, hit the wall behind him, and was bounced back. When aman got up, his hands were full of blood, his mouth was cracked, and even his arm had cracks, which looked very frightening.

"Silly big man, your brute force is not enough here. The vision is fully awakened. When your real name appears, you can run all the power of the world.

The power of your world is released through your body, but the power of my world can burst out, because your world is my vision world, connected with my star space.

Here, I can draw all the power of the star space and explode directly instead of being limited by the physical body. How can one's power resist the power of a world? " Tianxizi coldly looked at the frightened aman. At the same time, his eyes swept all the people. The surprised expression made him very satisfied.

"Didn't you expect that? Did not expect to call out the real name of the vision, there will be such a terrible ability.

Although many of you are gifted and have the opportunity to awaken your true name, unfortunately, I will not give you these opportunities. Your life will be ended again. " The day evil son Yin ground laughs a way.

"Boom boom..."

All of a sudden, a slight voice came from outside. People looked back and saw that ye Lingshan, Gu Yang, Li Qi, song Mingyuan and others were more crazy to attack jiejie outside. But their power was basically removed and they could only make a slight vibration, just like a grasshopper hitting the gate without any threat.

"I'm just entering reincarnation now. I've just awakened the real name of my vision. My vision is bound, and I can't release it all.

But even so, unless someone's power can override my law of vision, the boundary will never break.

Everyone, time is almost up. I have more important things to do to kill you. I'm sorry, long Chen. I'll start from the people around you. " Tianxizi looks at longchen with a ferocious smile on his face.

However, long Chen's face was always expressionless, and the power of thunder trembled all over his body. However, under the suppression of tianxizi's vision, the power of thunder began to get depressed.

"Guo ran, right? You mole ant are not qualified to stand in front of me. Just kill you first. It's my tianxie Zi's grace to you."

With a cold hum and a big hand raised, a golden light shot out and went straight to Guo however.

"Stay away"

tianxizi's hand is too fast. Almost everyone has just seen his hand, and the golden light has arrived in front of Guo ran.

People want to rescue, but they are shocked to find that their power of the way of heaven is isolated, and they can't use their magic.

Guo ran ran quickly turned on the armor protection, but found that the rune on the armor only lit up slightly. Without the cooperation of heaven, most of the armor's power disappeared.


Guo Ran's mind suddenly raised the idea of death, all the power of the way of heaven is isolated, and he will surely die.


the golden light was cut to pieces by a sword light, and the golden light exploded. Guo ran was shocked to roll out, and the light of his armor was rapidly dim, and large pieces of runes were destroyed.


everyone was very happy. It was Yue Zifeng who took the hand. Yue Zifeng was holding a long sword and his face was full of dignified color.

"It's said that Kendo has reached its acme. It can be independent of the way of heaven and not restricted by the laws of heaven and earth. It seems that the legend is true."

Tianxizi's eyes are burning when he looks at Yue Zifeng. Jianxiu is the most elusive existence and the most mysterious practitioner in the world.

Here yuezifeng is the only one who is not restricted by his field. Tianxizi looks at the Dragon dust wrapped by thunder in the distance and shakes his head"I can't imagine that I have suppressed the famous Dragon dust, but you can be independent. Let me see how many kilos you have."

All of a sudden, tianxizi made a seal with both hands. Suddenly, the statue in the vision behind him trembled, and all the people were covered with golden lights.

When the golden light shrouds the crowd, Mengqi, Chuyao and others are shocked to find that they can't move, and they don't know what force tianxizi used to imprison them.

"This is another kind of power of the way of heaven, or the power of the world. In this world, he is the master of the way of heaven. Our realm is suppressed and can't compete with it." Mengqi's voice is full of shock.

On the way they came, they also killed the practitioners who entered the reincarnation realm, but they did not have such terrible ability, which was an overwhelming force and could not resist.


all of a sudden, people screamed. At this time, tianxizi, holding a bloody spear, killed Yue Zifeng.

"Boom boom..."

Yuezifeng's long sword danced and resisted tianxizi's attack for seven times in a row. As a result, when he resisted the eighth attack, the sword in his hand burst into pieces, and the broken pieces made more than ten holes in yuezifeng's body.

Yue Zifeng is not a Skywalker. He can't use the power of heaven to heal his wounds. Moreover, Jianxiu's body is weak. These injuries are nothing to others, but may be fatal to him.

Moreover, this is tianxizi's space. The power of life and death is controlled by him. Yue Zifeng doesn't even have the ability to heal with the power of life.

"I have to say that I admire you very much. You are not a Yantian person. You have come to this stage by your own efforts instead of relying on the power of heaven.

It can even be said that you are more frightening than long Chen, but now I can feel at ease. "


a divine light falls, covering the injured Yue Zifeng, and Yue Zifeng is unable to move immediately. After the injury, he is also imprisoned.

Yue Zifeng's whole body is stained with blood. He looks at tianxizi walking slowly. There is no fear on his face. Instead, he looks at him quietly.

"I admire you, but I have to kill you."

Tianxizi smiles a little, and points to yuezifeng's eyebrow with bone spear. He turns his head and looks at longchen in the distance and says, "longchen, the humiliation I once gave me, I will give it back to you ten times. I will kill all the people around you in front of you."

At this time, the thunder light on longchen's body became dim, and even the magic ring behind him disappeared. But longchen's face was very calm, even with a smile on the corner of his mouth.

"I don't know if you've ever heard a sentence? Idiots always die of talking too much. " After entering the realm of tianxizi, longchen finally opened his mouth. However, with his opening, tianxizi's face suddenly changed.

Because the sound of longchen is not a human voice, but a synthesis of thunder.

Tianxizi was shocked, and immediately felt bad. His bloody spear stabbed at Yue Zifeng's eyebrow.

"Late" long Chen suddenly laughs.


all of a sudden, long Chen's body bursts into pieces, and a ferocious black sword flies out. It's Dragon Chen's magic weapon, dragon dragon dragon evil moon. Dragon dragon dragon evil moon cuts long Chen to pieces and kills tianxie son.

The dragon dragon's evil moon split into tianxizi's face in an instant. To tianxizi's horror, the dragon's evil moon could ignore his law of heaven, with the power of destroying heaven and earth on one knife. If he was cut by this knife, he would surely die.

This blow also contains the power of life and death. His field can't restrain it. He doesn't care to kill Yue Zifeng, and quickly smashes the spear in his hand at the dragon's keel evil moon.


but just as his bone spear fell, the dragon's skeleton evil moon suddenly disappeared, and his shot fell empty.


suddenly, the figure flashed, a big hand on tianxizi's face, slapped him far away.


tianxizi stood still and was horrified to find that longchen was standing beside Yue Zifeng, and longxiyue was carried in his hand. When he sensed that the power of life and death in longchen was circulating, he was stunned.

"Isn't it a surprise?"


the dragon's Dragon's Dragon's Dragon's Dragon's Dragon's Dragon's Dragon's Dragon's Dragon's Dragon's Dragon's Dragon's Dragon's Dragon's Dragon's Dragon's Dragon's Dragon's Dragon's Dragon's Dragon's Dragon's Dragon's Dragon's Dragon's Dragon's Dragon's Dragon's.

Aman stumbled and almost fell. Tianxizi took good care of him and blessed him with three divine lights. If it was someone else, he would have been crushed by that power.

Like Yue Zifeng, aman doesn't rely on the power of heaven, but his brute power is also restricted here. After the weapon is broken, he has all his strength, but he doesn't know how to use it.

"Boss, you finally made it?" Looking at the arrival of long Chen, Guo Ran is very happy. This time, he can finally get revenge.

"I succeeded three breaths ago. I didn't come in because I made a little arrangement.

So don't be afraid, everything is under control. " With that, the Dragon dust carries the dragon dragon's skeleton on her shoulder and walks slowly to tianxizi. A smile appears at the corner of her mouth"Tianxizi, today, let's put an end to all the enmity between us. If there is any power, let's use it all, otherwise you will have no chance." , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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