Chapter 2493

Long Chen stops and looks back at the man in white.

The man in White said: "there are countless opportunities and dangers on this ship.

Now the ghost ship is trapped in the dragon's nest and temporarily loses its course. It is pounding back and forth. Once it breaks the dragon's nest, it will find its own channel. The celestial realm is just a short voyage.

Therefore, before the collapse of the Dragon Nest, we have to reach the stern of the ship to get off the ship, otherwise we will be taken away by the ghost ship and brought into the unknown world.

When the world's barriers are strengthened, the walls on the ghost ship will become stronger and can no longer be broken through, and people will be trapped here and die in endless years. "

Long Chen's face suddenly changed. Mo Nian didn't know about it. If they delayed too much time, they would never come back.

"You don't have to worry about it. The way they go is ordinary. When the Dragon Nest collapses, even if they don't go to the stern, they will see the stern.

I'm here to tell you that there are two very special places on this ship. I don't know if you want to go or not. " The man in white looks at longchen road.

"Very dangerous?" Long Chen asked.

The man in white nodded: "one place is that yunshang emperor told me to go, the other is that yunshang emperor told me not to go."

Long Chen's heart leaped wildly: "you are..."

The white man's face has been covered by the divine light, can't see his true face, suddenly the divine light disappeared, showing his true face.

"You..." Long Chen is startled, this person is clear is cloud Shang great emperor, just two people's eyes, some are not the same.

"I'm Yuntian, the son of yunshang emperor. I've met brother long." The man in white as like as two peas, and the dragon's dust, is just like the cloud emperor.

"I've met Brother Yun, but I can't imagine that emperor yunshang has his children left in the world. It's really great news for tianwu mainland." Longchen happy tunnel.

Although long Chen doubted that he should be the descendant of yunshang emperor, he never thought that he was the emperor.

His appearance, temperament, and even the noble spirit revealed by raising his hands and feet were so similar that long Chen didn't doubt Yuntian's identity.

"Brother long, have you ever seen yunshang?" Yuntian asked. Strangely, Yuntian called yunshang the great emperor, but he didn't call him his father.

Long Chen nodded and did not hide anything. He briefly told the story of meeting yunshang emperor on the battlefield of the spirit world.

"I see." Yuntian suddenly realized.

Seeing the puzzled look on longchen's face, Yuntian said with a smile: "now I finally understand why you took away what yunshang left me.

In those years, yunshang emperor left you the dragon's evil moon and the evil dragon's spirit. As a result, you only got the dragon's evil moon, and the evil dragon's spirit was taken away by others. All the causes and effects were changed, and it was no longer under the control of yunshang Emperor.

However, the blood essence in the Dragon King blood essence stone is enough to wake up the sleeping emperor's blood in my body, so brother long, you don't need to feel guilty at all.

If it doesn't appear, I will follow the instructions of emperor yunshang and choose the road he left for me. But now that you appear, I think there is a deviation in emperor yunshang's calculation. If I follow his instructions, I'm afraid the deviation will be bigger and bigger.

So I'll discuss with you how to take these two roads, because these two roads are equally dangerous, especially the other one. Brother long, what do you think? "

Long Chen said: "you should take the road chosen by the great emperor, and I, because I'm an unplanned person, so it's better for me to take this road."

Long Chen knows that yunshang emperor once told Yuntian not to take another road, which means that the other road is more dangerous.

But according to long Chen's experience, the more dangerous the road is, the easier it is to have greater opportunities. Risks and opportunities coexist.

Yuntian pondered for a while and said, "you get the Dragon King blood essence stone first. The cause and effect has changed. Maybe the fate has turned to you. You should follow the direction of yunshang."

For a time, Yuntian was also in trouble. There was a deviation in the emperor's calculation. If they chose the wrong one again, it would be bad.

"It's simple. I have a copper coin here. I'll toss it. The front represents me and the back represents you. Go up the road directed by Emperor yunshang and let God decide what to do?" Long Chen said with a smile.

"That's a good idea." My eyes brighten up in the sky.

With a little smile, long Chen took out a copper coin and threw it into the air at will. The coin rolled and fell to the ground. He played it several times in a row and then lay there quietly.

"It is."

Long Chen has been prepared for this. His bad luck has always been strong and stable. He has never cheated him. As expected, his back is up.

"God told me to choose another way." Long Chen said with a smile.

Confirming that long Chen didn't cheat, Yuntian nodded and said solemnly, "well, in that case, you go left, I go right, we all have to work hard to live."

With that, Yuntian walked to the right, stepped out, and the whole person disappeared.Everyone is moving forward. No one knows that there will be two completely different paths to the left and right.

"We have to work hard to live. I'm afraid the road pointed by the great emperor Yun Shang is not a good one." Long Chen said to himself, then he stepped out.

The space in front of longchen's eyes suddenly changed. The ship was the same, but the picture was different.


a shrill roar came, and a sharp sword cut down at longchen. Longchen quickly dodged, but found that the sword still cut down at him.


the sword Qi passes through his body, but it doesn't bring him any harm. Long Chen seems to be in an illusory world. He doesn't belong here, but he can see everything here.


the sword Qi didn't cut the Dragon dust, but it cut a strong man behind the Dragon dust, and the strong man immediately burst into pieces.

It seems that longchen can smell the blood in the air, and even feel the hot blood pouring on his body.

When he was in the battle, he found that the two ghosts were fighting madly.

At the beginning, all the crew members were gone. There were only two groups of strong men fighting furiously. Long Chen stood there, watching them with red eyes, wielding sharp blades and chopping. From time to time, some people were killed.

Long Chen stood there and watched quietly. The fighting style of these people was quite different from tianwu. It looked like a group of people who could not practice were fighting, but with the power of terror, long Chen could not see where their power came from.

"Puff, puff, puff..."

They were in a frenzy of fierce fighting and chaos. Both groups rushed to a place where there was a tower in the middle of the ghost ship.

The tall tower stands between two huge masts. It looks very abrupt and does not conform to the principle of architecture, but it stands there without any sense of disobedience.

Long Chen is in the chaos of the battlefield. After a while, he can see a clue. He shakes his head. Time is precious. If he can't understand it, he won't read it and goes on.

When he stepped out again, those people disappeared, but the battlefield remained the same, only this time a group of people changed, and longchen found that the surrounding space also changed.

Just now, the ghost ship was walking in the turbulence of space, surrounded by darkness. Now, with the stars all around and the moon hanging high, the ghost ship is walking through the vast starry sky, and the picture is so quiet and peaceful.

But on the ghost ship, it was crying. Long Chen once again saw the sailors with ancient costumes, but they were being brutally slaughtered by a group of people.

It's like a freighter being ransacked by a group of robbers. These robbers are so fierce that they kill people without any pity.

Soon the crew were all slaughtered. The robbers, laughing, rushed to the tower. Then the whole world was completely quiet. After the robbers entered the tower, they became silent and no one came out.

Long Chen moves forward again. As a result, the previous picture disappears and is replaced by a bloody battle.

This time, there are not only Terrans, but also alien human headed beasts, and even demons and monsters with dark smell. All kinds of races are fighting madly, and their goal is the tower.

"It seems that my goal is the tower. Strangely, I just boarded the ghost ship and didn't see the tower."

Long Chen looked at the mysterious tower, his heart began to be full of uneasiness, his premonition told him that he was gradually approaching an extremely dangerous zone.

Dragon dust goes forward continuously. Every step, the picture will change. The deck of the ghost ship is more and more red. They absorb too much blood and emit more and more fierce breath.

At the beginning of entering the ghost ship, the atmosphere of the whole ghost ship was very peaceful, but as long Chen moved forward, the atmosphere became more and more strange and violent. Long Chen felt that he was going to the gate of hell, even more terrifying than the atmosphere in hell.

Don't know when to start, long Chen found his neck, from the numerous goose bumps, even the nerve has become tense up.

"It's really a ghost place. I think I'm not timid. Why do I feel more and more hairy?" Long Chen can't help swallowing a mouthful of saliva. There is something in front that makes him feel scared.

"Damn, see what it is."

Long Chen gritted his teeth, took a deep breath, emboldened himself, and continued to move forward. At every step, what he saw was bloody.

All kinds of unseen races have appeared. They are weird and evil. The ways of attack are endless. Many techniques have never been seen by longchen, but their power is absolutely shocking.

Along the way, the blood gas in the air is more and more rich, the space is more and more urgent, and the cold invades the skin, which is as painful as a needle.

suddenly, a dragon's blood flashed over his forehead."Hum"

in longchen's hand, the dragon's keel is evil and the moon is in his hand. With a knife, he cuts down the creatures in front of him. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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