Chapter 2572

The entrance of yin and Yang world has lost all barriers and no one is guarding it. The barrier of tens of thousands of miles has been completely opened.

Longchen and Tianyu are standing in front of the entrance, quietly looking at the blood army in front of them. The strong people of the blood group move forward slowly. As they move forward, they see the boundless figure behind them.

Even if the Dragon dust has witnessed the Dark Armor army in the celestial world, he is still shocked by the scene in front of him. There are too many strong members of the blood clan.

Moreover, these blood clan strongmen are all the elites among the elites. One by one, they are full of Qi and blood. From a distance, the momentum alone has already made people feel scared.

"The blood clan army has been assembled, waiting for the emperor's blood seal to disappear. Now the war is about to start, and the burden on your shoulder is not light." Immortal Tianyu looks at the endless army of the blood clan, a quiet tunnel.

"I feel OK. There's not much pressure." Long Chen said with a smile.

"You are not the great emperor, you can't command all the people, and your power to be loyal to you is very limited.

You not only have to face the attack of the alien race, but also guard against the calculation in tianwu continent. It can be said that now you are at the top of the storm. Anyone who stands in your position will be haggard. Under such terrible pressure, you will become irritable, anxious and afraid.

But you don't seem to have these negative emotions. I'm curious. How did you do that? " Immortal Tianyu looks at longchen with a little curiosity in his eyes.

Immortal Tianyu has lived for endless years. She reads countless people and knows them very accurately. But there is one person who can't see through, not only the future of longchen, but also his character.

Long Chen has great wisdom, but he often does some stupid things that people can't understand. Sometimes he is overbearing and cold-blooded, sometimes he is lively and humorous. His character is extremely unstable. He laughs and scolds at the moment before, and kills people at the next moment. He has a very emotional and heartless side.

If she was in another place, she would be very anxious when she stood in the position of longchen. However, longchen seemed to be in a state of lightness. She didn't take the blood army in front of her heart, which made her feel very curious and couldn't help asking.

"Negative emotions?"

Long Chen said with a smile: "maybe I've had bad luck in my life. If I don't have the ability to enlighten myself, I can't live to this day.

Because I never expect luck, so everything depends on strength to fight, so I have formed the character of working and pulling down when I don't accept.

Anyway, since I came to this world, I have never planned to go back alive.

Besides, I have a bunch of confidants, blood brothers with me, I have no fear.

Whenever I am distressed, hesitating, sad or angry, as long as I think of them, my heart is full of warmth. With them accompanying me, I have nothing to fear. "

Long Chen smiles. The smile on his face is very bright and warm. Life is beautiful, but not happy. But when he thinks of his close relatives, he has boundless motivation and confidence to face any challenge.


the blood army gradually approached the entrance. When they saw longchen and Tianyu, they slowly stopped. They said nothing and looked at them coldly.

"Tell your masters to come out and talk." Dragon dust a big drink, such as thunder rolling, reverberate in the void.

"Tianwu land is about to be destroyed, and you dare to speak wildly. The Terran is really stupid and ignorant."

Among the strong members of the blood clan, an old man with a wooden staff came out and sneered.

The old man looked thin and dry, but his blood was amazing, and the surging blood power made the void roar.

This is a terror strongman, similar to the strongman of tianwu and rongtianjing, and his prestige is extremely amazing.

However, the elder of the blood clan, looking at the immortal Tianyu beside longchen, was full of fear in his eyes and did not dare to step forward.

"The blood clan specializes in the power of blood. Their insight is amazing. I can hide the power of my soul, but he can sense the fluctuation of my blood and my realm." Tianyu is a real person.

So it is. The cultivation of Tianyu immortal can hide the strongman of tianwu continent, but it can't hide the old man of blood clan.

However, looking at the old man's fear in Tianyu's eyes, we know that he is not Tianyu's opponent. In this way, longchen is relieved.

"When did you succeed in invading the mainland? Are you still sealed up in your kennel? " Long Chen sneers.

Speaking, he swaggered straight to the blood army, standing in front of the blood army less than a hundred miles.

Long Chen pointed to the army of the blood clan, raised his mouth, and said: "in our eyes, your blood clan is a kind of inferior and indiscriminate race. I'm going to challenge you now. If you don't agree, just stand up and compare.

The same realm, I tied up a hand to fight with you, your blood clan is not arrogant? Come and fight. "

When long Chen was shouting before the battle, the old man, Qu Jianying and others came one after another, because they came by the teleportation array, and the speed was slower.The bald man suddenly burst out with a mouthful of blood, and the whole person was depressed for a moment, and he died.


All of a sudden, the void splits. A bloody spear tears the void and stabs the Dragon dust with a rolling power. A voice echoes in the sky and the earth:

"human garbage, dare to be arrogant and die!" , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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