Chapter 2615

"The protoss is coming." Dragon bone evil month suddenly way.

"In the state of natural anger, you can even take into account the battlefield. How did you do that?" Long Chen was surprised.

"You think I'm like you? It's the second time I've been in a state of natural anger, and naturally I'll have some resistance. " Dragon bone evil moon way.

In fact, Longgu Xiyue didn't tell longchen that it was because the dark dragon clan had their own unique way of practice.

This state of heavenly fury is similar to a certain power of the dragon clan. For the first time, it deliberately stormed, on the one hand to test the reaction of longchen, but also to test the strength of the state of heavenly fury.

With the first violent walk, it becomes easier to control the second time, and gradually adapt to the anger, it becomes easier to control.

But there are advantages as well as disadvantages, because it will be more and more difficult for reason to enter the state of natural anger in the future.

When you want to open the upper limit of anger, you can't control it.

"They're here to sell well. On the surface, they're here to help me. In fact, they're here to pick peaches, or they're going to give me a bad impression. Let's go. I don't want to watch them perform."

Long Chen cold hum a, no longer here waste time, put away the corpse on the ground, leave the deep place immediately.

Because the dragon dragon evil moon opens the state of heavenly anger and is invincible, the demon king level strong people are cut off continuously, and the demon beast family finally can't bear it. They order the demon king level strong people to escape to the back of the imperial seal.

The emperor seal allows the demon king of level 12 and the weak monster of level 13 to enter and exit, but blocks the monster of level 13.

They saw that the demon king couldn't help the Dragon dust, and the number of demon kings decreased sharply, but the Dragon dust couldn't, so they used those ordinary monsters to consume the physical strength of the Dragon dust, which was to strike another fatal blow when the lamp was dry.

The Dragon dust can't dare to rush into the emperor seal, but these common monsters around kill, it's just a waste of time and physical strength, it's meaningless.

As long Chen had just left, Fengfei, long Aotian, ye Liangchen and Jiang Wuchen led millions of disciples to encircle the two sides of the emperor seal and cut off the retreat of those monsters.

But when they arrived, the Dragon dust had already left, leaving only a bloodstain on the earth.

"This bastard wanted to compete with him, but he escaped." Ye Liangchen grits his teeth. Even if he can't fight with longchen, he can at least compete his ability to kill monsters.

It's a pity that long Chen has already gone. He doesn't give them a chance to perform at all. He is so angry that ye Liangchen's face is very blue.

At the same time, the four great emperors appeared at the Miao level, and the demon kings who returned to the emperor's seal did not dare to come out. They could only watch the demons isolated and killed bit by bit, but they did not dare to go out to rescue.

Fengfei, long Aotian, ye Liangchen, and Jiang Wuchen all hit the hand at the same time. They all fell down with blood and flesh between the waves. The monster people were shocked. They were completely shocked when they saw the powerful side of the protoss for the first time.

Long Chen didn't want to see their performance at all. On the way back, he ran into Huo ling'er and the eighth day dragon army, who were still killing wildly.

Shen Chengfeng and others are relieved to see longchen come back safe and sound. After longchen comes back, he takes the people to leave the battlefield, because at this time, more and more powerful Protoss rush into the battlefield and begin to carry out comprehensive encirclement and suppression. Longchen doesn't want to fight with them for these little fish and shrimp.

"Come on, share the spoils. I'll take the corpse, and you'll take the inner alchemy crystal nucleus." After returning to the position, long Chen went straight to the road.

"Long Chen, this is not good, this harvest..." Shen Chengfeng suddenly becomes hesitant. If it's normal, he will take it. He's not a woman.

But this harvest, it is too terrible, everyone's space ring is full, space ring was used to avoid suspicion.

Because the income space ring is convenient to hand over at that time, and there is no phenomenon of embezzlement, so although everyone has star space, it is a rule to use the space ring when cleaning the battlefield, and it also avoids the suspicion of guatian Lixia, because the spatial fluctuation of bringing things into the space ring is completely different from that into the star space, which is very obvious.

But this time, the battlefield was too big. Huo ling'er killed too many monsters, and the space rings were not enough. In the end, we had no choice but to let everyone use the star space to collect the corpses.

However, it's not clear how to collect corpses in the star space, because everyone can't count how much they collect, and they can't check it. If you forcibly check other people's star space, it's a great shame and a great taboo of practitioners.

In this way, how much people will hand over at that time depends on their own self-consciousness. Originally, Shen Chengfeng felt a little sorry for long Chen. Now long Chen said that as long as he wanted the most worthless corpse, he felt even more unacceptable. You know, the most valuable crystal nucleus and inner pill were piled up like a mountain, which they could not imagine all their lives.

"Don't ink, it's brother, just Ma LiuDi, the body is useful to me." Dragon dust impatient tunnel.

Shen Chengfeng was helpless and winked at several deputy commanders, who immediately understood and ordered him to go on. Soon, these dragon warriors began to work hard. They poured out the corpse on the spot and separated the inner Dan crystal nucleus from the corpse in front of the Dragon dust.Long Chen smiles. Shen Chengfeng's work is really steady enough. This is to let him see the number of crystal nucleus and inner pill before making a decision.

It has to be said that Huo ling'er is too capable to count the monsters he killed.

The soldiers of the Tianlong Legion are so clean that they are worthy of suffering. Even the charred limbs and broken legs have been taken back, and even the meat pieces with square feet have been taken back.

There is too much flesh and blood in the corpse. The Dragon dust is piled up one by one and thrown into the black soil of the chaotic space. It quickly decomposes and turns into endless life Qi. It nourishes the Tianlin demon tree and makes it grow again.

Finally, the decomposition speed of the black earth can't keep up with that of the Dragon dust. The corpses of those monsters are so big that they are often hundreds of miles in size, especially after they are broken.

Has been busy for several hours, the black land of dragon dust, piled up a hundreds of thousands of miles around the corpse mountain.

Tianlin demon tree is growing crazily, but it will take some time for black earth to decompose these corpses.

The corpse was collected by longchen. Shen Chengfeng counted the crystal nuclei and inner elixirs, and collected more than 3 billion. They had never seen so many crystal nuclei and inner elixirs. You know, most of them are the inner elixir crystal nuclei of level 12 monsters, and there are also level 13 ones. They are treasures that can be exchanged for massive points.

"After sharing the spoils, as for the rest, how do you distribute them? That's your business. I'll leave if I have something to do." With that, long Chen doesn't give Shen Chengfeng a chance to speak at all. The figure is gone in a flash.

Shen Chengfeng and others were in a daze when they looked at the mountain of crystal nuclei and inner elixirs. A deputy commander sighed:

"we owe too much to longchen. I'm afraid we'll never end our life."

The eighth day dragon legion, originally the lowest Legion in the Dragon legion, changed its fate because of meeting longchen.

Among the eight Tianlong legions, the overall combat power is easily in the top three, because the ranking has not started yet, and they even feel that they have the hope of competing for the first place.

Now, long Chen has given them a fortune, which makes countless people envious. How can we not admire it?


suddenly, Shen Chengfeng's face changed, and he reached out to put away the inner pill of Jinghe. As soon as it was put away, Fengfei, long Aotian, ye Liangchen, and Jiang Wuchen arrived, leading thousands of troops.

"What did you put away just now? Why are you so sneaky? " Jiang Wuchen said coldly.

Jiang Wuchen and others formed a encirclement situation and killed all the way. In order to completely frighten the demon and beast family, the four emperors Miao together, like crazy leaves, led thousands of troops to sweep the whole battlefield.

When checking whether there is any fish missing the net, he saw the Dragon army on the eighth day from a distance and ran over. However, he just saw that Shen Chengfeng had put something away.

Jiang Wuchen was upset. He felt like Shen Chengfeng had something on his back, so he asked.

"Tell Lord Wuchen, we were just counting the spoils. It's just that you've just arrived. The speed is too fast. I don't mean to guard against several adults." Shen Chengfeng responded.

"Booty? Do you have any booty? " Jiang Wuchen looks at Shen Chengfeng suspiciously and hums coldly. He is condescending, just like interrogating a prisoner.

As soon as Shen Chengfeng's face changes, Jiang Wuchen has been unhappy with the eighth day dragon army for a long time. Not only Jiang Wuchen, but also ye Liangchen is unhappy with them. The reason is that the eighth day dragon army disobeyed orders in the celestial realm.

Shen Chengfeng took a deep breath, suppressed his anger, and tried to calm himself down and said:

"we are not qualified to have booty, but long Chen came to support us. He killed some monsters and gave us something he didn't want."

Ye Liangchen immediately retorted: "it's not called booty, it's called almsgiving. When does our Protoss need to beg? You've lost the face of the protoss..."

Shen Chengfeng and others are angry. These two people are too much. Shen Chengfeng wants to scold him very much: you don't have the ability to go to find the Dragon dust emissary. What are you angry with us? But in the end, he held back. After all, he was a Protoss.

"That's not true. Now we Protoss cooperate with longchen. Since it's cooperation, it's risk sharing and benefit sharing. Brother Liangchen, you've gone too far.

Shen Tongling, there's nothing for you here. You go back first. It's hard for you this time. The riot came too suddenly and killed us by surprise. I'll arrange to supply you with manpower after you go back. " Long Aotian opens his mouth to help Shen Chengfeng. After all, the eighth day dragon army belongs to his dragon family.

Shen Chengfeng quickly salutes long Aotian, and then he leaves with the soldiers of the Dragon army. Fengfei, long Aotian, ye Liangchen and Jiang Wuchen also leave with the army.

Longchen returned to the protoss without any stay, and directly returned to tianwu. When he entered tianwu, longchen obviously felt that the atmosphere of tianwu was getting darker and darker, and the atmosphere of the alien world was invading more and more, and gradually began to assimilate tianwu.

Long Chen went back to the Dionysus palace and told the high priest the result of the negotiation with the Protoss. The high priest just nodded with a smile and suddenly said:"Didn't you talk about the first demons?"

"This..." Long Chen was speechless and looked at the high priest in shock. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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