Chapter 2628

"Brother longchen, I..."

Dongmingyu said to longchen.

"What's the matter?" Long Chen asked.

"I I want to laugh... "

"Can't laugh Ha ha "

when long Chen finished, he couldn't help it. At this time, long Chen and dongmingyu" transformed "into two demon warriors.

Long Chen has one foot on his head and two bare feet. His face is covered with blood and his tail is trailing behind his buttocks. Looking at long Chen's appearance, Dong Mingyu can't help laughing.

Dongming jade is not much better. She has a pair of bat wings on her back. Her ears are thin and long. She holds a bone fork in her hand. She looks very funny.

The two dressed up as the powerful demons, looked at each other and couldn't help laughing.

After a while, they gradually adapt to each other's appearance. Dongmingyu smiles:

"brother longchen, I'm so happy with you."

"There will be many happy days in the future. When the dark age is over and all the enemies are eliminated, we can live easily." Long Chen said with a smile.

Maybe it was dongmingyu's first time to do this kind of thing, which seemed both excited and exciting. After they gradually adapted to their bodies, they began to gradually merge with the demon army.

When entering a team, a powerful demon pointed at them and yelled. Dongmingyu was startled and almost killed the guy.

But long Chen kicked the demon warrior and kicked him away. The demon warrior's blood spurted out and attracted many demon soldiers around him.

It turns out that the demon warrior, scolding longchen and dongmingyu for being timid and leaving the team, must have run away long ago and lost the face of the demon.

Long Chen kicks the demon warrior and points to his nose. It's also a scream.

It turns out that the last time long Chen entered moling mountain, he searched the souls of the powerful demons and understood their language. Long Chen scolded the soldier for pretending to be a big garlic and refused to fight.

It turns out that the leather bag captured by long Chen is a small leader with a hot temper and good fighting power. Before long Chen captured the leather bag, he searched its soul and knew its status before he took it.

Sure enough, as soon as long Chen makes a move, some powerful demons recognize him and shake their fists one after another. That gesture is to express appreciation, which means the same as the Terran thumbs up.

It turns out that the demons are divided into many systems. The one who just scolded him is the one who was killed by Rong Tianjing.

Because the leader is killed, their tribe is about to face chaos, it is not happy, see longchen and dongmingyu two people return to the team, it immediately find fault, the result is longchen kick fly.

Long Chen cursed in demon language: "the leaders of those who eat excrement in the nest have been slaughtered. How dare you be so arrogant? You are as useless as your leaders. You'd better hurry back to eat excrement. You are useless in this battle."

"I killed you"

the demon strongman roared and rushed to longchen, but was held by some demon strongmen. Those demon strongmen should belong to their own camp. I don't know if they saw that longchen was not easy to be provoked, or they thought it was not suitable to make too much trouble, so they were finally pulled away.

Long Chen pretends to be gloomy and walks with his head down. Naturally, no one provokes him. Long Chen and Dongming Yu walk with their heads down.

When walking to a transmission array, long Chen shows his waist token. This transmission array needs a powerful demon with a certain position to use.

The guard looked at longchen, looked at Dongming jade and pointed to Dongming jade. Longchen's killing intention flashed in his eyes and said coldly:

"go away, I'm in a bad mood today. If I don't want to die, I'll stay away."

According to the memory of the corpse captured by long Chen, this teleportation array can only be used by the leader level. Others can't use it alone. If you follow the strong leader level, it's another matter.

However, the leaders are also divided into different levels. For example, at the current level of longchen, sometimes they need to pay a magic crystal as the transmission funds. In fact, the transmission funds fall into the pockets of these guards.

These guards, can want a little, sometimes meet the background is strong, also let go, long Chen a voice, scared that bodyguard no longer dare to say a word, let long Chen with Dongming jade into the transmission array.

"Hee hee, it turns out that the demons are just like the Terrans. They are also bullying the weak and afraid of the tough." Dongmingyu chuckles and says.

"Silly girl, I've come into contact with many races. Let me tell you, our Terrans are the most complex. The ways of Terrans are universal everywhere." Long Chen said with a smile.

this is a dragon's transport terminal, which is where a dragon's transport starts.

There is endless sea water around, but the sea water is like ink, emitting a smell of fishy smell. There are dozens of small formations on the transmission array, and the Dragon dust is only one of them.

A transmission array, countless demons surging, do not know what is busy, dragon dust and Dongming jade appear, no one pay attention to them.According to the memory of the demon strongman, longchen saw countless caves in front of him all the way. The whole island is millions of miles in size, shaped like a honeycomb, with countless caves.

These caves are built according to the mountain. The higher they go, the higher they become. They are also the residence of the powerful demons.

The body captured by longchen is only in the bottom row. There is a cave. That is to say, the powerful demon is just qualified to enter here.

However, long Chen did not return to his cave. Instead, he went up all the way to a cave in the middle of the island.

as like as two peas, the two strong

people stopped the Dragon dust, and the two strong men were exactly the same as the strong monster of dragon dust disguised as the dragon.

"Please tell your Royal Highness the horn king that I have something important to report." Longchen road.

"His Royal Highness the king of horn is in retreat, preparing for the impact of Rongtian. No one can disturb him." The bodyguard took a look at longchen, cold tunnel, although for the same race, but the two bodyguards, seems to despise longchen.

"I have brought important information from the front line, and you have informed me. If his Highness the horn King blames me, it's my fault.

But if you don't report, delay the time, and offend your royal highness, don't blame me for the day when your head falls to the ground. " Long Chen sneers and turns to leave.

As soon as their faces changed, they seemed to be calmed by long Chen's words, and hesitated for a moment:

"wait a minute, for the sake of the same clan, I'll let you know. As for whether his Highness the horn king wants to see you or not, that's your business."

Obviously, the two bodyguards are also afraid of taking responsibility. In case of any important information being delayed by them, it's really fatal. In the end, they are still responsible for reporting, so that they have no worries.

A bodyguard pressed a red button on the door of the cave, which means that there is something important to report.

But after waiting for a while, there was no movement. The guard said, "we have already informed you, but the king of horns is too lazy to see you. You can go away."

Long Chen sighed in his heart that he was always so unlucky. Just as he was about to turn around and leave, suddenly the stone gate opened with a click, and a voice came from inside:

"let him in." , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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