Chapter 2704

"Go away"

the Dragon Emperor at the foot of longchen roared, his body glowed and his tail swung.


the tail of the Dragon Emperor is broken, but the attack of the Dragon Aotian and the bloody devil is also blocked by him.

The power of the Dragon Emperor was extremely violent. The four could destroy the sky and the earth with one blow, but they were still blocked by it.

Seeing that the Dragon Emperor had ruined their good deeds, the four were furious. At the same time, the four roared and sacrificed their magic soldiers to the Dragon dust.


suddenly, the void trembled, and the figure of longchen disappeared. Then a giant tripod appeared in front of the four people, and Zhongzhou tripod took the hand to protect longchen in the tripod.

In order to prevent them from attacking Yunzhou tripod, Zhongmo tripod, zhonglong hall and others.

At this time, long Chen is in a state of extreme weakness. Any attack may bring fatal damage to him. At this time, he is careless.


the dragon blood army had been preparing for a long time. At this time, the invisible border was broken by the Dragon dust, and nothing could stop them. The dragon blood soldiers roared and killed them.

in an instant, the devil's head and the ghost's way of the night were sucked into the space and disappeared.

In the vision behind the Dragon Aotian, a ZuLong burst into pieces. Just before the Dragon Emperor's violent claw caught him, his whole body disappeared. He didn't know what secret method he used to escape.

At this time, the dragon blood soldiers rushed to Zhongzhou Ding, surrounded Zhongzhou Ding and looked into the void. They found that after long Aotian fled, the strong Protoss disappeared without saying a word.

Above the void, the gate of heaven is still open, and the fury of nine lions comes through the gate:

"lambs of tianwu, the Dragon dust has broken the Qi transportation beads, and the Qi transportation of tianwu is broken up. There will be no great emperor in your generation.

Hahaha, the absence of the great emperor means that you are all a group of lambs to be slaughtered, waiting for the coming of destruction quietly. "

"Even if you're the boss, you're not my boss." Guo ran roars. Nine lions are beaten away by longchen first. At this time, they dare to be arrogant here. Guo Ran is so angry that his lungs are going to explode. This man is so shameless.

Before the nine lions answered, the voice of the bloody devil came from the gate of heaven: "idiot, you don't know, it's inevitable for us to prove the emperor in our world. The reason why we come here to seize the Pearl of Qi Yun is to want to be a double emperor, to get the recognition and blessing of the two worlds, and to be able to dominate the world.

Now that the beads of Qi transportation are broken, there is no emperor in tianwu, but we are different. We can still prove the emperor.

When the day when we prove the emperor is the day when you tianwu land is completely destroyed, you will spend the last day in fear and despair, ha ha ha. "

Moruo Tianxing also said coldly: "our previous invasions were all due to the presence of the great emperor in tianwu.

Because tianwu continent is the core of the star domain. Even though it is broken, the emaciated camel is bigger than the horse, and the born emperor is too strong, which leads to our repeated failures.

However, we also see hope, that is, your great emperor is weaker from generation to generation. We know that one generation will be defeated eventually.

But I didn't expect that tianwu's luck had been exhausted. At last, the spirit pearl of Qi had no ability to regenerate. You tianwu couldn't go back to heaven.

When our demon army invades tianwu, all the creatures here will be killed. "

"You don't have to be killed completely. If you like, you can be the puppets of our dead people. I give you immortal bodies. Hahaha." It's a pity tunnel at night.

I don't know if they are deliberately intimidating, but they succeed. Let alone others, even the dragon blood soldiers feel chilly. There is no emperor in tianwu, but they can prove the emperor to their heart's content.

Although longchen is strong enough to sweep the same level, once they are all emperor, can longchen fight them? Even if we can fight against the great emperor, can we suppress so many foreign emperors?

Desperation is rising in people's hearts. Although Moruo Tianxing and others are malicious, what they say is true and irrefutable.

"You look down on tianwu, or the five great emperors."

All of a sudden, Yuntian, who had never opened his mouth, spoke. His words inspired everyone.

Yuntian, the son of yunshang emperor, is the most mysterious existence among all the strong men. He is the most trusted strong man in people's hearts except longchen.

"Well, look down on it? You want me to look up at them? Five dead people, who are entitled to let me look up to them? " The nine lions sneer, and their voices are full of irony, which makes countless strong people angry. The great emperor is supreme in their hearts.In the face of the taunt of the nine lions, Yuntian said, "longchen is the one selected by the five emperors and tianwu. In a precise word, it is the one selected by heaven.

He was dressed in black, running counter to all the great emperors, which means that he took a different road from all the great emperors.

Emperor Zheng? The only way to compete with the emperor is to ask, "who can compete with the mainland?"

After listening to Yuntian's words, everyone's heart leaps wildly. Yes, longchen is chosen by heaven and favored by the great emperors of the Five Dynasties. Even if longchen can't prove the emperor, he is also the sixth emperor in people's heart.

The bloody devil sneered: "joke, if you can't coronate, you can't condense the emperor star. Without the emperor star, how can you command all laws and all ways? How to melt heaven and earth for your own use.

If you can't melt heaven and earth, you can't dominate one side of the world. If you can't dominate one side of the world, it's like a dragon without claws, a tiger without teeth, and you can only become fish. "

"As for whether it's a joke or not, I'll know later, but long Chen proved with his strength that you didn't see enough of it in front of him before you didn't have emperor Zheng.

Remember when I was very young, I asked my father, is he the strongest person in the world?

He replied to me that there is no one who is always the strongest in this world. For some people, the burden on their shoulders is as strong as they are, and there is no end to it.

Therefore, don't think that the great emperor is the strongest. As for those big words, it's better to stay behind you to prove the emperor. What's more, you don't even dare to show up now and hide at the door to talk shamelessly. It's not appropriate. " Cloud sky shakes his head.

"You It's you who are so shameless. You wait. On the day when I prove the emperor, I will dye the world red with your blood. " Bloody devil roars.

"Boom boom..."

One by one, the gates of heaven are closed, and the whole world is back to its original shape. However, the sky of tianwu is much darker now, and the world is shrouded in darkness, making people unable to see any light. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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