Chapter 2719

This time, Mo Nian took people and killed them. Instead of attacking the city of the dead, he ordered the disciples of the Mohist school to shoot arrows and kill some strong undead people. Then he ran away.

This time, Mo Nian killed the undead. They thought Mo Nian would not make trouble until everyone was settled.

But I didn't expect that Mo Nian didn't play cards according to common sense, "no, you have to swear." The strong one of the undead obviously doesn't believe this smiling guy. This guy is a very shameless person.

"Well, I swear in the name of long Chen, the most powerful young generation in tianwu mainland. If I break the oath, long Chen will be hit by five thunders." Mo Nian vowed to be true.

Seeing Mo Nian's serious appearance, Gu Yang and other dragon blood soldiers almost didn't laugh.

It seems that every time long Chen robbed Wu Lei Bang Ding, it was an appetizer. When did long Chen care about it?

But those who are strong in the undead don't understand it. In the undead, there are also five thunderbolts, which are the absolute punishment for those who are disrespectful to the way of heaven.

When the undead saw that Mo Nian made such a "poison" oath, they immediately withdrew. The undead thought they could take a breath at last. As a result, just half a month later, Mo Nian broke his contract and took the dragon blood Legion and the disciples of the Mohist family to attack the dead city again.

Because wansi city is completely relaxed, this time, it is touched by Mo Nian into the core area. To his horror, there is a huge tower tens of thousands of miles in the core of wansi city. The tower has nine floors, and in each floor, countless undead disciples are practicing.

Outside the pagoda, there is a sea of people. They sit one by one with their knees crossed, surrounded by the ancient pagoda. The strong people outside are no less than hundreds of millions.

Rao Shinian is bold and fearless. How can there be so many strong men of the undead generation?

Seeing such a terrible sight, Mo Nian is ready to release his big move and try his best to kill them when they are not prepared.

As a result, as soon as his breath moved, he was locked in by the strong terror. Mo Nian only had time to release a sky shaking arrow, stir up the law of heaven, awaken these people from their practice, and interrupt their practice again.

"Kill him."

Yeming roars and rushes out from the top of the tower. He is the first one to kill Mo Nian. When Mo Nian sees Yeming, he is startled.

Yeming has been promoted to Rongtian qichongtian. With the support of longchen pills, Mo Nian has just been promoted to sanchongtian. His cultivation is in the early stage, but Yeming is advanced to the later stage.

When Mo Nian thought of the pagoda and the undead disciples in it, he suddenly understood that the reason why Ye Ming's practice speed is so fast must be related to the hundreds of millions of undead disciples.

At the same time, Mo Nian finally understood why it took only half a year for the undead to prove the emperor.

Gather the power of the whole world to pave the way for a person, night night now momentum, wave, all over the sky black gas surging, big hand smash void, grasp to Mo Nian.

"Long Chen's defeated generals are not qualified to fight with you."

Mo Nian snorted coldly, and the Zhongzhou tripod on his head glowed, tearing the void and escaping in a moment.

"Boom boom..."

Many corners of the city burst continuously. It turned out that the dragon blood army and Mohist disciples all sneaked in and placed the crackball made by Guo ran everywhere.

Mo Nian sneaks into the core area. As soon as Mo Nian makes a move, they also run away. After they leave, the burst ball bursts into pieces, hundreds of burst balls burst open, and the whole dead city is shaking and the space is crumbling.

In the case of unstable space, even those who are strong in Rongtian do not dare to break through the void. They are afraid that they will accidentally rush into the turbulent space, which is really a place of no death.

"Asshole, I'll cut him." Ye Ming is furious, and Mo Nian makes trouble again and again. He wants to bite Mo Nian to death.

If it wasn't for Mo Nian, maybe he had already entered the eighth heaven. As soon as he moved, he was suddenly caught by a dry hand like a branch, and the ghost company appeared.

"Don't lose the watermelon and pick up the sesame. If you can't bear it, you will make a big plan." Ghost Si Leng drinks a way.

Yeming's face was gloomy, so he had to suppress his anger and return to the top of the tower to continue his practice. However, he was really angry just now and couldn't enter the state at all for a moment.

Even if the three thousand disciples are not responsible for the defense, they can't use their lives.

Hum, even if they are killed, how much can they kill? Tianwu mainland will not last long. "

The ghost department looks at the direction of tianwu continent, and a look of irony appears in his eyes. When he turns around, a bloody wound appears on his face, which is a sword mark. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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