Chapter 2821

"Congratulations, I will call you tutor longchen in the future." Yunyang Heavenly Master said with a kind smile.

"You flatter the boy." Long Chen took over the name plate, still a little excited in his heart. With this name plate, it means that he has a lot of income.

LingXiao academy is very realistic. It needs money for everything. It's hard to move without money. It can only watch others make progress every day, but it's still in the same place.

"Tutor is a good job, but it is not so good. However, people with ability will never be buried in the Academy. You have to work hard." Yunyang Heavenly Master encouraged.

With that, Yunyang Heavenly Master left. Mu Qingyun wanted to see him off, but he was shaken by Yunyang Heavenly Master and left by himself.

Looking at the back of Yunyang Heavenly Master, Zhong Ling could not help sighing: "heaven, earth, people and all, Yunyang Heavenly Master is the best, but he is kind and has no airs.

On the contrary, those who are not in a high position have eyes on the top of their brains and walk like crabs. "

The tutors in LingXiao academy are divided into four grades: natural teacher, earth teacher, human teacher and ordinary teacher. In fact, they are not only the Academy, but also most of the other sects.

And what longchen assesses is all teachers, who are also the lowest level tutors. However, even the lowest level tutors have considerable income.

Besides a fixed salary, the more classes a tutor has, the more he earns.

Because in LingXiao college, there are only two open classes a month, which are free of charge. If you feel that you are not solid enough or that the teacher is not good at speaking, you can spend money to learn from your tutor.

One to one, one to many classes. The more people there are, the more cost-effective it will be. The tuition will be shared collectively.

On Mu Qingyun's side, he often organizes his disciples to invite their tutors to class to improve his overall strength.

But this Yunyang Heavenly Master's class is completely free of charge, and he has no airs. He answers every question and has no reservation.

It's a pity that Yunyang Heavenly Master is too busy. Mu Qingyun and others have only attended Yunyang Heavenly Master's class twice, but after each class, they have benefited a lot. Compared with other teachers, it's a big difference.

Yunyang Heavenly Master has a high status, excellent Taoism and profound knowledge, but he has never had any airs and is deeply loved by all the people in the Academy.

Looking at the style of Yunyang Heavenly Master and the arrogant appearance of other tutors, Zhong Ling can't help feeling.

"The full bottle doesn't ring, and the half bottle clangs. The more knowledgeable a person is, the more he feels that his learning is endless, the more he understands awe and humility.

Mature ears of wheat are bent, only those withered ears stand upright, for fear that others will not see it. " Dragon dust light tunnel.

Today, I was lucky. I met Lei Xiao and Yunyang Heavenly Master, and I met the real strong. Although there was a mess at the bottom of LingXiao academy, there were wise people at the top.

"Third brother, what you said is very good. Your metaphor is too appropriate. You are also a really learned person." Zhong Ling smiles.

The two sisters, Zhong Ling and Zhong Xiu, are naive and have no intention. The three brothers are very natural and kind. Their eyes are full of worship.

Because long Chen looks so young, but not only his fighting power is terrible, his speech and behavior are pleasing to the eye. Although he is dressed in rags and his face is still dusty, he still can't hide his vigor.

When elder shenlei saw longchen, they became brothers at first sight. Yunyang Heavenly Master also looked at longchen differently. This fully shows that longchen's talent deserves their respect.

So far, they have never seen a person who can do this, so they worship longchen more and more.

"Brother long, congratulations on your promotion as a tutor. Anyway, we still have time. Let's celebrate together." Mu Qingyun is also very happy to say that longchen is favored by Tianlei elder and Yunyang Heavenly Master. His future is endless. Making friends with him is beneficial to them, but not harmful. He immediately sends out an invitation.

"This is not very good. I'm new to fairyland and have no money. I'll be a little embarrassed to let you spend money." Longchen has some helplessness.

In tianwu continent, he no longer needs money. Now he flies to fairyland, and he seems to be beaten back to his original shape. It's really hard to live without money.

Mu Qingyun smiles a little, but before she speaks, Zhong Xiu chirps: "it doesn't matter. You will be a tutor in the future. If you feel embarrassed, teach us more. Hee hee, we'll make money instead."

"Zhong Xiu, how can this kind of thing be a deal? We are friends at first sight with brother long. Let's have a dinner together to celebrate. Brother long, don't think too much about it, or it will make everyone strange. " Mu Qingyun is in a hurry.

Seeing that Mu Qingyun is so enthusiastic, it's not easy for long Chen to postpone, otherwise he will appear to be too hypocritical.

See long Chen agreed, these people a burst of cheers, especially Zhong Ling Zhong Xiu two little girls, is excited to jump up.

Mu Qingyun looked at them and shook his head slightly. A helpless look appeared on his face.As they walked out of the hall, Mu Qingyun led the way and went straight to a riding spot where there were flying immortal beasts for the disciples.

It's just that the flying fairy beasts here are not big. They can only take two people at a time, which is very inconvenient.

In the Academy, the lower the students' accomplishments are, the more trouble they will have, and there will be many inconveniences. Perhaps because of this, the students will try their best to practice and get rid of the status quo, because the higher their accomplishments are, the better their welfare will be, and people will be full of passion.

Finally, long Chen and Mu Qingyun ride together. Long Chen is a little embarrassed, because looking at Zhong Ling and Zhong Xiu's bad smile, long Chen feels guilty.

But mu Qingyun is very generous, first sat up, long Chen naturally can only sit up.

The immortal beast began to fly. A group of people lined up and flew away. On the way, longchen didn't speak, but looked at the green pines and cypresses below, dazed by the shade of ancient trees.

Long Chen does not speak, Mu Qingyun is also a little embarrassed, along the way two people are silent, the atmosphere is a little tense.

In the end, Mu Qingyun said: "brother long, I don't understand one thing. You are a disciple of Danyuan. Danyuan is the best place for the welfare of the whole Academy. Why do you want to be a tutor in Shenyuan?"

"It's not because that idiot tutor deliberately targeted me, took me as a negative teaching material and humiliated me in front of everyone.

Then how can you get used to his fault? I'll slap him on the wall like this. " As soon as he mentions this, long Chen is very angry. He can't accept a novice who is engaged in alchemy to point out to him. If long Chen was more angry at that time, he could slap him to death.


Mu Qingyun can't help laughing. Long Chen even says that he has a gesture and an expression. Mu Qingyun has never been in contact with such a person. She is always serious and she is amused.

Mu Qingyun's laughter is very nice, but her smile makes long Chen feel embarrassed.

"Don't get me wrong. I don't mean to laugh at you. It's the way you speak. It's so interesting." Mu Qingyun hastened to restrain his smile, but he couldn't do it well. He still had a smile in his eyes.

"Be careful"

all of a sudden, long Chen exclaimed in amazement, hugged Mu Qingyun, and forced them to fly out of the immortal beast's back.

Two people just left the immortal beast, a huge object appeared, is hit on the immortal beast, the immortal beast scream, a fall. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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