Chapter 2824

Mingming came straight to Yajian. He saw it all, but he asked first. The first law enforcement disciple was worried.

"I am."

Long Chen opened his mouth and said, in fact, long Chen already knows the purpose of these law enforcement disciples.

As soon as he beat pan mingxiong, the law enforcement disciples came. The time was wrong. Even if pan mingxiong went to complain, it was not so fast.

The law enforcement disciples went to the gate, and the reason was obvious. It must be longchen's smashing of the flying boat. The time was right.

"Well, Mr. long Chen, let's make a statement in advance. I'm only responsible for making an oral inquiry, not aiming at you.

So, if there's something wrong with words, I hope you don't mind. I'm just in charge of running errands. " The law enforcement disciple looked at long Chen with fear in his eyes and said.

The Dragon dust smashed the flying boat, causing hundreds of people in it to be seriously injured, and some people's bones were smashed, which was extremely tragic.

Those people take long Chen to the commandment center, and the elder on duty in the commandment center is the one who has been slapped by long Chen.

The elder was slapped in the face by long Chen, and he was full of anger in his heart. He thought about how to kill long Chen.

Coincidentally, when elder Tianlei returned to the shrine, he stirred up dissension and said a lot of bad things about longchen. He came out of the shrine under the command of Danyuan to make trouble and deliberately humiliate the shrine.

As expected, the relationship between Shenyuan and Danyuan was very bad. Elder shenlei was hot tempered, so he got angry on the spot and went to find longchen angrily.

But it wasn't long before elder shenlei came back. He didn't wait to ask how the situation was. Elder shenlei kicked him away with his foot, and his blood was gushing. He almost didn't breathe.

Elder shenlei put down a sentence: "next time, treat me as a fool and slap you to death."

The commandment elder was beaten so that his five zang organs were displaced. He quickly took some pills to suppress the injury.

When he secretly inquired about it, he almost didn't get angry. Long Chen didn't know what evil method he used, so he became a brother with elder shenlei.

At that time, hearing the news, the commandment elder, with a mouthful of old blood, fainted on the spot.

A disciple quickly helped him up, gave him pills, slept for more than an hour, and finally woke up slowly.

As a result, as soon as I woke up, some disciples reported that someone had sued longchen and smashed longchen into the flying boat. They hurt people maliciously and almost killed everyone on the boat.

If he didn't get kicked by elder shenlei, he would jump up excitedly, but now he's afraid. Elder seven stars is not easy to provoke, elder shenlei can't, and he doesn't want to provoke dragon dust.

Originally, because of some relations, he wanted to stand on their side, but now he is a little afraid.

He wanted to pretend that he was ill, but in this way, the news that he was kicked by the God thunder elder was about to fly out, and that would be lost.

Hesitated again and again, or send someone to explore the mouth of long Chen, investigate the cause and effect, and then decide how to throw this hot potato out.

It only needs to delay for a few days. When other elders take over, he will be able to give up and watch.

But when he asked the law enforcement disciples to interrogate long Chen, all the law enforcement disciples turned green. What is the existence of long Chen? If you kill someone without blinking an eye, who will interrogate him? What's the difference between asking for death?

If it's done, I'll be slapped twice. If it's not done well, I'll lose my life. No one dares to take the job.

In the end, the job fell on the man in front of him, and he couldn't shirk it, because the elder was his master. If he didn't come, he would not be able to live in the shrine in the future, so he had to harden his head. His expression was almost crying.

Other law enforcement disciples, standing far behind him, seemed to be afraid to approach longchen.

"It's OK. If you have any questions, just ask. In fact, I have a good temper." Dragon dust light tunnel.

Good temper? The law enforcement disciple's face is strange. Is this ghost story too scary?

Looking at the trembling appearance of the law enforcement disciples and the indifferent look of long Chen, Mu Qingyun and others almost didn't laugh. Who is interrogating whom?

Because of their status, all the law enforcement disciples are arrogant. Although they don't take the initiative to cause trouble, they are indifferent and overbearing, and speak with the tone of trying criminals.

Although it's polite to Mu Qingyun and others, it's not so easy to talk to others. In fact, the law enforcement disciples are not popular in the shrine, giving people the feeling of pretending to be powerful and holding a chicken feather as an arrow.

Today, they came to interrogate long Chen, but they were scared to sweat. This contrast is really funny. The two sisters, Zhong Ling and Zhong Xiu, don't know how hard they have to work.

The law enforcement disciple took out a book and said cautiously: "the hunting team said that master longchen wanted to kill them. I don't believe such accusations.

Our commandment center will not be biased, so I want to hear from you. Is it convenient for you to tell me? "

"Did they mention why they killed our flying mount?" Long Chen asked."They said it was a mistake. It was a misunderstanding." The law enforcement disciple said in a hurry.

"Misunderstanding? Yes, in fact, this is a misunderstanding. " Long Chen nodded and said with a smile.

"Well How to say that? " Asked the disciple.

"Here's the thing. We were riding on the flying fairy beast, and suddenly something rushed out to kill us.

Fortunately, I ran away quickly, or I would be killed. Do you want to fight back when someone kills you

"Yes," the disciple nodded.

"Yes, my first reaction at that time was that an intruder broke into the academy and committed murder.

Then I fought back. After I finished smoking a stick, elder martial sister Qingyun told me that it was the hunting boat of Shenyuan.

But at that time, everything was over, so they said it was a misunderstanding, that is a misunderstanding. Now the misunderstanding has been solved, and there is no loss for everyone. This matter has passed Longchen is very generous.

Nothing to lose? They have seen the strange look on the faces of those law enforcement disciples and those of the hunting team. Some of them are seriously injured. They are going to twist them into Mahua patties. They almost lost their lives. Is that no loss?

"Is there anything else to ask? If not, we're going to have dinner. Why don't you sit down and have some? " Longchen road.

"No, no, I won't disturb you. You'll be busy first, and I'll go back to my life." The disciple said in a hurry.

He also saw that this matter is clearly the hunting team to pick things, the result kicked the iron board.

The hunting team can't admit that it deliberately bumped people, but long Chen pretended not to know the flying boat of the hunting team and insisted that it was an intruder. No one could help him.

In this way, it must be harmony in the end. Anyway, he has a general understanding of the situation. As for the decision, it depends on the decision of the commandment elder. Anyway, he has finished his work and has not been beaten. He has already burned incense.

After the law enforcement disciple saluted long Chen, he was about to leave. At this time, another group of disciples in law enforcement costumes came up in a fierce manner:

"who is long Chen, get out of here for me." , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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