Chapter 2848

"Ha ha ha, long San, right? You are a tutor now. I can't challenge you directly. Do you dare to challenge me?" Chu crazy looking at long Chen, the eyes are full of contempt.

"Chu maniac, you son of a bitch, you have ignited the divine fire, but you insist on leaving your realm at the peak of ecdysis, deliberately blocking the path of other people's cultivation. You are shameless." Mu Qingyun said angrily.

Dragon dust also found that the breath of Chu maniac fluctuated up and down, and fluctuated greatly, just like a volcano about to erupt, but it was suppressed by a force.

After Mu Qingyun's reminding, long Chen suddenly realized that this man had already stepped into that realm, but he used a secret method to stop the realm between the ecdysis realm and the divine fire realm.

Although Chu maniac didn't release his own power, longchen felt a kind of powerful power on him, which was a kind of hidden power.

"Joke, I didn't give you a chance at the beginning. As long as you surrender to me, I won't embarrass you. It's a pity that you don't appreciate it. I naturally want you to pay the price." Chu maniac disdains tunnel.

"Although Mu Qingyun is a female, he will never give in to anyone." Mu Qingyun cold tunnel.

"Joke, are you giving in to others now? You look like you're almost undressed. " Chu crazy looked at long Chen and looked at Mu Qingyun, sneering.


Mu Qingyun was very angry and his eyes were red. Obviously, when he cursed people, it was about men and women. Women would suffer a lot.

Long Chen patted Mu Qingyun gently to let her not be so excited. If she scolded again, it was estimated that Mu Qingyun would be scolded and cry.

Looking at Chu maniac, long Chen shook his head and said, "you are an idiot spoiled by your adults. You have never suffered any loss in your life.

However, I advise you that this is not good. Once you suffer a loss, you will suffer a great loss. Young people should be cautious. "

"Ha ha ha..."

Chu Kuang looked up at the sky with a smile and said to the humanity behind him, "how dare anyone preach to me? Ha ha ha It's killing me. "

The people behind the Chu maniac also laughed, and their faces were full of ridicule and disdain. It seemed that they were very funny about the ignorance of longchen.

Long Chen also smiles, but he doesn't say anything. He pulls Mu Qingyun away. Long Chen doesn't want to waste time with these idiots. He wants to go to the Shinto Sutra pavilion to find something.

"Stop, you didn't say anything. Who told you to go Ah... "

One person stops long Chen's way. As a result, long Chen kicks his crotch with one foot. With a loud bang, the man's crotch cracks and his body is torn. With a scream, he rolls and flies out.

The body of a person who is in the state of exuviation is between the immortal and the ordinary, and the Qi of the immortal and the ordinary is transferred. At this time, the healing ability of the person is greatly reduced, and the body is also the most sensitive.

Long Chen kicks that person's lifeblood to pieces. In addition to the pain, if he doesn't spend a lot of money on healing, he will lose his children and grandchildren in his life.

"Looking for death"

when long Chen kicked out, Chu Kuang and others were furious and drew out their weapons one after another. As a result, as soon as they drew out their weapons, hundreds of law enforcement disciples immediately surrounded them.

When the law enforcement disciple heard the news, he was about to scold who was making trouble here. When he saw Chu maniac and long Chen, he felt numb.

Chu maniac, the No.1 strong man in Shinto list, is ruthless in means and extremely hard in backstage. He almost exists horizontally in the shrine, and no one dares to provoke him.

As soon as long Chen entered the Academy, he set off an uproar. The comet rising from the new generation was ruthless and domineering. He waved and killed people, but it was also not provoking.

Those law enforcement disciples cried out that it was bad luck, but they had to come in time for their duty, otherwise it would be dereliction of duty.

"I don't dare to adjust the contradiction between you. I'm going to fly to the commandment hall and ask the leader to judge for you." The law enforcement disciple is also smart. If he doesn't go through the muddy water, he will throw the hot potato directly to the commandment hall. If the sky falls down, he will always find a high one to support.

"No need"

Chu Kuang waved his hand and looked at long Chen. There was no cover up in his eyes:

"long San, don't think you can do whatever you want here if you have some skills.

I will let you die in the yard at any time.

The Shenyuan is not what you see. Here, you are a rootless duckweed. I'm Chu crazy. It's easy to crush you.

Dare you fight me? Wait. I'll kill you slowly. Let's see? "

Finish saying words, Chu crazy didn't give long Chen the chance to talk at all, took a person to leave.

Looking at Chu maniac's back, long Chen shook his head: "I don't know how many such people have killed. Unfortunately, there are always some people who keep looking for death. They can't make it right. I feel sorry for their appearance."

"This Chu maniac does all kinds of bad things, but because of his strong background, and what he does doesn't go beyond the rules of the shrine, no one can help him.

This time, we must defeat the supreme alliance. Last time, we lost. If we lose again this time, there will be no chance to fight back. " Mu Qingyun sighed."What kind of Shinto competition do you have in mind?" Long Chen asked, originally he didn't care about this kind of thing, but after hearing Mu Qingyun mentioned it many times, long Chen couldn't help being curious.

"The Shinto competition is related to the qualification of entering the inner courtyard. You don't know, third brother. LingXiao academy is frightening. Besides the outer courtyard we are in now, there is also the inner courtyard.

The inner courtyard is the core of the Academy. It is not difficult to enter the Academy, but you need to work hard to enter the inner courtyard.

In particular, the competition between Shenyuan and Xianyuan is particularly fierce. Each time there is only one force competing for supremacy, and only by winning the championship can they obtain the qualification for examination. After passing the examination, they can enter the inner court.

Last time, we lost. All the members of their supreme alliance passed the examination and entered the inner gate. But Chu Kuang deliberately failed the examination and stayed in the outer gate.

After the failure of the examination, he is qualified to continue to participate in the Shinto competition. His purpose is to prevent us from entering the inner gate.

Last time, we failed. The members of their Xiaoyao League have entered the inner gate. After one year of practice, their strength has become stronger.

We have a year's gap with them. If we fail again this time, the gap between us and them will be bigger and bigger, and there will be no chance to turn over in this life. In that case, Chu Kuang's goal will be achieved. " Mu Qingyun gnashed his teeth.

"Didn't that Chu maniac also delay a year?" Long Chen can't help but wonder.

"That Chu maniac has a strong background. Even outside, he won't get less resources than his inner disciples. He just wants to bring down our Xiaoyao League." Mu Qingyun sighed.

Long Chen shook his head: "this man is really boring. In this case, he will only make himself more hateful. He is not afraid to come out with a cruel man and kill him? There is no awe at all. "

As the saying goes, if heaven wants him to perish, he must first make him crazy. This Chu maniac, for his own sake, doesn't leave a way for others to live and forces others to die, which is to seek death.

Mu Qingyun didn't know what he thought of. Suddenly, his face turned slightly red. Looking at long Chen, he said, "third brother, I want to ask you to do me a favor." , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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