Chapter 2856


The flying boat shakes violently. The disciples inside scream. Long Chen takes a look at the crowd. Although the disciples of the elite group are also frightened, they are ready to fight at any time.

The other disciples, in panic, only knew to shout, and the rest seemed to be waiting for death.


suddenly, the flying boat glows, and Mu Qingyun launches the defense skills of the flying boat. There is a lightning Rune on it, and the huge toad shakes, and a puff of smoke comes out of his tongue.

The tongue couldn't stick to the boat any more. The boat broke away from its tongue and flew away.

"God, I'm scared to death..."

"I thought I was dead..."

Out of danger, these disciples felt their chest and were still in shock.

But they said, they saw the Dragon dust is looking at them coldly, quickly closed his mouth.

The boat was flying forward slowly, but inside the boat, there was a dead silence, and the atmosphere was extremely embarrassing.

"Third brother, we are wrong."

Zhong Ling lowered his head and said.

Just before they set out, the disciples of the elite group were still trying to teach them how to keep calm in the face of a strong enemy, not to let them fear, to stare at their opponents and seize every opportunity to fight back.

They had learned so much before, but as soon as the giant toad appeared, they forgot everything they had learned. Faced with danger, they felt fear and despair. They even gave up fighting back and waited for death quietly.

So in the face of long Chen's eyes, they felt very ashamed. Before, they vowed that they had overcome their fear and felt that they had changed their body. As a result, their faces were crackling.

"Three elder brothers, you scold us a few words, don't look at us like this good." After a long time, Zhong Ling and others felt numb. She felt that her spirit was going to collapse and begged.

Long Chen shakes his head and doesn't speak. When the boat flies into a mountain depression, long Chen stops Mu Qingyun.

Mu Qingyun stopped the boat and breathed a long sigh of relief. Just now she was in a cold sweat, not much better than others.

After the boat stopped, long Chen finally said: "I admit I'm a little angry with your previous performance.

But if you think about it, it's because I'm too demanding of you. You live in peace and prosperity, which is different from the background that I couldn't live without working hard.

Many of the purposes of your practice are to be outstanding, to show off your ancestors, or even to be superior.

But one thing I want to tell you today is that people should know how to think of danger in times of peace.

You all have this kind of life today because of your family background, but do you know how many people used their lives and blood to exchange your current background.

The rise of a power is bound to be accompanied by a bloodbath, and after the rise of a power, it is bound to be watched by countless greedy eyes.

Don't you have any hostile forces? Don't you have enemies? If one day, the pillar of your family fell down, what would you do? Like just now, crying, screaming, and waiting for death?

The reason why you can grow up carefree is that someone in your family is sheltering you from the wind and rain. I don't know how many people use their own lives in exchange for your peace today.

Don't you want to be a shelter for your family? "

For a moment, everyone was silent. Indeed, the background of entering Lingxiao Academy was not bad. Especially these elite disciples were all accumulated by the family with resources.

You know, the fees of the academy are not low. They simply can't maintain their cultivation expenses by relying on those benefits. They need a lot of money from their families every year.

What long Chen said is right. All of them want to be successful in their studies. They want to shine on their family members and make them look down on themselves.

Long Chen's words hit them like a sledgehammer, which stimulated the nerve in their heart.

As the world, it's hard to be protected by the family for a lifetime? What's the difference between that and a trash?

"There is no shortcut to becoming strong, so if you want to be strong, you need to face death.

Today I bring you here. If you don't have the determination to become stronger, maybe half or even more people will stay here forever.

So you think it's time to face death and become a real strong man.

Or do you want to be an ordinary disciple, live a comfortable life and live in peace.

Now it's too late to regret, but when the cabin door of the flying boat is opened, you will repent, and I will kill you myself. " Long Chen's face is solemn.

For a moment, people look at me and I look at you. Long Chen's words make their scalp numb. Half or even more people will die here. It's terrible."I want to be strong, or I will be bullied by others every day. It's meaningless to live. I choose to stay."

"I'll stay, too. Anyway, my father has more than a dozen sons, and I'm the one."

"I'm afraid of death, but I'm even more afraid of death. Damn it, I'll go out and make a bet. If I can't die, the third master will turn me into a powerful fighter like the elder brother of the elite group."

Men are all bloody. The road of practice is not smooth at all. Everyone has suffered from anger and humiliation. Now when they meet a famous teacher like long Chen, if they shrink back, they will regret it all their lives.

For a moment, these disciples expressed their opinions one after another. When someone spoke, the courage and blood in their hearts were slowly ignited, and their fear gradually faded away, and no one withdrew.

Long Chen nods. After all, they are all young people, young and arrogant. If they don't even have the courage to be young and frivolous, they are really born waste.

"Well, since everyone agrees to stay, I'll tell you why I'm here.

I read a book a few days ago, which recorded this place. Its name is crescent valley.

Eighteen thousand years ago, there was a big war here. The strong people in the Academy were shocked. But when they came, the war was over.

According to the traces of the scene investigated by the strong at that time, it was estimated that there was a kind of heavenly fire born here, and there was a fierce beast who wanted to devour it.

But at the beginning of the war, no one saw, the outcome is unknown, leaving only a messy crescent shaped battlefield, so it is called crescent valley.

The reason why I bring you here is that there is the will of sky fire in this crescent valley. Although it has been ten thousand years, the residual breath is still strong.

For you, just can be used to temper the will, is the best way to let you have the strong will as soon as possible.

And When long Chen said this, his eyes gradually became fiery:

"if my expectation is good, a new kind of sky fire may have been born, and that is my ultimate goal."

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