Chapter 2877

Mu Qingyun suddenly reaches out his hand, pulls longchen's hand, and writes on longchen's hand:

"why don't Chu maniacs come out with us at the same time?"

In the main hall, there are statues and runes. The souls of Mu Qingyun and others are suppressed, so they can't communicate with each other. This is also to prevent the examined disciples from communicating secretly.

However, even without the power of rune, they can't transmit the sound of soul. Mu Qingyun is smart enough to communicate in this way, otherwise even if he speaks in a low voice, he will be heard.

Long Chen smiles a little and gives Mu Qingyun a thumbs up, which is to praise her intelligence.

On Mu Qingyun's little hand, long Chen wrote: "according to the law, those who are found guilty are the ones who come out from behind, so that they can bear more psychological pressure."

"How can they be found guilty before the trial is over?" Mu Qingyun was puzzled and wrote in a hurry.

"Silly girl, he took so many people out, and they all died. How can he not be guilty?

If the person I take dies outside, I will also bear the responsibility. No matter whether others intentionally hurt me or not, I need to bear the responsibility for the dead person. " Long Chen wrote.

When Mu Qingyun patted his forehead, he suddenly remembered that there was such a rule in the Academy.

If it's hunting, you need to declare the number, equipment, hunting location and other information of the team. In this way, if there are casualties, the team leader does not need to bear the responsibility.

However, if it is going out without permission and there are casualties, the leader will be held responsible, because Mu Qingyun has never taken anyone out without permission and has forgotten this rule.

Now I think of it, I have a look at longchen, and my eyes are full of gratitude. Longchen took them out, but he didn't reveal anything to her.

Seeing that long Chen and Mu Qingyun are writing on their hands, Luo Ning turns her mouth and reaches out to write on Mu Qingyun's other hand, deliberately showing it to long Chen.

Her writing is very simple: "shameless"

long Chen's eyes are full of contempt. This guy regards this kind of thing as taking advantage of Mu Qingyun, and his heart is dark enough.

Long Chen smiles at Luo Ning and reaches out her hand to write a few words in the air. Because the writing is too messy, Luo Ning doesn't see clearly. Long Chen writes again. She frowns and still doesn't see clearly.

As soon as long Chen reaches out his hand, he signals her to take it over and write on her hand. Luo Ning reaches out her hand.

Long Chen grabs Luo Ning's hand seriously, touches his fingers and the back of his hand, and rubs it up and down for a long time. Luo Ning doesn't understand what this guy is going to do.

Luo Bing can't see it any more. She reaches out her hand and pushes Luo Ning. Luo Ning finds that there is a bad smile on the corner of longchen's mouth. She pulls her hand back and glares at longchen.

With a smile, long Chen slowly drew a few words in the air. This time, they understood:

"you misunderstood me before. I'll let you distinguish what is really shameless."

Honestly, long Chen touches his hand for a long time. Luo Ning is very angry. He feels that he has been fooled. He just wants to open his mouth, but Luo Bing covers his mouth.

Long Chen laughs and sits back to his position. Suddenly, there is a dark thing nearby. After a closer look, he jumps up from his seat:

"what is this?"

It turns out that when long Chen and Mu Qingyun secretly communicated, three people came into the hall. No, specifically, two people came in, and another one was carried in by the two of them.

The man who startled longchen was like coke. His mouth, nose and ears were gone. On his bald head, there were a pair of eyes. Those eyes were staring at longchen and gave off a sinister light.

"You are..." Longchen was surprised.

"Long Chen, take your seat." Suddenly the head of the commandment hall cheered.

Long Chen just sat down and looked at the charcoal man beside him. Through his eyes, long Chen could confirm that this guy was Chu maniac.

Now Chu Kuang is not crazy at all. His whole body is as stiff as a wood carving. Because he can't sit down, he can only recline on the chair. It looks so strange.

Seeing Chu maniac like this, long Chen almost didn't laugh. It seems that although Ding Huozhu saved their lives, it also made them suffer a lot.

What longchen didn't know was that when the underground lava erupted, the elder named chuyishan opened the dinghuozhu for the first time.

Unfortunately, they got stuck in a crevice of lava. Because of the eruption of lava, they could not move.

When the power of dinghuoshenzhu is exhausted, even the strong of quadrupole will be crushed to death in an instant.

Chu Yishan is a member of the Chu family. Under the pressure of terror, they try their best to climb forward and send him and Chu Kuang out by the power of eruption. That's their only way to live.

But the pressure of the volcano eruption was too terrible to move. They could only move closer to the pillar of the lava eruption bit by bit. In this process, the power consumption of the fixed fire bead was huge.

Although they finally broke out successfully, there was endless fire and poison penetrating into their bodies. Chu Yishan was a strong man in the four extreme states, who could resist naturally, but Chu maniac couldn't.After escaping, Chu Kuang's half life was gone. If Chu Yishan didn't bring him back in time and get the most timely treatment, he would really be useless.

Although his life was saved, the fire poison entered his body and could not be quickly removed. He suffered from the pain of fire poison biting his body every day. The things around him were like charred charcoal, which were the ashes of the fire poison burning the five internal organs.

It's like there's a pile of wood in his body that can't be watered out. Once it's watered out, even the fire of life is watered out.

The only way is to let the fire burn out. At the same time, you need to constantly repair your body, or you will be burned to death. This is the only way to eliminate the fire poison, and the most painful way.

Mu Qingyun was shocked to see the appearance of Chu maniac. Who could have thought that Chu maniac was burned into a stick.

Luo Ning's face was full of happiness. Seeing that Chu maniac suffered so much, Luo Ning felt very happy and relieved. It was more gratifying than killing Chu maniac.

"If you don't die in great danger, there will be future trouble. Congratulations." In the face of Chu's vicious eyes, long Chen smiles and embraces boxing.

Chu Kuang looks at long Chen, his eyes almost burst out with fire. This time, he's too miserable. He almost lost his life in a muddle headed way. From beginning to end, he doesn't understand what's going on. It's too hard for him.

"In the court of justice, don't speak privately. Warn the first time. If there is a second time, fire whip will serve." The scar face old man shrieked.

Long Chen's lips curled. He knew that he would warn for the first time, so he was so mad that a fool would say it for the second time.

Now the trial begins, and long Chen begins to restrain himself. Now these two old ghosts are waiting to grasp him. They must not be given a chance.

"Now both sides state the course of the incident. Long Chen, you come first." The first one in the commandment hall opened his mouth. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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