Chapter 2884

"Master long Chen, look at this secret book. Is it the kind you said?" The two disciples led long Chen to a very remote corner. Among a pile of broken books, they found a book with a missing corner and handed it to long Chen.

Long Chen looked at it:

"tortoise shell shield?"

"Fighting with people, carrying a big son of a bitch? Isn't that a joke? " Long Chen said angrily.

"But It does Very round I don't believe it. Look at that The disciple was a little embarrassed. After that, the power of his soul penetrated into the ancient book.

On the ancient book, a vague figure appeared. A round tortoise shell appeared behind. At the same time, a tortoise shell appeared in the hand when the big hand was extended. Move forward. Good guy, it fits perfectly. The whole tortoise is shrouded.

"Master long Chen, all the books here are ancient books. Because of improper maintenance, some books are missing. The academy is not able to complete them. It can only keep them here first, and then repair them when it has a chance.

But one thing is for sure. All the books here are almost lost. Some have a head without a tail, some have a tail without a head, and some are missing in the middle.

But there are many people who have already become famous after just practicing at the beginning. If it is not a basic skill, it can still be used as a reference. " The disciple said.

Pick up the book, explore the power of the soul, and quickly come up with the method of Qi and blood running. It's not difficult. It's purely defensive, and some pithy formulas are missing. But if you use it to cover the circle of stars, it's not impossible, but the tortoise shell is really hard to accept.

Long Chen finally thanks the two people and let them go. He looks around here to see if he can meet the right one. It's really no good. He still has to use the old method to look for one bookshelf after another. Long Chen thinks that his soul power should be able to withstand that kind of impact.

Long Chen rummages through a pile of rotten books. As long as the power of the soul enters the book, a picture will appear on the book, showing the form and name of the skill.

Some do not show, the proof has been completely destroyed, and some show, but can not enter, the lack of proof is serious, equally useless.

Here are all fragments of ancient books. It's an excellent choice for longchen. The world doesn't know much about this ancient skill. Longchen is more likely to be confused and not easy to be torn down.

An hour later, long Chen was almost drowned by books. Just when long Chen was upset and ready to leave, a book under his feet suddenly glowed and a halo appeared.

In a daze, long Chen picked up the book and put the power of his soul into it. Soon a halo appeared, which turned out to be colorful.

"Qijue xuanyang Gong? Ha ha ha, found it, found it. "

Longchen is very happy. This ring is very similar to longchen's ring, but it has seven colors, and longchen's ring has six colors.

Long Chen has studied it carefully. Qijue xuanyang Gong is the treasure of Qijue men in ancient times. In ancient times, Qijue men had a great reputation and passed on for nearly 30000 years.

However, because it was a sect in ancient times, the times were too long. Many histories have become legends, and Qijue xuanyang Gong has been submerged in history.

The Qijue xuanyang skill of qijuemen is based on seven kinds of energy: gold, wood, water, fire, earth, wind and thunder. According to the theory of Qijue xuanyang skill, there must be seven kinds of energy in human body.

People are born with what they are born with, but they hide it because they haven't found it the day after tomorrow, or because other attributes are too strong to show for life.

However, the seven Jue xuanyang skill is to dig out all the seven forces, but after digging out, it will be cultivated as a seed.

Then open up seven orifices and introduce seeds into them. In this way, a person has seven different powers.

If ordinary people have seven kinds of power, they will inevitably restrain each other, and genius will become useless. The founder of the seven Jue xuanyang Gong has opened up another way of practice.

Let the seven forces form a wonderful array in the body. When one force is operated, the other six forces will become fuel, and the single force will merge the other six forces. The power is extremely amazing.

Unfortunately, the Qijue xuanyang skill is incomplete, and the important part of energy conversion is missing. There are only some mysterious figures that no one can decipher, so this book is left here.

And long Chen can see that the seven Jue xuanyang skill is too simple and easy to understand compared with the nine star Bati Jue.

However, I have to admit that the wisdom of creating Qijue xuanyang Gong is really amazing, and it is too strong.

Long Chen keeps the seven Jue xuanyang skill in his mind and runs it silently in his heart. It's not difficult to learn this thing. Long Chen has nine stars in his body. It's just as simple as a golden champion to write children's articles.

"The divine ring can cover up, and the six star war body also needs to find a skill to cover up." Long Chen continued to search, but after a long time, all the ancient books were turned up, and no suitable one was found.Long Chen went to the bookshelf area to record crazily, one bookshelf after another to remember. As the disciple said, it is much more difficult to record the achievements of Gongfa than to remember other books, and it will make the soul uncomfortable.

Long Chen searched dozens of bookshelves and took several pills to recover his soul, but he still couldn't find the right one. Counting the time, another day passed, and he got nothing except Qijue xuanyang skill.

The skills of Shenyuan are all based on supernatural power, which can stimulate one's own power, activate the vision, and let the power of heaven and earth assist one's own. A few visions are manifested in the body, and most of them are attached to the body. For example, the skills of Qijue xuanyang skill are too few.

"If we go on like this, I'm afraid we may not be able to find it even for a month. It's better to try our luck in Xianyuan."

Long Chen left the Shinto Sutra Pavilion, took the teleportation array, and went straight to the fairy house. When long Chen appeared in the fairy house, many disciples of the fairy house looked at him in surprise.

You know, the disciples of Shenyuan rarely set foot in Xianyuan, and there is no harmony between the two. It's just that no one knows the name of longchen, even in Xianyuan, especially the unique black clothes.

"Long Chen, what are you doing here? You are not welcome here. " Dragon dust just appeared, suddenly there is immortal courtyard disciple cold hum way.

"If you don't want to die, go away. If you want to die, come here."

Long Chen takes a look at the man. He looks like a second generation ancestor. He is supposed to be someone who is hostile to Luo Bing. Otherwise, he won't talk to him like this.

"Long Chen, do you think this is a shrine? Still so arrogant, are you bullying nobody in our fairy house?

Come on, the dog of the Shenyuan, it's arrogant to come to our Xianyuan. " The disciple suddenly yelled at the top of his voice.

"Looking for death"

in a rage, long Chen rushes up with an arrow step, and the disciple runs away. However, as soon as he takes a step, long Chen has grasped his neck and covered his face with a series of big mouths. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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