Chapter 2886

attend class;class begins? Luo Bing suddenly understood, if long Chen is to stroll, or to be provoked in class, there is an essential difference between the two.


LUO Bing doesn't know why long Chen came to the fairy house, but this is not the place to talk, so she will leave with long Chen.


suddenly, a man came out of the crowd. He was very thin and looked like a bamboo pole. He had long hands and long feet, just like a tall gorilla. He looked very strange.

Long Chen sees that person, can't help a Leng, there is a kind of strange breath on this person's body, faint have the spirit of demon.

"His name is Gu Fei. He ranks second in the list of immortals. He is very powerful and has not fought against him for half a year. He is getting stronger and stronger. I don't know if I can beat him." Luo Bing whispers in long Chen's ear. She is very afraid of Gu Fei.

"Another pig eating tiger." Long Chen said.

"Why?" Luo Bing and Luo Ning are surprised. As soon as they mention playing pig and eating tiger, they think of Chu maniac. Is Gu Fei the same as Chu maniac? Hidden strength?

Gu Fei, surrounded by a group of people, came out. Long Chen had a general look at the people on Gu Fei's side. They were full of Qi and blood, and their breath was introverted. Long Chen smelled the smell of pills from a long distance, and he could not help shaking his head in his heart.

Luo Bing's dream of fighting for supremacy in fairyland is about to come to an end, because there are a few guys with strong breath. They can hide from anyone, but they can't hide the feeling of nine star's body formula.

Use the elixir to suppress the breath, disguise as the weak and paralyze the opponent. When Luo Bing and others are full of confidence and ready to fight, they will smash the confidence of Luo Bing and others in an instant.

Under such a huge psychological gap, if the other party takes the opportunity to say something dirty and irritating, the people on Luo Bing's side, even the Taoist heart, will be shaken, resulting in heart demons.

"Master longchen, you said just now that you have only two identities, one is a disciple of Dan academy, the other is a teacher of Shenyuan. If someone provokes you and commits the crime of offence, it can be punished.

But in the hall of judgment, you have said that you will take part in the Shinto war for hegemony. Since you take part in the Shinto war for hegemony, you are a disciple of the shrine. Is it not appropriate for you to use the identity of a tutor to evade responsibility Gu Fei goes to the front of long Chen and opens his mouth.

Although on the surface it was polite, the hostility in his eyes was very obvious.

"That's right. Since you have participated in the Shinto competition, you are a disciple of the shrine, and you have taken the identity of a mentor to oppress others. The people of the shrine are becoming more and more shameless." The disciple beside Gu Fei sneered.


the disciple just finished, suddenly his eyes were dazzled, and long Chen slapped him in the face, and the huge explosion startled everyone.

The disciple flew out like a shell and hit the stone pillar hundreds of feet away. Half of the disciple's face was covered with blood and flesh. However, it was shocking that bone runes appeared on his half face.

Because of the appearance of this bone rune, it resisted part of the power of longchen, otherwise longchen's slap would break his head.

"Blood spirit bone armor"

Luo Ning exclaimed and recognized the move.

"How is it possible that he has become a blood spirit bone armor?" Those disciples around Luo Ning were surprised.

Blood spirit bone armour is a very famous defensive skill in the immortal courtyard. It uses blood essence and bone pattern as its guide. It can defend at will. It's a very practical move. Especially in the battlefield where injuries are exchanged for injuries, the enemy will be killed by a single blow, but he will be killed by a single blow.

With the slap of long Chen, Luo Ning and others were surprised that he played the bottom card of the disciple's move. You know, that man is only the 26 strongest man in the list of humanity. He is not very impressive, and even Luo Bing can't name him.

But it's such a humble person who has quietly practiced the powerful defense technique of blood spirit bone armor. So others I can't imagine that.

"I repeat that sentence again: play to play, play to play, don't make fun of life.

Don't say what kind of blood spirit bone armour you've become. Even if you've become a good body, I can slap you to death.

I said that I would take part in the Shinto competition, but I have not submitted the list yet. That is to say, I am not a disciple of the Shinto temple, and Lao Tzu is a mentor now.

Who won't accept? Then come out. Third Master long has been wandering in the river and lake for more than 20 years, but he has no other ability to deal with all kinds of problems. "

That Gu Fei's face is gloomy. He has forgotten this. If long Chen doesn't submit the list, he is not a disciple of Shenyuan.


at this moment, the disciple who was patted by longchen spat out a mouthful of blood and slowly fell down from the stone pillar, leaving a long strip of blood behind, which seemed a little shocking.

"I'm sorry, you two. I don't mean to challenge the authority of the fairy house, but some people are cheap. If you don't beat him, you'll be sorry for his appearance.

If I have something else to do, I'll leave first. I'll invite you to drink another day. " See the two fairy Dean old embarrassed to stand there, long Chen a fist, the two also returned a gift.Long Chen just left with Luo Bing and others. Gu Fei looked at long Chen's back and saw a fierce color in his eyes.

"This dragon dust is too arrogant."

Someone rescued the patting disciple, but he had already passed out and half of his face was bloody. It was frightening to see him. Someone said angrily.

"Long Chen, right? You wait. You'll regret it." Gu Fei jumped out of his teeth and said that he was going to leave with someone.

"Wait, he. You can take it. No one else can." Seeing that Gu Fei and the wounded were ready to take away, the law enforcement disciples came forward to stop him.

"What? Are the wings hard? Are you not afraid that the leader of gufei will trouble you in the future? " One of the disciples of the fairy house scolded, but they didn't pay attention to the law enforcement disciples.

The law enforcement disciple said with a smile, "I'm afraid. How can I be afraid, but I'm more afraid of master longchen.

The old man has already said that if we want to send the three people to the commandment Center for disposal, we must send them there, otherwise it will be our dereliction of duty.

As for this man, master long Chen didn't say anything about him, so we won't take him away.

If you insist on taking everyone away, I'll call tutor long Chen to come back and study whether to take three or four people away. "

"You You are looking for death. " Some people said angrily that today's law enforcement disciples even dare to talk back to them.


all of a sudden, the two elders of the fairy House said coldly, "everything is done according to the rules. Do you regard us as the air? Don't think that if you have a relationship, you can do whatever you want.

I advise you to stop being like those inner disciples of the shrine. You don't even know how to die. You can only change some immortal crystals for your own life. "

The two elders of the fairy house were regarded as the air. Suddenly, they were in a big fire. After the scolding, they left directly.

Gu Fei could only watch the law enforcement disciples take the three people away. Although the three people were not the backbone, it was tantamount to beating him in the face, especially in front of so many people.

"Long Chen, you wait. You will pay for your arrogance." Gu Fei clenched his teeth and left with the man. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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