Chapter 3060

The ancient city is towering, surrounded by the majestic pass, and the air of simplicity is coming. At this time, this ancient city, in front of the towering gate, is full of people, and the crowd is like an ant colony.

Tianma stopped far away from the ancient city. When long Chen and others got out of the chariot, they immediately had countless eyes.

The young people here are all disciples of shenhuojing. When they look at long Chen and others, their eyes are full of provocation. At the same time, they are also observing wantonly, as if they want to find out each other's weakness.

These are all the disciples who attended the Kyushu assembly, because during this period, the people who watched the war would not be received, and they did not even have the qualification to enter the city.

But when they look at long Chen and others, they are full of hostility, but when they look at Bai Shishi, their eyes are full of amazement. Many people wave to Bai Shishi, but Bai Shishi turns a blind eye and looks indifferent.

However, Bai Shishi is not the only one who is popular, but also Mr. nagagawa. As soon as Mr. nagagawa appears, countless young girls scream. His eyes are full of admiration, and even cause more turmoil than Bai Shishi.

It seems that Mr. nagagawa has been used to it. He also ignores those people. However, what he attracts is not only the eyes of women's admiration, but also the eyes of men's jealousy. Not far away, some men point at Mr. nagagawa, and their eyes are full of provocation.

Luo Bing, Luo Ning, Mu Qingyun and others are excited and nervous when they see such a grand scene for the first time. Everyone here has a strong breath, like a mountain or a sea. Everyone is extremely strong. Here, they feel so small.

Mu Qingyun is the most nervous. He has been holding long Chen's arm. It seems that only long Chen can give her a sense of security in front of the city gate, which is as proud as a dog.

"I told you to hide the sword, but let you seal it. What are you afraid of? These are all rookies who are strong outside but strong in the middle. If you really fight, you can sweep a large area with one sword. " Long Chen see Mu Qingyun nervous, even hand heart is sweat, know she has not seen such a big scene, can't help laughing.

"Really?" Mu Qingyun can't believe it.

"You have too little combat experience. You are confused by the appearance. This is a taboo of sword cultivation. You know, the intuition of sword cultivation is the most powerful. You can't do that.

However, it's right to bring you out. You need to accumulate more combat experience to enhance your confidence. " Long Chen said with a smile.

It's true that Mu Qingyun's sword practice is a bit of a half baked one. Maybe his mentor is not qualified, or maybe Mu Qingyun's persistence in kendo is not so strong.

Although Mu Qingyun has risen like a comet from an ordinary disciple to his present position, long Chen always thinks of Yue Zifeng. Compared with the two, Mu Qingyun is far behind.

Dragon dust ring looks around and finds that there are tens of millions of disciples here. It's just too many. It's really the biggest event in Kyushu. There are so many proud people and so many experts.

The young disciples here, like long Chen and others, are led by the older generation of strong people, waiting in line to sign up.

"Ha ha, there are so many people in LingXiao academy, which ranks first in tianwu Prefecture? Is this going to break the jar? " Just when long Chen and others were observing the surroundings, a group of people came over.

All of them were tall, with astonishing Qi and blood, and their bodies were full of fury. They were frightened.

"Here we go?" Long Chen can't help but be stunned.

Bai Shishi's mother had said before that Lingxiao Academy was excluded everywhere at the Kyushu convention. As soon as it arrived, someone came to challenge it.

This group of people, a total of 70 or 80 people, led by a tall and thin old man, holding a wooden stick, wooden stick head carved with a roaring tiger head.

And the old man's pupil, also different from ordinary people, seems to be the eyes of wild animals, fierce and fierce, with a kind of bloodthirsty wildness.

Bai Shishi's mother took a look at the old man and faintly vomited a word:


simple and direct, rough and domineering.

The old man didn't get angry either. With a smile, he glanced at long Chen and others. Seeing Mr. nagagawa, he said, "how can there be a first generation? Or from the forbidden area of life, what? Is Lingxiao Academy in need of foreign help to win glory for itself? "

When the old man finished, the disciples behind him sneered, and their eyes were full of sarcasm.

"Old man, you have a lot of bullshit. Do you want to be my enemy?" Mr. nagawa's cold tunnel.

"No, who dares to offend in the forbidden area of life? I'm only aiming at LingXiao academy, not at you." The old man, with a smile, even counseled him. He dares to offend LingXiao academy and childe nagawa.

Seeing the old man's advice, Mr. nagagawa hummed coldly and stopped talking. Then the old man walked up to Bai Shishi and nodded: "yes, blood is pure and blood fluctuates violently. Although we haven't awakened the blood of the early generation, it should not be far away. Girl, why don't we come to the dark tiger League for development?"

"Go away"

Bai Shishi, like her mother, just spits out one word and doesn't want to talk nonsense with this annoying guy.The old man was scolded. Instead of being angry, he was elated with a smile. When he came to longchen, he looked up and down at longchen and was about to speak.


long Chen suddenly put a big mouth on his old face and made a startling sound.

"What are you looking at?"

Long Chen's hand is like electricity. There is no sign in advance. They are close to each other. Even if the old man is so close, they still don't react. They are slapped in the face by long Chen.

The slap was as loud as a thunderbolt on a sunny day, which made longchen's palm numb and painful. The old man's face was too hard, and it was as painful as smoking on steel.

And the old man was drawn by the Dragon dust and turned several somersaults in the air, several teeth with blood, spilled in the air.

The huge noise startled everyone. In front of the city gate, which was as lively as a pot, it suddenly became silent. All of them looked here one after another, looking at long Chen and the old man in shock.

"I don't want to know what you're doing. Why don't you try another one? See if the third master can beat out your yolk. " Long Chen pointed to the old man and yelled at him. He rolled his arms and sleeves, looking like he was going to beat him again.

As long Chen moves, he winks at Bai Xiaole and others. As a result, Bai Xiaole's brain doesn't work well, and he doesn't understand what long Chen means.

Luo Bing, Luo Ning and Mu Qingyun are clever. They reach out to pull him. Long Chen pretends to break away from them and points to the old man and says, "don't pull me. I haven't suffered so much injustice since I grow up. Old man, do you want to see another one?" , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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