Chapter 3072

To long Chen's surprise, the name of Da Fantian was engraved on the inscription, which recorded some deeds of Da Fantian.

Although I can't understand the second generation of immortal prose, the third generation of immortal prose occupies less than half of the space. I read only the third generation of immortal prose, and I can't see the whole content. However, it can be seen that this is a monument about the merits and virtues of Da Fantian.

"NIMA, you are a traitor who deceives the master and destroys the ancestors, and you have also made contributions to the monument? Would you like some green lotus? " Long Chen is very angry. It's too mean.

"Master longchen, please answer as soon as possible, or you will be disqualified." At the moment of dragon dust's anger and anxiety, the old voice came to remind him.

Long Chen took a deep breath. Facing the eyes of countless people around him, long Chen said with a smile:

"this is a monument about Da Fantian's merits and virtues. It records some deeds of Da Fantian when he was young."


just as long Chen said this, a surprised voice came from the distance. Long Chen saw that it was an old man in blue with wrinkled face. He was looking at long Chen in shock. When long Chen looked at him, his expression was shocked again, as if nothing had happened.

"Good, go on."

The old voice, let all the face of schadenfreude into a shock, long Chen actually know the second generation of Jiuli immortal text, how can this be?

Go on, fart? I can't read it down at all. It must be wrong to translate it. With a firm head, long Chen pretended to be confident and said:

"in the seventh year of the apocalypse, he was above Guichou and Shenfeng, and his youth ascended jiuxiao..."

"It needs to be deciphered in vernacular." The voice warned.

Long Chen nodded his head and said: "that is to say, in the Apocalypse years of the mythical age, there was such a person who was very pissed. When he was young, he was like dancing on a sword. He was full of coquettishness.

When he came out, he was born with divine power, holding two big dads Well, I'm sorry to read it wrong. It's two axes. "

The first sentence of long Chen's translation is correct, because it's the three generations of Jiuli immortal script, and a large part of it is the second generation of immortal script. Long Chen doesn't know it at all. He just points to the words and talks nonsense, but he looks attentive and serious:

"where the axe goes, there's no one to stop him. By chance, he got a purple gourd, and that guy became more fierce, and the enemy was terrified The underpants are flying around.

later realized that one divides into two. Half of them are buried in the ground to absorb the essence of the world, while the other half walks on the back.

Half of the gourds are called ladybugs. After they became famous, they were called the first ladybugs in the world. Since then, they have been ladybugs all over the southeast, northwest, spring, summer, autumn and winter Oh "

long Chen is talking nonsense. Suddenly, the God pillar under him suddenly sinks down, and long Chen falls down.

The God pillar under long Chen's body is only one foot away from the ground. Long Chen is startled and almost eliminated.

"You talk nonsense, infuriate the platform and directly demoted to level nine. Now you have only one chance to do it yourself." The old voice said.

Originally, if someone answers wrong questions, he will be punished by dropping one foot. But long Chen deliberately talks nonsense and ignores the authority of Shinto platform, so he is directly lowered by nine levels. Only one step away, he is eliminated.

It turns out that the Shinto platform has its own spirit. Long Chen talks nonsense so much that he doesn't take the Shinto assembly seriously and is punished severely. This is not man-made, but the Shinto platform has punished long Chen.

"Ha ha ha, I deserve it. That's great."

"I'll tell you, he's a suckling boy. How can he know the second generation of Xianwen?"

"It's very good. It's really relaxing. It's better for someone to come up and directly eliminate him, so that he can become the first one to be eliminated."

For a time, countless people laugh under the stage, and long Chen is punished. They are so excited that they almost jump up.

Luo Bing, Luo Ning and others, look at me and I'll look at you. Originally, when they saw that long Chen was so serious, they thought that he really knew that they were all making things up.

"True line"

Bai Shi lightly spits out two words, and he doesn't know whether it is ridicule or praise. It is estimated that the former is the most.

As soon as longchen was punished, someone took over longchen's reply. It was the old man who was surprised before.

The old man looked at the stele and deciphered it calmly. It turned out that the stele recorded the story of Brahma falling into the fire field and being besieged by the Dragon when he was young. The fire field realized the truth and killed the fire dragon. What happened to the axe, gourd and ladle.

The old man deciphered very smoothly, which attracted bursts of applause and cheered for the old man's erudition.

Someone under the stage pointed to long Chen and said, "see, this is the real tutor. He is mature and prudent. He is a teacher. Look at you?"

The first person scolded, and immediately someone said, "a suckling boy, even dare to call himself a tutor, Lingxiao Academy's face has been completely disgraced by you."

"If I were you, I would be killed on this altar. What face do you have to live?"

"Don't die on the altar. It's a blasphemy to the altar. You'd better find a cesspit without people and drown yourself. You're just as rubbish as excrement. That's your destination."For a time, countless people pointed to the Dragon dust drink scold, saliva gush, wish to dragon dust scold to death.

"Kaka kaka..."

At this moment, the pillar under the old man's seat slowly rises. The old man smiles and looks at longchen kindly and says: "young people need to keep a low profile. They know what they know and don't know what they don't know. It's meaningless to play fat. After all, they are not fat."

"Wait, I suspect the old man is cheating." Dragon dust suddenly loud voice way.

Long Chen's words immediately provoked innumerable people's abuse, but long Chen ignored them and continued:

"I know you are here, and I apologize for your previous behavior. It was the boy who didn't respect you enough.

But now I want to report this shameless old guy cheating. Please light up the third paragraph and the fifth sentence and let him translate it. "

Longchen's words surprised everyone. Longchen had a dialogue with Shinto platform. Is he crazy? It seems that Daotai never communicates with the outside world.


next, a scene that shocked everyone happened. On the tablet, there was a line of characters that really lit up. It was the line that long Chen said.

"Master Lun Dao, you..."

At this time, the strong man who presided over the whole meeting but did not show up, could not help but be surprised.


at this time, a line of big words appeared on the Shinto platform: "decipher"

Shinto platform agreed to longchen, ignored the man and let the old man decipher it directly.

The old man's face suddenly changed, the sweat on his forehead came down, and the whole room was silent, because everyone saw that it was wrong.

"Is Did he cheat? " Luo Bing looked at the old man in shock, and then at the confident dragon dust.

"Come on, old man, you are really fat. Please start your performance." Long Chen looked at the old man with a smirk on his face. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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