Chapter 3146

The black shadow, whose body is also bloated, is similar to the body of ghost meteorite, but his breath makes his soul tremble.

"Long Chen, do you think you are very strong? You think I can't help you without killing?

Do you know that more than half of my power is stored in my master? Today's disgrace, I want you to repay a thousand times, you do not want to face me? Let's show you the real power of my ghost meteor. I'm not only good at assassination. "

Ghost meteorite roared. He spread his fat hand, and there was a drop of blood in it. The drop of blood was shining with divine radiance. As soon as it appeared, a terrible divine power radiated. Even the strong people in the divine realm felt a shiver of soul.

"The king of the world is oppressive. This is the blood essence of the king of the world." Someone exclaimed.

as like as two peas, the

ghost cast the blood of the king of trickle. The vision of the dripping blood was blended into the vision behind him. The figure was trembling, and a figure came out of the shadow, and his breath was exactly like the ghost.

At the moment when the two figures overlap, the ghost meteorite's whole body space splits like a cobweb. The vast divine power makes the wind and cloud tremble.


ghost meteorite's figure disappears in an instant. With a cold hum, long Chen cuts the void with a long black knife in his hand.


The void explodes, ten thousand roads collapse, and the void tears. People first see a dagger, and then they see the ghost meteorite. The Dragon dust cuts on the dagger.

The two weapons are matched, and the strong wind is howling. Long Chen looks at the ghost meteorite and says coldly, "it's like that. Now you are full of the breath of enpuda. Frankly speaking, you borrowed the power of enpuda. What's more, it's really so difficult for you to admit that you are weak?"

Long Chen's eyes are full of sarcasm. At this time, ghost meteor's breath and soul pressure have changed. It's not his thing at all. To put it bluntly, part of his strength is put in enpuda. Enpuda is helping him warm up. Enpuda really attaches great importance to this closed disciple.

The faces of those who are strong in Shenjun's realm have changed. At this time, ghost meteorite has enpuda's King Shenwei. Even if they fight against ghost meteorite, they will be greatly affected. Even under the oppression of that Shenwei, their strength will be greatly reduced.

You know, they are all outside the challenge arena. At this time, long Chen is fighting against GUI meteorite. It's unimaginable for him to bear the pressure of the king of the world. It's the will of the king of the world and he can't resist.

However, they were shocked to see that the Dragon dust was the biggest monster in the world.

What they don't know is that long Chen's will is as strong as a rock. When he was still weak, he could fight back in the face of the will that could destroy him. Now he is stronger and stronger. Maybe someone can kill him, but his will will will never yield to anyone.


all of a sudden, countless sparks appear on longchen's long sword, and ghost meteorite is pushed back and forth. As soon as longchen's long sword shakes, ghost meteorite is pushed backward, but longchen's head doesn't return. The long sword in his hand crosses a mysterious arc from the void and cuts away behind him.

It seems that he did it unintentionally or intentionally. This Dao is full of mystery. Just as the long Dao was cut down, a huge figure rushed in and was just cut by longchen.

Kuwuya attacks longchen behind his back, but to outsiders, it seems that he rushes over to block longchen's sword. For fear that longchen's sword will fail, kuwuya turns from active attack to passive defense.


with a loud bang, kuwuya and longchen fight hard, and they fly out at the same time. Longchen retreats seven steps, but kuwuya is shocked by longchen's knife and spits out ink like blood.

This is not intended to spray. It's different from the time of Bai Shishi. People can see that his hands are torn and one arm is deformed. It's obviously broken.


It's a big bang again. With the help of his own hard work, long Chen rushes to the ghost meteorite on his own initiative. The long knife vibrates and cuts seven times, forcing the ghost meteorite to step back. The last knife can't catch it. Suddenly, a flicker, with an unpredictable body method, escapes.

Dragon dust is a knife in the air to cut back, just rushed to the bitter boundless roar, once again by dragon dust to cut fly, this time more ruthless, bitter boundless shoulder click, unexpectedly was shocked out of joint.

"Anticipation? How is that possible? How can there be anticipation in a battle of this level? " Even those who are strong in God's kingdom are shocked.

If the first time is a coincidence, but how can a coincidence appear twice? How can there be such a coincidence in the world?

Anticipation, only when the realm is too much higher than the opponent's, and the strength difference is too far, can we foresee the opponent's attack by seeing through all the opponent's moves.

Longchen and kuwuya are at the same level. When kuwuya became famous, he had rich experience in fighting all his life. There was no set rule for his tactics. What's more, kuwuya became famous for many years, but very few people really saw him.It's impossible for long Chen to know him very well when he fought with him for the first time, but on two occasions, he made accurate predictions, which made him suffer a great loss.

Because of the anticipation, the attack of longchen comes ahead of time, and the power of painless boundless is interrupted before it reaches the strongest level. In this way, the power of painless boundless is not only unable to give full play, but also because of the interruption of longchen, the power flows back.

The return of strength means that part of the strength is forced back to attack him. Originally, kuwuya was suppressed by longchen in terms of strength, but now it is predicted by longchen that it is only two ordinary blows, but kuwuya is injured twice.

"When the third master preached, he said that all things in the world, all laws and all ways, have rules to follow. Practice is to go against the heaven and observe the road with all eyes.

The great roads are considerable, and the moves created by people have more traces to follow. This has nothing to do with cultivation, realm, and qualification. Every move has its flaws. If you find a gap, you can defeat the enemy with one move.

At that time, some people refuted him, saying that this was nonsense. In a war of the same level, the two sides had equal strength. How could they see through the flaws of the opponent's moves.

At that time, the third master sneered and gave the answer: "you can't do it, it doesn't mean others can't do it. Now, the Third Master uses himself to prove that what he said is right." Seeing that longchen had predicted the endless attack twice in a row, some people could not help sighing.

At the conference on Taoism, long Chen put forward many amazing theories, many of which were unacceptable, and many people even scoffed at them. However, those theories were recognized by the platform, which made countless people think that the platform was broken.

But with long Chen's participation in the martial arts conference, his theory has been confirmed, which has convinced countless people.

With the fierce battle of the three, the challenge arena trembled, and the boundary of the challenge arena could not be blocked. Only the chains were up and down in the void, and the fierce wind came, which was frightening.

This is a world shaking battle. Each blow has the power to destroy the sky and the earth. Longchen fought against two with one. As a result, they were beaten by longchen. That scene shocked countless people. Before that, who could have thought that there were people in this world who could let kuwuya and Guifei fight together.


An hour later, with a roar of endless suffering, his hands were sealed, and the void collapsed. A huge object appeared on the void, and a terrible holy pressure came.

"I can't wait. I don't want to fight the war of attrition. I don't want the champion. I want to fight with long Chen." There is no limit to suffering, blood all over, and murderous opportunities are surging in both eyes. When people see the huge thing clearly, they can't help but jump wildly.

That huge thing is actually a coffin. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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