Chapter 3174



a drop of ice beads, like beautiful diamonds, broke into countless ice crystals and bloomed like flowers.

The ice bead is from a pair of beautiful eyes, it is a drop of tears, just out of the eyes, it became the ice pillar, fell to the ground.

Her face is cold and holy, just like a beautiful ice sculpture. But when she looks at the jade, her eyes are full of deep feeling.

"I'm leaving"

Ye Zhiqiu spoke for the third time in the past year.

"No way"

from the same cold voice, she is also a woman with no expression. She is Ye Zhiqiu's master.

It's just that ye Zhiqiu never asked her master's name, and her master never asked her name. Here, ye Zhiqiu has almost no dialogue between them except practicing.

"I must leave." Ye Zhiqiu cold tunnel.

"Certainly not." Ye Zhiqiu's master is expressionless.

In the hall made of ice, it was already cold. When two people opened their mouths, the ice on the hall instantly floated a layer of frost.

After a while, ye Zhiqiu said coldly, "when can I leave?"

"When you pull out the frost free sword"


in the hall, ye Zhiqiu and her master close their eyes at the same time, and the hall falls into a dead silence again.


"Xiaoqian, you can't leave, now you go to longchen, will only bring him trouble, but can't bring him any help."

An old woman with white hair, holding a wooden stick, stopped a woman.

The woman has an impeccable face, bright and clean as jade, white and red, at this time because of excitement, like peach blossom blooming, beautiful things can not be square.

In her eyes, the autumn water is shining, and there is an indescribable magic. She is just like the combination of a witch and a fairy. She is Yue Xiaoqian.

Yue Xiaoqian held the photo jade and said excitedly: "I am now a strong person in quadrupole. I have awakened the highest blood of the first demons and condensed the mirror image of the first demons. I have enough strength to protect myself I'm going to find him... "

"You only condense the first image of the original demon..." The old woman shook her head.

"But But I miss him so much I want to see him now. " Yue Xiaoqian said, choking up.

"Good boy, I can understand your mood, but meeting is not the ultimate goal.

At the beginning, in tianwu mainland, didn't you always stay together? so what? In the end, they were killed and separated?

There is no absolute power, you only have three Fates, either you watch him be killed, or he watch you be killed, or die together. " The old woman is sincere and sincere.

When the old woman said that, Yue Xiaoqian cried even more. Every day of the separation year was so long. She finally got the news of longchen, but she couldn't get together. This is an unspeakable torture.

"Good boy, the future of the world is yours. It's not a bad time to practice hard. Only powerful power can protect the people you love most." The old woman patted Yue Xiaoqian on the back and comforted her.

In the end, Yue Xiaoqian had no choice but to leave with the old woman. She escaped. Unfortunately, she didn't succeed.


"Please forgive me, sir. As long as you don't kill us, you can take all the wealth of our family." A strong man in God's Kingdom cried out in horror.

In front of him stood a big man with a long gun in his armor. His whole body was full of blood and murderous spirit, just like a soldier who killed himself from purgatory.

Here is a ruins, from the ruins, you can see that this is an ancient city, but now its glory has come to an end.

"You bastards who do all kinds of evil, think you can do whatever you want with the support of blood killing hall?

Well, if you're happy today, I'll give you a whole corpse to kill. "


The big man's long spear pierced out, and the strong one in Shenjun's realm was pierced by a single shot and turned into a bloody fog.

"Puff, puff, puff..."

Behind him, thousands of soldiers, like him, dressed in armor and helmets, killed all the people here.


the big man took off his helmet and showed a bald head. When he took off his helmet, the whole battlefield seemed to shine a little because of his bald head.

"Boss, wait for me. I haven't disgraced you. I'll come to you soon." The excited color in Gu Yang's eyes could not be calmed down for a long time.

Gu Yang roared: "after cleaning the battlefield in one incense stick, evacuate immediately, and don't give the blood killing hall the chance to fight back."


the soldiers responded in a loud voice. Soon after the battlefield was cleaned up, Gu Yang led all the iron framed soldiers to fly away.……

"Brother, we've finally arrived."

Song Mingyuan and Li Qi, standing on a barren wasteland, look at the photo jade in their hands. They yell excitedly, tears falling down.

"Brother, let's go to the boss now." Li Qi said excitedly.

Song Mingyuan shook his head: "not yet. The master has left us a task. We must find our chance in this barren land.

I think the master must have deep meaning. As you can see, although the boss is just in a state of divine fire, his fighting power is still so terrible. We must work hard and can't delay him any more. "

"Go and join the boss, and we'll be stronger."

Li Qi and song Mingyuan walk to the barren land side by side. Their figures gradually disappear between heaven and earth, but their excited cries can still be heard in the distance.


The influence of Huayun business can penetrate most fairyland, but there are still many places, even Huayun business can not set foot.

It's like no matter how bright the sun is, there are dark corners that it can't shine on, and in these dark corners, there are countless monsters hidden, they are observing the world in the dark.

Their eyes are deep and evil. They sleep in the dark and seem to be waiting for the time to devour the world.


Long Chen knows that his name is now spread to nine days and ten places due to the deliberate spread of Huayun business. However, he does not know how many people can hear his news. He is excited and nervous at the same time.

All the way back to LingXiao academy, I didn't encounter any obstacles. I came back smoothly, without fear or danger.

After returning to LingXiao academy, LingXiao academy held a grand welcome ceremony for long Chen. Long Chen won the double champion of Kyushu convention, which is a great honor of Lingxiao Academy.

The celebration lasted for three days, and the prestige of long Chen in LingXiao academy has reached an unprecedented height.

However, long Chen won, but LingXiao academy began to be under martial law, and its defense was several levels higher than before. Moreover, the activities of disciples going out were reduced. Some activities had to be led by strong people before they were approved.

After the celebration, Lu Mingxuan, Luoxue, Luoqing and others were secretly escorted away by the strong members of the Academy. The atmosphere of Lingxiao Academy was much more dignified than usual.

On this day, longchen called Qin Feng over and took out the scales of Yinglong: "I've tried. The real dragon's scales must have no chance with you. Let's see if you can accept them." , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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