Chapter 3319

The huge God ring behind longchen appears, and the colorful flowers falling from the void are attracted by longchen's God ring, and all converge to longchen.

"Is long Chen crazy? At this time, absorbing colorful flowers will be the target of public criticism! " Bai Shishi is also shocked. No wonder long Chen is so confident that his divine ring can actively attract colorful flowers.

As soon as the Dragon dust God ring came out, behind the Dragon dust, the colorful Qionghua became a sea of flowers. Other people worked hard to absorb thousands of Qionghua, and the Dragon dust absorbed tens of thousands of Qionghua in an instant. Moreover, those colorful Qionghua were still gathering to him crazily, which was endless. The hatred was too crazy.

Normally speaking, longchen should endure for a while, and when the sky and the sky appear and the rainbow flame is about to come, he will absorb the colorful flowers. When the rainbow flame comes, there is a great probability that he will choose him.

It's just the beginning. Long Chen shows his cards and is bound to be besieged by the public. Because if you kill him, Qionghua behind him will become a ownerless thing and can continue to fight for it.

Not only Bai Shi was stunned, but also the strong people who watched the battle in tianhongyu were stunned. Such a method is amazing. It has never appeared in history.

"It's a pity that I'm still too young. If I can bear it any longer, I'm going to get killed when it comes out at this time." There is a fairy king who can't help sighing. He thinks that the Dragon dust is still too strong. With such a strong card, you should keep it.

God ring appeared, ten thousand roar, God circulation turn, formed a huge vortex, will those colorful flowers are absorbed, Mo Yan's eyes suddenly red, this is cheating.

"If the Terrans really want to die, I will help you."

Moyan looks at longchen. His eyes are full of murders. His wings open behind him. On each wing, a devil's face appears.

As soon as the mask appeared, the shrill wailing sound sounded, just like hundreds of millions of demons crying. If you look carefully, the mask is actually composed of hundreds of millions of ferocious souls.

"If you can let me use the magic map, you are the first one. If you die under the magic map, you can rest in peace."

Mo Yan's wings quiver behind him, and he rushes to the Dragon dust with boundless evil Qi. At the same time, a dark long gun appears in his hand, and people rush over, as if a world is pressing down.

"I've killed a devil like you. You're the first one to talk so much nonsense."

Dragon dust sneers, the divine ring behind him trembles, treads on the void, without any retreat. Man rushes out like a meteor, and the divine ring behind him seems to stick to the whole world. At this time, with the blessing of heaven, he represents the fairyland.


a huge bang broke out from the bone knife and black gun, the divine light was surging, the law was collapsing, and the heaven and earth were roaring.


One after another, ripples gush out and the strong wind blows away the flowers all over the sky. Two huge transparent hemispheres collide between heaven and earth.

Dragon dust and Moyan represent two kinds of rules in the contest, that is the rule of the fairyland and the rule of the devil, heaven and earth are shaking, the clouds are changing color, this is a shock.

The violent impact forced countless strongmen to the edge of Tianhong field, and they did not dare to get close to the battlefield. The fierce wind blew on their faces, and they felt that their bodies were going to be torn.

But to their surprise, the colorful flowers roar all over the sky. Even on the edge, they have the chance to absorb them.

The Terran strongmen who are watching the battle from the outside world look at longchen and Moyan nervously. This battle is related to the honor and disgrace of the Terran.


The void is shaking, and the Dragon dust absorbs the power of the way of heaven. In the chaotic space, the magic eye water lily transforms into the power of the way of heaven that can be used by him. At that moment, he seems to have really dissolved in the heaven and the earth, and all the ways are controlled by him. That feeling is wonderful.

And long Chen found that only in this state can he really control the power of the flames of 18000 stars, and he finally found the right way to the nine star formula.

In the face of Mo Yan's attack, long Chen's long sword is as strong as a mountain. Let Mo Yan's power push the mountains and the sea. Waves are more and more turbulent. Long Chen is as strong as a rock and can't be shaken.

Seeing that long Chen blocked his shot, a cruel smile appeared in the corner of Mo Yan's mouth:

"very good, your blood soul is very good. Integrating you into my ten thousand magic map should make my ten thousand magic map more powerful."


suddenly, the magic map on Moyan's wings moves, and the endless runes on the map fly out from the wings and turn into ropes, just like hundreds of millions of poisonous snakes, rushing to the Dragon dust.


as a result, the ropes just came close to longchen and suddenly broke. On longchen's body, the black thunder light bloomed, blocking the black ropes.

When the thunder light appears, Mo Yan's pupil shrinks. He doesn't expect that long Chen can control the power of thunder, and it's the most terrible thunder.

when Mo Yan slaps his left hand on his face, he is shocked.

Mo Yan's face was suddenly flattened, and there was a loud noise. People didn't see the process clearly. They saw the earth collapse, and Mo Yan smashed a huge pit. The huge power made the whole world shake.People are stunned, dragon dust one hand to resist the attack of Mo Yan, unexpectedly still have spare force to extend another hand to slap in the face? Is there such a big difference between the two people's strength?

People finally see that it's wrong. Even laymen can see that they can still hit people when they resist the attack, which means that longchen retains at least half of his strength.

Such a terrible impact, dragon dust even half of the power is not used, this is still human?

Shocked at the same time, the observers in the ancient city of Tianhong were excited. The Dragon dust was powerful. That was a good thing. As long as the rainbow flame was not taken away by the dark creatures, that was a great good thing.

The Yuhua palace disciples, who were with Qi Yu and others, were so scared. They didn't expect that long Chen was such a terrible strongman. At the beginning of the fierce battle with Jiang Baihe, long Chen didn't fight seriously. Otherwise, with this slap, Jiang Baihe would be killed.

Mo Yan enters the earth, the earth is broken down, the strong wind between heaven and earth disappears, the colorful flowers pour out again, most of them are attracted by the Dragon dust's magic ring, and the sea of flowers behind the Dragon dust becomes more and more spectacular.

The God ring behind the Dragon dust trembles, the bone knife is carried on the shoulder, standing in the void, just like an invincible God of war, overlooking the ages, and scanning the whole rainbow field with eyes. He says in a loud voice:

"Terran, the latecomer lives, and is favored by the way of heaven, which is the spirit of all nations. Are you just a little devil, dare you be arrogant?

With the famous saying of an elder of our Terran: dare to look down on the Terran, don't beat your excrement out, calculate the quality of your steel door is good.

I, the Third Master of dragon, am here to accept the challenge of any race. If anyone doesn't agree, just come up. "


as soon as long Chen's voice fell, suddenly the earth burst open, and a black streamer rose to the sky, straight to long Chen.

"Go to die"

Mo Yan flew out of the ground with the intention of killing the heaven. His Qi and blood were ignited in an instant, and the magic flame burst into the sky. He was completely angry, no longer retained, and his firepower was fully opened. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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