Chapter 3320

Mo Yan's wings on the ten thousand magic map was ignited, the breath soared, the long gun roared, and the harsh sound burst broke through ten thousand channels.

Mo Yan's eyes were full of killing intention, his long hair was flying, and he seemed to fall into madness with a ferocious face.

The door of space above the void is filled with black air, just like the pouring of the sea, and the world behind him is under pressure.

"The golden dragon is fighting now!"

The roar of the Dragon resounds through the nine days. The whole body of dragon dust is wrapped in golden scales, and the sacred breath of the real dragon radiates.


in the face of Mo Yan's attack, long Chen still didn't dodge and cut off. This time, people seemed to see a round of sun breaking up in the air.

The dazzling light pierced into people's eyes, making people blind for a moment, and then people felt as if they were hit by a sledgehammer, and blood gushed out.

I saw the terrible wave spread, countless people can't resist it, they were rushed out of the rainbow field.

Although they have stood far enough, they are still shocked by the aftershocks of the battle, and people can't help but be horrified.

"What a force is that?"

Endless strong people roll out. At this time, we can see who is the real strong. At the edge of the core area, dozens of figures emerge.

In the face of the terrible waves, they are as firm as a rock, and they do not move. In the middle area, there are millions of strong people who are still struggling.

In the peripheral areas, many people are under pressure to keep themselves in Tianhong's field and seize every opportunity to absorb colorful flowers.

The weakest group and the largest group were directly squeezed out of the Tianhong field. Outside the field, they could not absorb the colorful flowers at all.

"How could it be so bad?"

Some people don't want to shout. Now there are many people who haven't even absorbed a colorful flower.

Even if they can absorb one, they don't want to, but they can't even absorb a colorful flower. Come all the way to make soy sauce? How dare you go back to zongmen?

Which of these sijijing disciples is not arrogant? Now they are forced out, gnashing their teeth in anger, and rushing to the rainbow field. For them, absorbing a colorful flower is also an explanation.

"Bang bang"

at this time, there were three loud sounds in a row. Longchen and Moyan made three hard strokes. The loud sound of the dragon was interwoven with the roar of the devil, and the vigorous wind came wave after wave.

"Puff, puff, puff..."

Countless disciples, just barely rushed into the field of Tianhong, were rushed out by the vigorous wind, one by one blood gushing, like a rolling gourd, rolling all the way out.

"Screw you, I'll stop playing, OK? I ¥% @ "have four levels of environment, the first generation of strong, angry to scold, he felt that he was going crazy, this gap is too big, countless people were angry to cry.

People just want to grab a colorful flower. It's a sign, and they have an explanation when they go back. But now, the colorful flowers are endless, but they can't even grab one. It's very irritating.

Seeing that the situation is not right, many of the powerful immortal kings of the sect shout for their disciples to come back. They are afraid that their disciples will rush forward and eventually be shocked to death.

With the cry of the elders, they also have a step down. Many people give up and run back to their elders to be spectators.

However, most people are unconvinced. As the first generation of strong people, they are all arrogant. They can't swallow this tone and say they should get one. Otherwise, it's a shame and they can't accept it.

As a result, countless disciples persevere outside the Tianhong field. They are like watching the tide of the sea. When the impact is weak, they rush into the field to see if they can make a colorful flower.

More than 90% of the strong have been rushed to the periphery, but people's attention has not been focused on them, and they are all focused on the core area.

"God, there are 23 figures in the core area. They are not affected by the storm. I'm afraid they also exist at that level."

Some people found that when longchen and Moyan were fighting fiercely, not far away from them, strong people were watching. The terrible waves could break down mountains and rocks, but could not shake them.

In that area, people saw Tianmo in Jiuyou hall. In addition to Tianmo, there were two strong figures of the human race, but no one knew them. They were probably strong outside the sky.

Of the 23 people who watched the battle, only three were Terrans. The rest had a unique flavor. Even from their appearance, we can see that they were not Terrans.

Taking longchen into account, there are only 24 people in the core area, while there are only four Terrans, which makes countless Terran strongmen raise their heart to their throat.

In addition to Moyan and the strong one from the underworld, there were several other creatures with the air of darkness.

Originally, they were all hidden in the void, but under the fierce battle between longchen and Moyan, the space was unstable, and they could no longer hide."Bang"

with a loud bang, the world resonates. Mo Yan's blood gushes out, and he has fought hard for 18 times, without any fancy movements. All of them are real hard work.

In the end, Mo Yan couldn't hold on. The 18 attacks, which were like a storm, were sent out at one go without any breathing opportunities. It was amazing and powerful.

It's a fight for strength and endurance. After such a terrible strike, whether it's a move or a catch, you need to adjust your breath. Otherwise, it's hard to make a second strike.

Eighteen times in a row of shocking collisions have made countless people scared, which is beyond their understanding.

"Is that what you call power? Your sense of superiority? I wonder how you lived to such a big age, even if you dare to come out and hang out Long Chen pushes Mo Yan back. Instead of taking advantage of the victory, he puts the bone knife on his shoulder and looks at Mo Yan with his nostrils. He shakes his head and shows his disdain.

"My God, when did we Terran have such a terrible monster?" People are both surprised and pleased to see the Dragon dust King's presence in the world and his arrogant manner.

The contest between longchen and Moyan is not a simple individual contest, but a battle between the Terran and the demon, which is related to the honor and disgrace of the Terran.

Behind the Dragon dust, the divine ring flows, absorbing the colorful flowers between heaven and earth. In the divine ring, a sea of flowers has been formed, and there is no intention of convergence.

Today, the most colorful Qionghua in the audience is Kunwu of the Yu nationality, but his colorful Qionghua has just broken ten thousand.

The magic ring of longchen is like a long whale sucking water. The colorful flowers have reached hundreds of thousands, which is almost the sum of all people. At this time, the strong onlookers began to lose their breath. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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